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Circumcison Post OP Day 7: problems with frenulum area and stitches!


Hi, i have a few questions which have been building up since day 1 so bare with.

Due to night time erections which I can't seem to stop having consistently through the night (tried fetal position, not drinking after 6 and so on) some of my stitches are tugging through my skin. The worst is the frenulum area which has several swollen in like a line down my shaft and has a lump directly by the stitch. Is the area looking alright!? It keeps producing a ton of yellowy liquid unlike other areas.

I use a salt water wash twice daily.

Please, any help or advice is most welcome!

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It will heal. May be you need antibiotics

Your penis looks good and for day 7 it is completely normal. It looks like you got the swelling under control and that your penis is very clean. Good job with that!! I’m on day 1 and I’m worried to take off the bandage and compression as I feel like my penis is going to swell like crazy... what do you think??

Cheers mate, the only part that's not under control is what's in the image, it's constantly bleeding.

I'd wait till tomorrow mate, keep taking ibuprofen regularly to help with the swelling. Take it off slowly in the shower, that's what I did anyway. Thought I was going to pass out aha but it was fine. Mine swelled up towards the end for a day or so then calmed down, heads up, it'll look like you have lumps of swelling in odd places but that'll go.

The worst bit to come is the uncontrolable erections. I'm on a 3 week ban from my Mrs put in place by myself.

Thanks for the support man. Good luck to you too. The surgeon said to take the dressing off and shower now so I will collect all my strength and do that and hopefully the blisters will go down/away

Hey, how are you doing now??

Also something that is different is that I have stitches all the way from the pee hole down to the frenulum.. I wonder why some have stitches and some don’t..

Because you would've had your frenulum removed too man. On my first surgery, they didn't remove it so just had scar tissue there so even if I had healed correctly, it would've been sore during sex which was the whole reason for my circumcision. Luckily got it removed on the revision so I have stitches all the way up there too. I wanted my head to be completely smooth. Hopefully my stitches start falling out soon, will be two weeks Tuesday and healing well this time, thankfully. Keep it clean, those stitches will be out in no time.

So you’re saying you had yours removed during the revision but I didn’t get mine removed so that’s why I was curious to know why I had stitches all the way up and down there. Thanks for your reply anyway, hang in there with your recovery as well!!

Did you not have some of your frenulum removed? That'll be why. Mine was battered from constant tearing through rough ass sex, had no other option.

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