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Circumcision experience


I’ll share my experience so far in the hope others find it somewhat supportive. phimosis/tight foreskin was killing it in the bedroom and this was my only option(i tried creams etc)

I had my circumcision 2 days ago without issue. Initially peeing whilst bandaged was a nightmare, it sprayed everywhere, though after removal of the bandages it was such a relief. I use my sink as a urinal as im afraid of touching it against the toilet(Havnt had much appetite and number 2 hasnt called yet) Wondering if that is normal now!?

I had no complaints and it felt like nothing had happened as it was all covered in a tight bandage. I slept well the first night but i woke in a panic with an erection. I was panic stricken as i read many posts here of the ‘fear’ of an erection. This is not my case as i was not in pain.

I bathed initially for the bandages to come off, it did take at least 15 minutes and it was scary to know what was underneath, it bled slightly in the water, around where the frenulum is, i did have a mini panic attack as blood had crusted on the bandage causing it to difficult to remove at the underside- whilst peeing when bandaged blood did come through on the underside which i assume was me pressuring urine out.

I patted it dry and left it possibly too short before covering it in vaseline, there was no bleeding thankfully and all stitches remained in tact.

I took ponstan forte anti-inflammatorys before and tramadol painkillers after however I potentially could have gone without. I slept okay first night of no bandages on my back with it fully exposed(blanket on my legs and t-shirt and hoody on top) and pieces of paper towel surrounding the penis for ‘fear’ of erections. I found a little blood on the tissue in the morning though I didn’t wake to morning wood. My groin ached and I figured this was being exposed/cold during the night.

Im was nervous about the first washing and in fact most of the above I wrote as a reply to another post asking on advice but i thought i should share this, i went with this; a jug of cooled boiled water with salt in it and then topped up with boiling water to make the temperature more comfortable. I awkwardly tried to dip my penis in the water which did wet it so i took it out and used cotton buds/ear buds(cotton on either end of a plastic stick for those unsure) gently around the sutures to gently melt away any crusted blood etc. It works well. Take your time and dont be aggressive or pressuring the area to clean it, i got it 90% clean and then used paper towels to clean the excess and let it air dry. I washed my testes at the same time too with saltwater.

All looks good now, bit of vaseline on it now and lying down while it rests on a paper towel for the next few hours.

Ill keep updates going as its a great distraction from staring at it!

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Day 3 after op. Woke today feeling awful with a pounding headache and all I could do was sleep it off. Turns out tramadol side effects are nausea and constipation. After a long nap I came round and decided no more painkillers or antiinflammatory s.

Several washes throughout the day went okay. Only very visible blood where frenulum is. I had felt it itching but found to not have enough Vaseline on the stitches which were jabbing in to surrounding areas. Otherwise happy with recovery.

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Glad to see that things were somewhat okay. How are you feeling now? And have you had your penis swollen / any infections?

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Hi Ren

Feeling great now, it will be 4 weeks tomorrow since i had it done.

I did end up getting an infection which is always a possiblilty. They only way to reduce the risk is to keep it clean which i thought i had done but due to where it all sits and what is in that area, bacteria etc, I ended up on antibiotics.

I noticed your own post and fortunately didnt have such a swelling, I did of course have a fat willy for a few days but the swelling has reduced dramatically.

Everyone is different as you will this repeated a huge amount here, if the doctor recommends something for swelling, take it.

The infection has delayed my healing and i stilll can see some scab at the back of the Glans where the frenulum was, this was the most swollen, possibly as it sits on the testes so cant air out fully and heal. I have about 3/4 of an inch to heal there, it looks a little gunky when wet but its healing slowly, ive been on antibioitics for 3 weeks which has been a downer as i feel my body has weakened. Im taking daily vitamin supplements, pro-biotics and Bromulaine to improve healing and eating a good diet too.

Its tough at the start but gets easier.

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