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Urination problems after circumcision

Hi guys I was I circumcised 3 weeks ago due to very tight phimosis and everything is healing great and the swelling is pretty much gone completely.

For the first few days after I had it done I could urinate fine, better than before the circumcision actually.

But after around day 4 it felt like there was something stopping the urine from coming out and there’s a feeling of pressure on the bottom left of my shaft, if I like concentrate and leave the urine out in small bursts it’s fine but as you can imagine very annoying.

But it is not like this all time like sometimes it’s fine and other times it can be like this and I have no idea why it changes or what the cause is at all.

Any help??

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I have no experience of this, but since my Op' the stream of 'wee' can be unpredictable, I found a little shake would help. Sorry cannot be more help, but I would suggest seeing your Doc if this persists.


It’s day 5 for me and the same thing is happening except it’s very painful... stinging pain on the tip


Brother it's normal I felt it for four days and then I was fine


Circumcision does not normally interfere with urination. See your doctor.


Yes it does if you have frenuloplasty elongation and stitching of the frenulum like me. The stitching pressure reflects all the way to the very tip where the frenulum originally attached to the head. It swells it and causes your urination to be more constricted and in multiple streams. Sometimes the swelling has lightened up and I peed straightvand narrow.

I think it is called balantis or something????

When needed, I just pee in the bathtub or squat over the toilet like a woman.


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