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Circumcision recovery


Hey guys I got circumcised 6 days ago and the bandaged dropped after two days.

I feel a lot of pain at the tip of my glans! I’m having a worst time with night erections, the stitches are expanding and it has made a few cuts.

How long will it take for the stitches to dissolve?

It’s tough to wear clothes and i feel a pricking sensation even wen there is a slight touch on the head of my dick.

How long will this sensation be?

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Only 6 days in? Be patient, I’m on day 13 since the surgery tomorrow is 2 weeks. Stitches still in; still get small cuts. Just keep it clean, dry, and put some antibiotic cream. Some people here have said the stitches take 2-4 weeks to start dissolving depends on the person.

Jalal123 in reply to allstar1979

I’m fed up of this life 😰

allstar1979 in reply to Jalal123

It’ll get better soon .

Stitches take anywhere from 10 to 14 days to start dissolving. To completely dissolve it can take 20 or more day. As for night time errections, don't drink past 6PM. When sleeping on the side, curl your legs a little to your chest, fetal position or if sleeping on your back sleep with your knees up in the air.

When you have clothes on, wear briefs or boxer briefs to reduce movement of the penis. Cover your head with a gauze that has Vaseline on it. Reduces friction of the head. Use medical Vaseline not fragrance stuff.

Give it time and good luck.

Jalal123 in reply to Cipher9

The slightest touch on d head hurts.

Yesterday night the head skin started peeling of due to erection and swelling!

Is it common?

allstar1979 in reply to Jalal123

Same thing happened to me.

Jalal123 in reply to allstar1979

Now is it fine?

allstar1979 in reply to Jalal123

Yes, remember Jr went through a traumatic experience. Everything’s healing down there. Bruising started going away after day 8 or 9 but everyone is different.

Patience is key here.

Kenadams2 in reply to Cipher9

I've been using a cricket ball guard but I wrap the head with hankie laced with vaseline. It helps.... I'm only 6 days in....

I switched to the roll up gauze today, found it a little more breathable.

Try an go bottomless when around the home or a loose fitting dressing gown. When you wear trousers put on tight pants to reduce movement, these also help to keep erections to a minimum.

Trust me the stitches will come out. I takes time for everyone. Enjoy your new status.

Circumcision pain

Circumcision is a cutting operation. It is normal to feel pain during the surgical operation, however this is usually relived by general or local anesthesia.

You may expect pain after surgery until the incision heals.

You may also expect pain when the sensitive head of the penis is exposed to friction from clothing, etc. It is no longer protected by the foreskin, so there is not much you can do about it.

You may also expect painful erections. Depending on how much skin was removed. Depending on how much skin was removed, there may not be enough skin left to allow for shaft expansion during erection and this may cause painful erections.

You may also experience phantom pain from neuromas that form where nerves were severed.

Masturbation may be painful if you don’t use lubrication.

How did the healing go for you?

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