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Day 7 post circumcision

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Anyone else had horrible nights sleep from erections? I managed about 1 and half hours of sleep before one set in which woke me up with the pain. After that it was all over. Even before the op whenever I woke from sleep, I would always dream after drifting back off (which is when men get nocturnal erections) and it was very sore and painful trying to get comfortable.

My head is still very sensitive and cannot be rubbed, and the bit of skin left rolling over the stitch line/swelling is still painful.

The photo is of my former frenulum, by far the worst looking area, but no more sensitive than the rest. I think the yellow scab thing is lymph fluid or the wound healing over?

I haven't particularly noticed it leaking, and there is no strong odour coming from it so not sure?

The right side (actually my left) is ridiculously swollen, like a jutting lip. You can't see it as bad as it is from this photo, but its pretty big. I'm worried its a hematoma or something as its not gone down at all since day 1.

When will it start to heal and feel less horrible? Its Monday morning right now, and I had the operation done last Monday late afternoon, so nearly a full week!

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whenever i got an erection after my circumcision it hurt like hell, think it’s normal for the first week or so.

I went and insisted to have the stitches removed on day 11 post op. Everything was fine after that and 3 months later now everything is very healthy.

How are you feeling by now ? Is there any other symptoms do you have ?

Hi, well the doctor gave me penicillin which has taken the inflammation away and a tiny bit of the swelling.

The symptoms I'm dealing with at the moment is the super sensitive glans. I can tap them, but any underwear rubbing sends me a lot of pain. So I have to wrap a gauze coated with vaseline around my penis and support it with tight briefs.

I massively regret being circumcised

Hi, advised do not use any underwear till the date it gets proper healed.

And doctor always says it will be healed in 15 days but it will take minimum 2 months to cure...

Why was it done?

Medical reason

You can restore your foreskin.

Thank you, that answers my question

how did the recovery go? have those areas faded where you were cut?

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