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Post-Op Circumcision looks strange around frenulum


The incision below my frenulum post-op circumcision looks weird. Skin is loose, red. swollen and looks yellowish and often wet even after drying the area. Bleeds a bit on the left side of frenulum even 16 days after the operation.

Anyone who had circumcision had a similar look after 2 weeks?

The frenulum was not removed and looks like a shark’s dorsal fin! It still feels sore. Wondering why the surgeon decided to keep it intact when they was the area causing me pain and tearing. Should I go back to see the same urologist or get my GP to refer me to a different one?

Anyone had frenulum remover as a second operation post circumcision?

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Mine looked similar. My Dr said that the frenulum has a lot of nerve endings and doesn't like removing it. Here's my post with picture.

Kennyldn in reply to robr927

Yours look much better than mine. It’s conpleted stitched. Mine looks detached and the thicker frenulum part has not stitches to the outer foreskin below it. Looks like a shark’s dorsal fin. I imagine it would hurt or get in the way during intercourse. Or would it improve the sensation who knows.

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Kennyldn in reply to Hidden

Thanks. Will leafs and see how it progress in the next 3.5 weeks. I’m in day 18 today.

I had mine done 7 days now. And mine looks like that with scab and it hurts still I keep waking in middle of nite. With a semi ecrect penis witch doesn’t make it better . Did u have a scab around frenulum ?

Kennyldn in reply to Balljack78

It had a black swollen but from post-op for a few days. When they black but came off, it exposed some thick yellowish stuff that looked like strings all bunched up. Didn’t look like sutures there. Now on day 18, there is still a yellowish colour between the cut frenulum and the outer foreskin. Looks sore and still stings in the touch with dressing or tissue. Am still seeing tiny blood stains on tissue/dressing if I pat dry the incision line.

Any one still bleed in that area on day 18 (week 3)?

Sutures still not dissolving! Should I see my GP to get them removed before end of week 3? I was told that they should dissolve by 2-3 weeks post-op.

Balljack78 in reply to Kennyldn

Yer mine is really sore there , bleeding spotting every now and then where I pooped a top stitch and that bit sore and red

So basically I've had two cuts in 4 months. First cut was shit, not enough cut which left the substantial amount of skin left to balloon and then, heal, scarred. Just had a rivision 3 days ago, taking the bandage off today but basically this time I got him to remove all the scar tissue around the frenulum as you had otherwise its gonna be sore as hell when you get down to sex. Will post some updates but yeah you may want to get that scar tissue removed man. Good luck with your healing.

It looks as though your incision has pulled open on the ventral side of your penis. See your doctor.

I just had a circumcision 3 days ago. Mine looks exactly like this. How did your turn out after healing?

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