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Excess skin under penis after circumcision


I had a circumcision + frenulectomy almost 2 weeks ago. I am going back to my urologist on Tuesday for the 2 week followup. My concern is what I consider to be an excessive amount of skin under the head of my penis. Maybe this is normal and will eventually go away. Has anyone had any experience with this? Do you think it's a concern?

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that looks more like swollen frenulum rather than excess skin, which is pretty normal since it takes a longer time for that part to heal. Looks pretty good for 2 weeks out! I wouldn't worry.

shalini089 in reply to j_flow230

Saggy skin is a dread for every woman as they age. I was literally afraid that I would end up suffering with suchloose skin but the homemade face masks for skin tightening definitely did its magic. All of these masks that I have tried have been made with ingredients that are lying around in your house.If you are done using the synthetic products, I would suggest going organic!


Hey man, it looks really good and nothing to worry about.

If you want you can check out the pictures in the post I made today, I'm on day 16 and mine is swollen the same place but not healed as much as yours.

I'm 18 years of age. I was circumcised 9 days ago. There is still some excess foreskin under my glans. It looks awkward tho. What should I do? The nurse said that he will do the dorsal slit method but I think it's not the dorsal slit. Perhaps, it looks like just a v cut. The skin was so thick that the nurse might found it hard to cut it. Can I undergo circumcision again?

i know its an year old post. i have recently gone through circumcision and kind of in the same boat which you were there a year ago. Wanted to know how much it took to heal. How much time you had to wait for intercourse and was it painful after circumcision ?

Any updates im dealing with the same situation

Same here. Atleast some of my concerns are calmed down knowing that im not the only one with this issue. Any updates on how long it took to decrease swelling would be great

I'm on same situation. Can I know about your situation now.

It's been about a year and a half since I was cut. I asked the Dr about it during the follow up visit and he told me that the excess skin is the frenulum that he cut back but didn't remove. Apparently there are a lot of nerve ending in the frenulum that could cause a loss of sensation so he keeps the skin but just moves it back slightly which is what causes the bulge of skin. In the picture, it was still a bit swollen. There is still a bit of excess skin under the head of my penis and it's more noticeable when flaccid. When erect, I hardly notice it.

Krueger90 in reply to robr927

Does it effect your sex life, I’m 1 month circumcised and there’s like a flap of skin it does fell swollen a bit and when I’m erect I hardly noctive it ...I’m just wondering

that looks normal...i have the same condition


Hey man how is the skin now? Is it loose only when flaccid or sitting or is it loose when erect?

I had my circumcision at the age of 13 and I am already 19. This is also the same problem to mine because I also have that excessive skin. When its flaccid, it is very clear to see that there is an excess of skin, and when it is erect, I can still pretty much see it but not as much of its flaccid state. Is this really okay? Or can this be somewhat fixed? I know it is like that because I have that many nerves at the area which hence became an excessive skin.

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