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Circumcision - Post op - low and tight.


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Hi guys,

I am now 8 days post circumcision op.

I wanted some advice on two things. I am really kicking myself about this now as I didn’t research into circumcision as much as I should have beforehand. I didn’t want to hear horror stories about how they have gone wrong through google!. The reason why I’m kicking myself is because I didn’t know there was more than one type of cut done! I have definitely got low and tight as it is stitched right under my glands I’m not pleased about this as I had a relatively hard time ejacuating while having sex anyway and now all of my inner foreskin has gone!

Completely understand what people say about loosing nerve endings, what I’m looking for here is if anyone has had a low and tight cut and how it feels after having it done? Also I grow quite a lot I’m not sure there’s even enough skin?!

Also, one other thing these bumps around the head in the pic are quite painful and feel tight - anyone had this? And if so did it go? Or could is be keloid scaring?

Sorry for the long post and I’m not really a person that worries about things but this is my livelihood! Will I have the enjoyment I’ve had?!

FYI circumcised before I had phimosis could just about get it over the head whil erect but caused discomfort - maybe that’s why it took me a while to cum while having sex?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for the Post, I’m glad to see im not the only one (not really) lol I have posted a couple times but haven’t got a solution and I’m about 9months in.

Mine started off looking like that and it has settled slightly but still have the raised bumps. Haven’t seen the doctor but please let me know what you find.

Hey. Your dick looks good. Lumps will fade with time... you’re only 8 days in. I’ll be 7 days in tomorrow. I have lots of bruising and pain around the stitches as well. I got a low and tight cut and that means you are keeping some inner skin which is good for sensitivity. Did you also have a frenuloplasty? Keeping the frenulum helps with pleasure...

How have you been taking care of it? How’s the head sensitivity?

Good luck and hang in there..

Had a terrible night last night due to painful erections and today I’ve been dealing with head sensitivity like crazy so I hope I get to sleep tonight after all of that.. how are the nights and erections for you?

My pee still sprays after a week so I hope by the end of week 2 it will be gone.. how about you?

I think my frenulum is completely gone :/ I’m just a bit worried as I found it pretty hard to cum while having sex anyway!

I have been cleaning with some salt water but I can’t get to the stitches at the front as it’s swollen over them so can’t see how they look.

I don’t think that the bumps in the pic are swelling though looks like just tight stitching so I can’t see how they will go down. Really hope they do there’s a couple of other people on here with similar things and they haven’t gone down.

Sensitivity wasn’t that bad but over the last day or two it’s been quite painful!

Peeing is defo still a sitting down job no way can I stand up!

Erections haven’t been that bad until last night which was pretty painful it wasn’t fully hard though well I hope not if it was my penis has definitely reduced! I hope they haven’t taken too much skin off.

How’s yours looking now? I think yours looks tidier than mine due to my stich marks!

Thanks for saying that mate. I will post an updated post this weekend so people can see what I have been dealing with. Same old same old so far: still swollen at the bottom by the frenulum which bleeds still from time to time, urine still sprays, I am bruising pretty well as my dick is like purple at the moment. It has been a week and I do not feel like the head sensitivity or erections are getting better but maybe I really need to give it more time.

Also, I know what you are saying about the little bumps: I was just hoping they are raised because they are still swollen like and would back down into the skin with time but if that is not the case I have read a story/post on here with someone who had that like you due to the stitches and you do not need circumcision revision.

There is another thing the urologist/surgeon can do which is local anesthetic and they just cut up/excise the little bumps and put new stitches in. Maybe you won't need that though, only time will tell. Hang in there and keep me updated!

Hey, it looks already very nice. Don't worry about the circumcision style. It's gonna be fine. The people that are saying about nerve endings are mostly people from the anti-circumcision movement. If you're circumcised the nerve endings are still there but are located in the circumcision scar. That's the place where now the nerve endings come together. You'll see that everything will be fine once it's completely healed!

Vale4646 in reply to timmyboy20

Hi Timmy,

Thanks for your message as I say I don’t really worry and I just get on with things but being that they have took the max skin off has got me thinking!

Have you been cut? If so what did you have?

I’m pretty sure them bumps aren’t going to subside as it’s not swelling.

Any tips for recovery?

Thanks for the advice!

timmyboy20 in reply to Vale4646

Yes, you've got a typical European circumcision, low and tight. I've been done the American way, high and tight. But it's not the preserved inner foreskin that produces the most sensations. It's the scarline and the head of course.

