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2 week Circumcision post op


I have to say it’s been a very long 2 weeks but today it’s day 15 and I got my stitches removed and the swollen ring around the incision line is now gone... circumcision is the way to go!!!

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looking good bro 🙏🏽🙏🏽 i’m nearly healed, third week though still got a few stitches but frenulum area healed already.

Jawnuhthin in reply to driz

Yea my frenulum is still healing but I took all my stitches out because I was scared of getting stitch tunnels lol

It was very good you took them out. After two weeks they have done their job and indeed no more risk of getting stitch tunnels.

How is your sensitivity?

Redxxhood in reply to Jawnuhthin

Did removing hurt

pilotguy in reply to driz

hey is the frenulum normally removed during circumcision

Looks very good. They did a great job!

Thanks bro!!

It seems properly healed. I am glad you like it.

You have a beautiful cock.

Damn that’s a big dick

Looks like it’s healing really well

Your cock looks great. Where did you get it cut? I would do it also there.

damn, wish i were you, im 2 weeks in, still shitloads of pus

Looking amazing

How are you doing now? Any update photos will help, flaccid will also be great so we all can see the outcome

Wow. That looks nice

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