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Circumcision - 5 Weeks On - Tingling and Smaller?


So, first of all... I've seen some very useful posts here, and this being my 1st - hello to everyone.

I've always had a very tight foreskin and never was able to pull it back... but recently (a year or so) after an inflammation it really got so bad i was barely able to pee properly - so as it goes I decided to get circumcised...

The healing went very well, changing of dressings, washing with boric acid and salt water... erections were there but mostly "stopped" by the dressing and no stitches were ever popped.

I had my 4 week check up and the surgeon said it looked fine but to wait another 2 weeks to have sex.

But, (now 5 weeks on) i wanted to at least have a look at what my "new friend" looks like, so i just wanted to get an erection... the problem was that it was half the size as before!

Also, I have a weird tingling feeling in the tip like for example when you sit on your hand and it goes all tingly after...

Anyone with experience of loosing so much length after circumcision?

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The inflammation is called "posthititis'. It would have been more appropriate to treat the posthitis instead of cutting off the inflamed part.

Circumcision is usually the worst way to treat any medical issue.

It sounds to me as though your doctor took off way to much skin and you have a really tight skinn on erection that is causing tingling. You will now need to consider non-surgical foreskin restoration to expand your residual skin so you can get back your penis size..

lightning983 in reply to Bucky85

No, it wasn't just a one off thing... it was something i lived with for 20 years... so honestly, I'm happy with the result. It looks good and, honestly after 20 years I can finally have a pee without sitting down :)

Bucky85 in reply to lightning983

I am glad that you are happy with it.

I lost an inch and a half after mine. The surgeon cut off too much. When healed completely and it will. Try baby oil and gently stretch the skin. My length is now fully restored. The tingling should go but if not go back. How much length are you talking about? I went from 7.2 inches to 5.9. I am now 7.3 again.

Yeah, its probably that he cut off a bit too much... since I'm usually a "grower" and we're talking about 7" when erect and about 2" when flaccid...

The problem is that now, its about 4" tops when erect! it kind of seems that it reaches halfway like it usually was, and just stops...

Can you help me out with the time-frame that it was for you?

It was a year or so. Is it really tight when erect? Seem he may well have cut too much?

Oh... i was hoping more like a few months... but i guess we will see. It's not that it's very tight, it's just that it reaches halfway and kid of "stops"

Was it like, gradually for you? Like slowly getting back to old size over the course of a year?

So how did you do that??

I'd initially lost 3 cm (just over an inch) Now, I'm almost 3 months post-op and I've regained most of it back (maybe missing 0.5cm).

Yeah, this is why I asked here... to get some feedback on what different experiences say... but if it's 3 months to a year, i'll be happy with that.

Did you have any pain in that time? Because i feel no pain or bad sensations... Only some tingling in the tip...

I have still quite a bit of sensation. I know it's strange, but sex is better and there's no change in sensitivity. The only discomfort I have is that the head is dry so a condom can be a bit rough. Also, if my girl orgasms, it hurts sometimes (due to the contractions)

Yeah, for me also the sensation is quite OK... and regarding it being dry, have you tried something? Someone suggested babyoil or coconut oil to rub it?

I had my skin flaking from the tip for 2 times already, but am kind of reserved using anything during this initial healing stage...

I haven't but I should. My skin did flake. I also still have redness where some of my skin had peeled off. If it doesn't go away in a few weeks I might get it checked out - I realised it might take a bit more to heal there.

So it still happens three months on? i figured it would just be a few times...

On a side note, did you have any issues "releasing" during sex? I'm going to have my 1st after the operation this weekend and am kind of worried if it could hurt or something...

Ehm recently, it hurt a lot when my girl came because her vagina contracted (as it does) and that was really painful. The only issues are the dry head and this. I need to fix the dryness thing. I've only had sex like 5 times in these last months because it hurt. Everyone heals differently though.

Yeah, i guess everyone does get a little bit of a different feeling... I personally must admit I lasted for ages! And to be perfectly honest, never in my life have I lasted this long... i guess for me i lost a bit of the feeling on new new "freed up" tip and it feels OK, but i guess it was slightly better before.

And I tried "squeesing" it a bit harder too to see if I'd feel any pain, but nope... like totally de-sensitized...

Oh well, we'll see in time :)

OH ehm well I have a lot of sensitivity still. Honestly, it's strange but I think I have more sensitivity than before (or my girl is better than my ex lol ;) ) I'm lasting less but I think that's due to the lack of sex

How did you get your length back? Came over time or did you have to do something for it? Thanks

Put some oil for scars but I only did it a few times

Ofcouse you removed enough skin to cover an index card. You should totally sue the dr for not informing you. You can try to restore but proper research would have shown this to be a result you will lilely never have full funcrioning sex again. Erectile dysfuntion is also common.


I never blamed anyone for my decisions and don't plan on doing so now. But generally, this kind of panic provoking reply isn't really productive. You haven't helped answer my question at all.

I realize you're probably against circumcision, but my question is not your propaganda bulletin board.

Do your reseacrch and let me know whats false or propaganda.

The foreskin has aprox 20,000 nerve endings. You removed the skin that allowed you to be that length.

The US has signifigantly smaller penis size, we are also the only contry to circumsise at such a high rate. We also have the largest rate of erectile dysfunction...

Thank you for your attention to my post, but I have no desire to discuss circumcision as the point is irrelevant. For me it's done, and I just need other peoples experiences to see what to expect.

Hey!! So for the guys who answered the question how do you go about trying to get some length back? Does it just come naturally with time as the skin stretches or there are things you have to do?? Thanks for sharing

Was probably going to ask the same thing quite soon :)

Lol hopefully they get back to us then

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