The bumps will go away you'll see! That are only lymphatic fluids. For speeding up the healing you better keep your penis upwards in tight underwear.

That is what I thought too. I kept telling him those bumps would subside with time. I was cut in the US and I think I got a low and tight one so maybe the American way is changing lol!!

That's funny, five years ago I got cut in the US too and I got the high and tight style.

The US apparently hasn’t adopted the high cut. Much also depends upon method used in surgery. Neonatal clamp cuts all leave inner tissue.

It was a physician who made the discovery of nerve by actually doing research on young cadavers. The presence of nerves is not a myth.

Bucky85 in reply to timmyboy20


You may view photomicrographs of the nerve endings here :

See figures 8 & 9.

I agree with ToonBlastChampion, it will fade with time and the skin will stretch with time as you masturbate, mine did.

@vale4646 do you have another pic? Is it like this on only one side? I hope you can feel better now because lots of people are saying it will go away on its own without needing another procedure but I mean you will just have to wait and see but so far your dick looks really good..

Bro it's been 8 days - I get that you're worried but there's pretty much no other swelling or blood - eat right, stay hydrated, fuel yourself with clean food and keep it clean and you'll be doing everyday to heal man. I wouldn't worry about it turning into scarring just yet, it's still raw man.

There seems to be a trend by doctors to do this style. I think it’s a result of the phony studies coming out of Africa.

Glad I found your post. Your circumcision seems to look identical to mine, only you seem to be healing faster! I was thinking the same thing about not having enough skin when fully erect but so far seems thats its stretching fine. And my doctor told me over several months it will stretch. I also have the same bumps only mine are a little bigger, hoping those go away too!

Hey who did your circumcision in nyc? Was it covered by your insurance?

So as far as the bump I am 9month in and still have raised bumps. How long before they fade and go flat?

How long does it take for the frenulum area to heal? I’m still dealing with pain irritation and redness 2 months in

Frenulum for me wasn’t too bad I guess after my second month I was pretty good. But I would say 3-4 months but everyone heals differently

Ok thank you I don’t know why it’s still an issue 2 months after surgery but I guess it takes time like my scar is tight and hard so I guess it takes time to soften, has your scar softened with time a little bit? Happy new year

Yes for sure it has softened but the scar as I’m told by my doctor will probably never go away. Yoir still in the early stages give it time to see how your body reacts

A friend of mine did some laser to get rid of some of the scar and it looks great but I don’t know about going under another procedure and plus my circumcision was under general anesthesia and for laser therapy it is under local anesthesia so not ready for that now as I’m still dealing with some pain so don’t want more. The problem I have is that my scar is kinda hard and bumpy and so after rubbing it it leaves some lesions and they hurt for a while afterwards like little cuts

I got cut ultra low and tight like you and have to say I much prefer it to being uncut. There isn’t much change in sensitivity at all. You’ll love it I’m sure.

I was really worried about losing NG sensitivity after getting cut at 48. Aside from the issue of too much skin being taken and losing about half my length I have to say the intensity of my orgasm is So much better than before.

Jdouk6907 in reply to Regret

Really? I’m the opposite half the feeling lost and orgasms not explosive. I actually go soft during sex because I can’t feel anything. 😔

Circumcision is a very harmful operation. They should be the last resort after trying everything else. You had 15 square inches of erogenous tissue amputated.

One of the many reasons we have foreskins is to unfold to allow for erection. If you want more skin, you can start non-surgical foreskin restoration, which expands your residual shaft skin..

Hidden in reply to Bucky85

Are you urologist?

Do you know more about these stuff?

Can high and loose be redone to low and tight?

I'm not satisfied with the look and I didn't expect it as I got it now. I don't want foreskin, and got my foreskin stitched under the glans.

Bucky85 in reply to Hidden

You are an adult and you may do whatever you wish.

Here is a list of things the foreskin does:

Hidden in reply to Bucky85

So, it can be done?

Is there some time period during it it is possible?

Bucky85 in reply to Hidden

Taking off more skin is NOT a good idea, because it will cause sutures to fail and painful erections.

Hi vale4646

Just wondering how the healing is going with you now. and how the low and tight circumcision looks now.


did you get it done on the nhs no discussion about preffered cut style beforehand ? what were your reasons for getting it done just phimosis ? how long since done mate you still not been able to road test it ?

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