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Absolutely terrified I have prostate cancer at 24.

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Okay so for the last 2 months, I’ve been having clumpy semen that dries easily and low semen volume. I’ve also had abdominal pain after ejaculation. Went to the doctor and they ran some blood and urine tests. Blood work was fine but the urine test showed traces of blood and protein. Doctor examined my genitals and saw no abnormalities. she sent me in for a scrotal ultrasound and both testicles were normal but they found. a 3mm cyst present bilaterally in the epididymis. The doctor showed no concern with this and said it’s probably built up dead sperm. Now whenever I have an orgasm, I don’t have a lot of semen and when I do it’s got gelatinous clumps in it which never happened to me before. I asked the doctor if it’s a prostate issue and she said no. I’m terrified I’ll never be able to have kids or that I have prostate cancer.

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Hey bud, you obviously have something wrong, I would highly doubt prostate cancer, PC is generally a problem for men over 50/60 yrs old, the amount of semen a male makes varies, I’m the same I don’t have a lot and is more clumpy than a liquid, try not to stress & if worried about cyst see gp again bud, keep us updated 👍🏽

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I got a referral to the urologist. Not sure what to expect from that

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Well that's obviously the correct course of action.

Report back on her / his findings in due course.

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Not sure bud, not seen 1 before I’m sure you’ll have more replies & someone can advise you what to expect 👍🏽 keep ya chin up man

Epididymal cysts are fluid filled and come and go and nothing to worry about. Prostate cancer doesn't happen in your age group, and also doesn't present as semen changes. Have you had a sexual health check ?

Hey,It's most probably 99.99 percent not prostate cancer the semen is clumped because of your diet ,due to high acid intake and gluten intensive foods and also possibly due to irregular sexual activity.I would say eat more fruits,fibre and practice yoga,drink water.have a continuous sex life or abstain from having sex but don't be in between

Where is the lower abdominal pain coming from

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Yes that should be a concern.

Cancer at your age is very rare : but make sure your Urologist addresses this issue ~perhaps with scans of one kind or another.

You need to maybe prepare a clear History of eg before date X my semen was normal and I had no pain. Then on such and such a date I noticed these symptoms. Also ~the pain ~is it constant / regular intervals / provoked by this that or the other........ As much detail as you can provide will help diagnosis.

I would write it all down and print it out and take it to the consultation to make sure you don't forget any aspect.

Pain is not normal. It has to have a cause.

When you have irregular sexual activity the vas deference has a shift in pressure so you might have "suction" at testicles which might cause pain in your lower abdomen nothing to worry about but this persists for a long peroid of time you should might check the level of uric acid in blood but I would suggest you increase fluid intake and to consult with your doctor

Are you drinking enough fluids?

Test your blood PSA, have a specialist urologist visit (rectal digital examination) and TRANSRECTAL echoscan. These are the means to diagnose or exclude a prostate cancer. I'm very very disinclined to beleieve that at your age you have prostate cancer, BUT if I were you, I would do these exams, especially to diagnose a possible prostatitis, which can be very boring and can decrease the quality of your semen (even forever). I would also advice urine culture and semen colture (COMPULSORY collected by masturbation).

All the best


echoscan, I mean ultrasound scan

Great advice.

The vast majority of males with prostate cancer issues are over 50, and a significant majority of males are over the age of 65. However, there are cases of prostate cancer in males in their 20s and 30s, some of which have been very aggressive.

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