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Acute or chronic Prostatitis

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Starting in December this year I just woke up one day with a throbbing sensation in my penis which made me feel like I neeeded to urinate all the time. I put it of and put it of until I finally went to a med express which just did a urine culture and said I had probably passed a stone and it wasn’t to much to worry about. 3 months go by and symptoms come and go now it’s not so much pain in penis as it is that my taint feels swollen. And I’ll have a pain shooting up my penis.My family doctor run a number of test and a urethral swap did show Ureaplasma she gave me a 10 day coarse of doxycycline but symptoms did not improve. I have finally gone to a urologist who diagnosed me with acute Prostatitis just off of Symptoms but sadly I couldn’t finish my coarse of antibiotics because of a bad reaction to it. Is this nightmare every going to end is there anything that will give me relief and cure me.

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Ok so you have mentioned ureaplasma ( which is an unlikely source of urethral symptoms ) but did you have chlamydia and mycoplasma testing ??

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I know they tested for stds but I’m not sure about the mycoplasma

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so definitely you had a chlamydia test ? if you had ureaplasma testing which is not done on the nhs in the uk, I would also ensure you had a mycoplasma genitalium test

Hi Man, you probably need to change your antibiotic to one that suits there's no easy solution I think.

I had some problems last year started in March 2018 was on multiple antibiotics after being with GP I had symptoms of UTI which were really bad and would not clear up completely it would keep recurring eventually things settled a bit but I still had some discomfort for months in my urethra and it felt like my prostate was inflamed it's hard to describe it was painful for me to start urinating it was like you really needed to go and this lasted for nearly a year my last bad symptoms of UTI was in early January things have improved now since that I think it just burnt itself out🤞 I had all sorts of tests with GP and urologist they never really give me an answer only I had a recurring infection. I think if you change your antibiotics and try and take it I was on them for a few weeks each time I had them.

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Antibiotics can make the situation a lot worse if the underlying issue is fungal

Acute prostatic symptoms are usually frequent urination, urinary pain, and some will also appear ejaculatory pain. If not treated in time, or after antibiotic treatment, the symptoms will appear again soon.

Patients often do some urine analysis, the results do not show bacterial infection, but symptoms continue, more than three months, this is chronic prostatitis, because antibiotics are prone to drug resistance, some people take antibiotics will cause allergic or uncomfortable symptoms.

Some patients began to look for a natural treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill. This herbal medicine is controversial. Some people reject it and think it has no scientific basis.

Recently, I saw some experts expatiating on the principle of herbal medicine. After reading, I realized that it was originally through promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, eliminating inflammation and detoxification to enhance human immunity. Herbs such as Houttuynia cordata, plantain seeds, honeysuckle and so on are all contained in them. Doctors add or subtract compatibility according to the attributes of each plant, patients will not have side effects and drug resistance after taking them.

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