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Is it Benign Prostate Hyperplasia(BPH)?


I got a circumcision surgery 3 weeks back. I had pin hole phimosis(probably

happened due to balanitis, not sure). My sugar, pressure everything is normal.

I urinate may be 9-10 times a day(I drink > 3 liter water, plus lots of juice, soups etc, but no tea coffee at all, no alcohol). Now I also need to get up 1-2 times in the night. This was before the surgery. After the surgery I need to get up more than 2 times in the

night on few days. I have decreased water intake to 2.5 liters + soups + juices. I am noting my urine count which is now around 7-8 times per day. I still need to getup 2 times in the night for urinating. During my visit to my urologist/surgeon 7 days post surgery he has given me 2 month course of Alfuzosin.

What do you think do I have Benign Prostate Hyperplasia(BPH)?

I am 44 and is much into martial arts, swimming, gym etc. I try to eat very healthy. I am separated and live all by myself(living alone sometimes get lonely and stressful). Getting very very scared how tough impending old age will be(losing confidence over my body/health lately).

I am now very scared of prostate, bladder other issues (particularly after the circumcision surgery which I wanted to avoid at all cost but had no other option

due to really bad phimosis).

Any suggestions how to manage prostate, bladder other issues without any more


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Nowhard, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are

a very helpful and great person.

No I don't have any problem in start of urination. When I pass stool

usually at start I will urinate and then towards the end small amount

of urination would be there.Not sure if it is normal.

One thing I have realized is probably I am consuming more water than

necessary. In my younger days(till about 36-37 yrs of age) I would spend at least 4 hours

playing, dancing in gym. So I had to drink lot of water. Somehow not so much

active now a days. So I guess need to reduce water and food.

Old age as I see coming soon terrifies me more than anything. The golden days of my youth I guess I will live with those memories. But it was such a blast. Must have danced

with at least few thousand very beautiful girls in my life. Oh boy how beautiful they were

and how romantic dance can be.

Thanks and take care.

That is really awesome & really great approach to life. Really

admire your positive mind set.

Medical science is dramatically advancing. So for many 90+ life span

is going to happen. But that also mean really making sure the body

is in good shape.

Will follow your advice/suggestions. Thanks & take care.

Actually I have read about Kegel many many years back. I am somewhat

of a exercise fanatic and kegel really (as my logic says) should be great. Ultimately only exercise gives lasting solution, medicines mostly are mask to the problem.

But somehow I have given too much attention to my muscles (spending sometimes

3-4 hrs in gym). Now I realize the importance of taking good care of organs for eg prostate where gym workout doesn't really work.

For next part of my life I will focus on these aspects.

Thanks for the reminder. I need to make Kegel daily part of my routine.

Thanks. Let me go through them carefully and learn the correct technique.

I think kegel is only solution to ensure good prostate/bladder in old age.

Having spend nearly 25 yrs regularly in gym I know technique is everything.

Mistakes are really dangerous. With delicate organ like prostate/bladder

no margin of error is there.

I will get back and seek your advice/suggestion on Kegel in a week or so.

Thanks so much.

You just had a circumcision operation with phimosis as the reason for this operation. All your nerves in the groin are probably heightened and on fire... especially at the most sensitive part, the glans (penis head). Your penis head is not only having the skin around it heal still, but it's now exposed 24/7. This causes extreme sensitivity to the tip, and the urethral opening when can feel like urine urgency. Even with your current symptoms, you aren't a candidate for BPH. You mention a max of 8-9 bathroom trips in a day, which is completely normal. At your age, your prostate might be slightly enlarged, but I doubt it's coincidentally happened at a fast pace that offset your bladder control. I think you're riding high on anxiety, and looking for symptoms and googling causes will only exacerbate that. Let the member heal, discuss your concerns with your urologist, but this sounds completely normal. Having to get up twice in the night isn't too abnormal at all... depends on how much fluid you take in before bed. Drink when you feel thirsty, no need to meet any sort of minimum requirement for intake.

I'm much older than you but we both have the prostate problem. Back when mine started, the doc checked me and said I had BPH which happens to most guys generally older than you, but still can happen. You need to have the doc check to make sure that is what you have. The digital exam usually tells them, and he may do a psa but my doc doesn't believe they are that dependable. Just make sure you go have that checked because at your young age, if it is more serious, they can take care of it in the bud, but do not delay....Don't mean to alarm you, just make sure..



You are describing the symptoms of BPH but it’s no good guessing, you need to know for sure that is just BPH. My suggestion based upon years of personal experience is to first go to your doctor, they will do a rectal examination on your prostate, if it’s smooth and not massive it’s probably BPH otherwise if not sure, they will send you for an MRI for a detailed look and maybe a biopsy, it can be treated with drugs or if not, a very simple laser resection of the prostate, it’s a same day ‘in and out’ procedure, so don’t worry!

Look, God knows it isn’t nice having someone push their finger up your bottom, but it’s better than the alternative, so get to your doctor and start the process, you’ll be glad you did.

By the way, I don’t think exercise/fitness has any bearing on your prostate, I’ve always been fit and healthy, martial arts etc, the little bugger just decides to grow and grips your urethra until you do something about it, that’s only my opinion.

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