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bleeding on Frenulum post Circumcision


got circumcised a week back but still the stitches over the Frenulum starts bleeding again and again once in a night because of Morning Erections. worried a lot. my Urologist says its quiet natural and it will heal up accordingly.

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The frenulum is the last part to heal. Slight bleeding there is quiet normal after only 7 days.

As long as you keep it clean and dry it should be fine.

Just make sure you get it checked out by a doctor if it shows any signs of infection

Hope all goes well for you.

Sampujar in reply to Daz81

Sir, no infection at all. But my Doc has suggested me to apply Mupiprocin and to get it covered with a bandage. I am doing the same since 3 days.

Daz81 in reply to Sampujar

Erections are one of the biggest issues.

Think unsexy thoughts to get it to go down as quick as possible.

I found if I got a hard on in bed that lying on my side and bringing your knees up towards your chest helps.

Just carry on doing as the doc advises and i'm sure you will be fine.

It does make you worry though when it's your manhood that's bleeding and looking a mess.

Is it starting to heal around your frenulum, I take it you still have one, assuming it's just the erections that are pulling on the stitches which are causing you the problem?

Sampujar in reply to Daz81

The entire area over the frenulum healing process is good but only the frenulum portion bleeds..

Daz81 in reply to Sampujar

Bear with it mate. It will be worth it in the end.

Hi There. I had a frenuloplasty 12 days ago along side a circumcision. Mine was also bleeding the longest around that area due to night time erections. I also went to my GP. It is perfectly normal and is going to happen. 12 days in the bleeding has stopped and its healing nicely. Advice, bathe it daily with warm salt water to keep it clean and also wrap it well for bed to avoid extra pulling and tugging. Give it time you will be just fine :)

Same issue with me this morning. In reality less blood than a small nosebleed. NHS24 just recommend keeping a watch and that it is nothing to be concerned about.

I had the same bleeding but at day 14. Applied pressure and it stopped bleeding. Likely just washed the scab off in the shower. Applied neosporin and a light dressing. Will check again tonight.

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