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Phimosis - Before and After

Briefly, I developed Phimosis 3 years ago. My GP wasn't a great help initially, but did refer me to a specialist at our local hospital. I was offered 3 options, cream, plastic surgery, circumcision. I wasn't inspired and held out as long as I could before opting for surgery. (I hadn't read any post op reviews which motivated me to act before I had to). Apparently there were some entertaining exchanges between myself and the surgeon before I gave way to the anaesthetist.

Post op was difficult, but it would be wouldn't it. Stitches out after 3 weeks I think it was, and then a slow recovery, so after 2 months things were back to pre condition status. At least I thought they were.

I can explain what happened but I can't rationalise it. Briefly, I started to get erections before the stitches were out. This was a little tricky as I popped a couple of stitches and broke the pain barrier in the process. It took some will power (lol) to keep things under control. Post stitches, the erections continued, in fact the frequency increased - currently 4 - 6 per day. In terms of results v expectations? All I wanted to achieve was a painless pee. I've ended up with a penis which is more active than when I was 20. I was afraid, stressed, and panicking before my op because everything I'd read put the fear of God in me. Now, I feel great, lucky, and happy, the only downside (or is that upside) is the erections. I even had one riding my BMW on a wet day in the Lakes last week and it took a while to get off the bike. Good vibes.

I hope this is of some help to others with Phimosis. Just go for it, the alternatives aren't worth considering. PS, I'm 62, weigh 72kg and exercise frequently. Also my unbridled optimism hasn't diminished, in fact it gives me wings. Red Bull not needed

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I was 4 days into mine when I burst a few stitches due to an erection. I was panicking like mad getting myself worked up.

I went to my GP he told me not to worry about it, He said it wasn't infected and it would heal by SECOND INTENTION this put my mind at rest abit. I'm currently 12 days in the now things seem to be getting better. Tho I am constantly getting erections when I sleep I reckon nearly hourly wich is affecting my sleep. I'm counting the days till it's finally all healed and I can start having pain free sex.


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