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Big bumps on back side of penise and frenulum looks misaligned after circumcisions


Hi guys need opinion on my frenulum position

I did my circumcisions on Friday (3 days ago)

There r 2 to 3 things that m concern abt

1, is big lump's where the stich

2 my frenulum position misaligned (after stitching) because of that turns little when it's in natural position

3 and looks like surgeon removed too much skin so my size could be affected due to this

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those bumps are normal swelling that will go away in time. considering its only 3 days post op its looking really well... so don't worry, wait 4 weeks and you can start focusing more on those looks

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My main concern is frenulum misalignment

When surgeon ditched he slightly misaligned

Yeah there may just be some misalignment and uneveness going on with your cut style. One thing, he left more inner foreskin on your back dorsal side of penis (the frenulum area) more so than he left on the sides and top of your penis. Those areas, he has your shaft's skin attached closer to the head, which means less inner foreskin was saved.

Two things for certain hapoens after a circumcision: swelling and/or bruising.

Swelling ususally occurs as fluid fills under the pinkish inner foreskin saved, which is attached just under the head, and stitched to the shaft skin (the circular scarline).

The more foreskin that was saved for a penis, the more available room there is for large fluid swelling. The less foreskin saved, the slighter chance of swelling. So most high and tight cuts swell; most low and tight cuts don't swell, or only minimally. Me personally, I swelled because I had a lot of inner skin saved, but I didn't bruise on my head or shaft at all. The lymphodema fluid pressure has to express itself in some way. If a circumcised male don't swell, he most likely will have the bruising going on..

But anyways, your odd cut-style left an uneven amount of inner foreskin, and the fluid pressure buildup has caused your inner skin to inflate and swell unevenly and ugly as well.

Just keep your penis wound away from any water for the next 3 days. Take spot washups for your body cleaning. No shower or baths for the nextbe days from today. The reason why is because non-sterile tap water can infect your bleedy and open wounds and cause a worser situation at hand. Also the blood and lymph fluid present at a wound site has the essentials it needs to naturally and organically close and seal your wound for healing. LET IT DO JUST THAT FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS!

Don't do any salt baths or salt dips until week #3. If you do it now, your stitches will dissolve quick in time like mine's did, and cause some reopenings of the scarline.

Keep your erections doen brother as best you can until your scarline begins to really seal itself. The elongations of an erection works against the purpose of stitched skins. But its overcomeable though👍

Keep your penis out of underwear and pants, and exposed to the air in your home so it can dry up the wound's moisture. Skin attaches and fuse when the area is dry, other than the moist fluid that's actually doing the grafting and reconnecting of fibers.

Your swelling shouldn't hold more than 5 weeks if you don't do anything else strange. Lol

Keep us posted with weekly photo uploads and reflect write on your journey. Thanks brother✊

You can click on my profile name and look at all my posts. I got cut on June 19th. Exactly 28 days ago.

That’s a result of taking a chance with surgery.

There is a lot of oedema and swelling present. It may be fine when the swelling goes down.

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