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Lingering Prostatitis

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This is the 2nd time I have had prostatitis this year. I went to eh urologist last week. He suggestion was to take Quercetin and them come back in a month. The next step would be antibiotics.

Some days it will feel okay but other days there is discomfort especially after urination or ejaculation.

I'm going back to the Dr next week.

Just curious if anyone has some insight/thoughts/opinions.


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Some more background information would be useful. Your age, what country you are in , whether you have had sti screening , what urological investigations - scans , biopsies etc. A quick google tells me quercetin has a limited evidence base for efficacy

Sure thing. I'm a 39 year old living in the US. I've been having regular prostate exams since I was 25. I also get regular PSA tests. When I last had the prostatitis in February of this year...he did an ultra sound and said everything looks fine and that it would go away. Which it did.

Ok so I would wonder why a fit 25 year old would need prostate checks - even with a strong family history of prostatic cancer, it would be practically unheard of before the age of 40. Also the PSA test ( which there is a lot of debate about as a screening test - some people consider it useless ) has not been validated in people under 40. An ultrasound just looks at the anatomy of the gland and has limited value. Prostatitis ( urinary symptoms, hesitancy of flow , incomplete voiding , ejaculatory pain , retroscrotal or perianal pain , fever in severe cases ) would be unusual unless some anatomical issues predisposing . I would always have an STI screen performed - but prostatitis caused by STIs is rare . If you have had new sexual contact , a sexual health screen is definitely indicated.

Thanks for the reply. My father passed from prostate cancer and my PCP is the same doctor so probably to ease my mind, he started performing the checks at that age.

I haven't had new sexual contact as I've been in a monogamous with my wife for 15 years. However, this first occur a few weeks ago when we were having sex after a few months of not having sex. Not sure if that means anything but figure I mention.

What occurs is pressure and after urination, a burning sensation. The urinating is frequent but I wouldn't say there is a hesitancy of flow.

I'm just wondering if I should someone try to get back to the urologist earlier than the scheduled appointment?

Thank you for the extra information. I presume they have taken off urine cultures, or at least dipped your urine for the presence of blood, white cells etc to exclude a normal urinary tract infection rather than prostatitis ? is your PCP a family physician ?

Also the scan - was it of your prostate only ? have you had ultrasound assessment of your entire urinary tract, bladder kidneys etc ?

Yes had a urine culture few weeks ago. Everything was clear.

I believe I did but that was back in February. I’ll ask him these for sure when I see him next.

The discomfort was annoying yesterday so I took some Advil and within 20 mins, the discomfort went away. Wonder if I need antibiotics.

Not all causes of dysuria are due to infection. With a negative culture and/or dip urine , you would need to consider other causes. Usually a urologist would consider both an ultrasound and also cystoscopy. In the UK I would advise someone to have sti screening if appropriate, also intraurethral microscopy which is only done at sexual health clinics. Urologists tend to throw antibiotics at unexplained symptoms, sometimes for up to a month. There is also the entity " abacterial prostatitis " but that's what we call a diagnosis of exclusion - rule out everything else and it might be a possibility .

Good to know. Thank you so much. This will help me with my next appointment and I will keep you posted.

most welcome

Have had a scope exam to see what the inside looks like?

I have not. That's something I will ask the urologist for sure.

I think that might in order. He should have a good look at your bladder too. When you pee, do you empty out? Any bladder infections?

Based on the culture that was taken he said there was no infection. I feel like I empty out but not too long after, I have to go again. So urinating has been very frequent.

Sometimes the mouth of the urethra, inside the bladder, there is a protrusion which dams up the urine, preventing complete emptying. a good urologist can remove that.

Thank you. I just spoke to my good friend who's a Dr and he said possible urethral reflux or chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. I'm trying to get to the urologist this week so I'll take all the information discussed to him.

That's possible too

Are you cut or uncut?

I am cut.

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