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Circumcision frenulum removal - is it stitched correctly? (PHOTO)


Hi all, a final question about the current situation of my circumcision. I’m 11 days post op. I’m sure that after the op, the area where my frenulum used to be looked more tightly stitched together. Has a stitch ripped as it doesn’t looks like there’s a bit of a gap where the frenulum used to be....

there hasn’t been any real bleeding from there, which I would expect if it hadn’t attached properly. Very curious, any thoughts?

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For clarification, the (now) missing stitch initially attached the two areas with the small scab.

Everyone talks about a giant scan where there frenulum used to be, yet for me there is no space!

Just concerned there’s a gap between shaft and head when it should be stitched/sealing together....

Looks fine and nothing really that you should concern yourself with. Try to keep the area clean with salt baths once or twice a day.

I can agree, it looks very normal for about ten days. I (62) am circumcised too, seven months ago an dooing wel. I am happy that I have been set the step. To have intercourse is much better now, i can last very easy for much longer time. The feel is different, yes, not so sensitive any more, but still very satisfying. Before, because my foreskin, I did not came much in touch with the vagina walls. I have felted for so many years a little unsatisfied, because that. Now I feels many times more satisfied after sex with my lovely wife!

Even the use of condom is now much more satisfying than before, I think because now the glans is fully exposed to the thin latex and makes much contact with the vagina.

The difference between with or without condom is not so much anymore.

I can recommend every man or boy to do the stap to circumcision.

sorry m8 disagree with you regards circumcision, like if its not broken don't fix it.

but then if there is a problem, medical reason go for it,

I get a pleasure from sex with my foreskin, and wouldn't get cut just for the sake of it, i was having problems with thrush ( as diabetic) and discussed it with doctor, he wanted me to have it done, but i choose not to, and seeing some of the cuts on here and other places glad i didn't.

And no I'm not anti-circumcision, for the right reasons,

Im definitely anti cutting on children, but I’m not anti circumcision on adults, but i’m against persuading anyone to do this, its like persuading someone to get scarification but worse because its on a sex organ.

People need to have info before making such a big decision.

If your glans were not coming in contact with the vaginal walls enough then you probably had tight or slightly tight foreskin, and the comment with the condom sort of confirms it, or you were putting condoms on wrong.

Looks Gucci just put Vaseline on that

It looks great.its healing correcly.

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Very interesting read m8 every male should read this before undertaking circumcision

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