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Prostatitis foods to avoid, is this list right?

As a family member of a prostatitis patient, we pay more attention to our daily diet and lifestyle. We ask the doctor and surf the internet to find a most suitable diet for my brother and make a plan as follows:

1. Nobody can drink alcohol or coffee during eating or in the party

2. Fruits and vegetables must be available at any time

3. Cooking fish, egg instead of pork and beef, any red meat is banned

4. Make sure hot water is available for all day

5. Refuse all-wheat bread

6. Take exercise after dinner

This is a rough plan we made for our family and my brother, who has chronic prostatitis, is these prostatitis foods to avoid right? What do we need to add?

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This diet plan is excellent and both your family and your brother can obey it, besides foods you mentioned above, you must know that spicy foods should be avoided and alcoholic beverages contain 3.2% alcohol cannot be taken by your brother too.

Dietary therapy just can be an assist treatment, you cannot rely on it to reach the goal of curing chronic prostatitis, herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can cure chronic prostatitis without recurrence, this pill has stable and continuous effect to patients until the disease has been totally cured.


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