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Circumcision Post-Op (Day 2 Recovery)


Decided to record my Circumcision (High and Loose Cut) experience for those considering circumcision themselves and for those who currently are recovering.

Amazingly my doc was able to preserve all of my frenelum and sensitive area at the underside of my crown. I also might add that I got my circumcision done due to recurrent yeast infections/Balanitis episodes shortly after moving to a rather hot region (we're talking over 100 half the year).

Today I took off my bandages and the gauze got embedded into my skin quite a bit. I had to tease it out while running warm water from the shower as water washed down.

My doc had told me to not cover with gauze or bandages afterwards and to let it air out. I'm also on oral antibiotics so they told me not to place any ointments or Vaseline.

Thankfully I have the next two weeks off of work for this, but it seems to be coming together well so far.

Only other issue I've had is with urination (split stream) but was told it should subside with the swelling.

Anyone else deal with similar urination issues after circumcision?

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Looks fine, had mine done 6 weeks ago for my 60th birthday and never been happier.

IndominusMex in reply to CAsey09

Frenelum area is a little worse (significantly swollen). Was spotted bleeding a normal occurrence for you? Also, do you know how to add more pictures on here?


Looks good man! I’m documenting mine also.

Looks like the dr did a good job can you post some pics not pulling any skin back. And also the frenulum area. Congrats

IndominusMex in reply to Nik916

I posted a pic of the frenelum underside on a separate post. Can you post images here as well?

I'll snap a pic not pulling anything back, but I think the stitches are holding the regular shaft skin in place a bit more than it would without em.

Beautiful circumcision. This is my favorite circumcision type. Nice appearance without taking away the sensitive tissue.

I would be curious to find out if there was any difference in sensitivity, since all the sensitive tissue is preserved, but uncovered.

IndominusMex in reply to At1012

So compared to before there DEFINITELY is a loss in sensitivity. But not anywhere near as bad as people make it out to be lol best way I can explain it is putting your hand under hot water, and putting your hand under hot water while wearing a kitchen glove. Definitely hotter without the glove, but you're def still gonna feel the water even with the glove.

The skin used to always be slightly moist and even the slightest tap I'd feel pleasure/pain. Now it's all dull unless I'm actually performing a sexual act with it.

Given my situation and being in daily agonizing pain from the infection, I'd make the same decision if I had the chance.

Very interesting analysis. Since you had the opportunity to experience both types of penises. Did the ridge band contribute to the sensitivity when you were intact?

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