Hi guys!

Im new to this - Just recently joined.

So basically Im on this site to find out ways in which people who have fully recovered or are recovering from mild depression/anxiety, what they did/do and how to help it.

Ive never been diagnosed with full blown depression and Im not on any medication but I know throughout the last 5 years my self confidence has lowered and self esteem has also decreased! Because of this I have periods of feeling low and anxiety very often!

What I really want to know is how can I make a full recovery? I know its a journey and its day by day, but I genuinely am sick to death of putting my own needs on the back burner - its easy to go along and do what other people want you to do and think you should do... Sometimes I dont think about myself and have to remind myself that Im living for ME and nobody else.

Im the most confident and sociable person on the outside but behind closed doors I feel low and feel like Im missing out on happiness that I deserve and want - happiness that I used to have. I have a handful of very good and loyal friends who support me - but I find it hard to make new friends and be truely confident in new social situations - this is because I get shy in large groups and dont fully feel free to express myself and be myself. Sometimes I even feel myself mirroring negativity that people pass onto me which is not like me at all because I am a generally happy person - but its easily done! Energy is passed over!

I just want advice from people who are going through it/been through it and some advice on what they did! I know all the normal things like exercise and eat well....... lots of sleep! I do all those things - but somethings missing!


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  • Hiya, welcome to the mad house.

    I don't think depression has a cure. I think if you're predisposed to it, you'll spend your life moving in and out of depressive episodes. Your good days are someone else's bad ones.

    Three things have helped me. Stuffing myself with loads of tablets, asking anyone I see wearing a woolly jumper carrying a Filofax if they can give me therapy, and chatting to my miserable friends on here.

    It keeps me afloat most of the time and enables me to get to work and wash the dishes occasionally.

    Much love

    Lucy x

  • Thankyou for your advice! I understand where your coming from

    -its a day to day journey......

    But I do believe you can make a full recovery!

    Hope today has been one of your good days :)

  • Yeh it's not been bad! How was yours? The night shift will be here soon, they will be sure to offer you useful advice x

  • I think depending on the causes of depression people can make a full recovery and this is something we should all be striving for, whether or not we have susceptibility. It sounds like you're doing all the right things, maybe reviewing medication and treatment with your doctor would be worth considering. With regards to social situations and meeting new people, the only advice I can really give is just don't pretend to be something you're not. Real friends will like you for who you really are. And if they like you for who you're pretending to be then you can never be truly happy. Do the friends you have know that you're struggling with these feelings? If they don't, I definitely think you need to talk to them and let them be there for you. I'm wondering if ones of the reasons you're feeling this way is because you've put all your energy into being the 'strong' one in a friendship, because of this, others have started to lean on you and this has caused you to feel depressed and uncared for - and affected your self esteem. Make your needs clear. Your needs are worth as much as everyone else's and I think you need to remember that.

    Fay xxxx

  • Really Nice post xxjue

  • Thank you :) x

  • Thankyou Fay!

    That message litrally just nailed it for me,

    I do consider myself as the strong one and always to be strong and act strong-

    its how my mother has raised me! whenever Im upset she tells me to pull it together 'your better than this' and be strong............'cry your heart out but dont cry for long' and I know she acts like this because she is hard on herself like this.

    I used to be alot more depressed than what I am now, in Uni I used to have awful anxiety and social anxiety I think... I used to have counselling from the university which did help but it didnt resolve the problem.

    Today has been a really good day for me - I do feel like Im making massive improvements - but sometimes I do feel really depressed and have all these horrible feelings and I dont feel like Im in control of them. I get into a style of thinking where I see negatives everywhere and nothing positive.

    I do have good friends who do support me and who I feel I can be myself with - its when I meet new people Im quite a friendly and 'nice' person and I feel like alot of people see me as an easy target, saying that though Im probably quite sensitive! Sometimes I have days where I dont care what anyone thinks and Im great - other days Im constantly wondering what everyone around me is thinking.

    I havent had a boyfriend in sooooooooooooo long either sometimes all I want is a boyfriend! But I know when its right it will happen naturally! I just want it to be now :) haha

    Thankyou so much for your reply it really did help x

  • Dear Lucy, You made me laugh good one juex

  • Hi there Pandora to be frank with you I don't think you will find many people

    Here who have made to quote you ' a full recovery'. If we were totally recovered

    We would not be here.

    Maybe your not Depressed, if you haven't been to a GP about it. Just because

    You have trouble making lots of friends doesn't mean your Depressed.

    Maybe you just need to work on your self esteem and confidence.

    What helps one person won't help another and there is no magic pil or

    Nirvana solution.

    What helps me is Spend time doing thing I enjoy. Painting and Photography

    Baking and Reading and cuddling my cat.

    I joined this Forum and really this has helped a lot

    As we accept each other as we are.

    Last but not least Antidepressants and a good Psychiatrist.

    Meant to say if you feel you are Depressed the GP should

    Be at the top of Your To Do List.

    Hannah. Xx

  • Hi, Welcome , I wish I could answer your question it would make me loads of cash! well you can read this site good group dynamics ha ha ha

    If you ever find the answers to your questions please let me know first....

    some people feel that depression is a normal component of living but i do not, i think its a functional disorder in the brain but hey that's only my thoughts.

    If you are unhappy and you can feel different? have a word with your GP having depression and being unhappy

    in your life are different-- I think or can being unhappy cause depression?

    Wish I knew does anybody, just maybe somebody can help you before you start down the path of the pills.


  • Thanks everyone for their replies :) it really is so nice to see that people are out there who can give advice and support! Thankyou :) x