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4 weeks after circumcision


4 weeks ago I was circumcised due to phimosis. The first 3 weeks after the op were very very very uncomfortable and sensitive, I couldn’t even wear boxer shorts so had to take 3 weeks off work, wandering around the house walking like John Wayne with the blinds closed. But since the stitches have all dissolved it’s like someone has flicked a switch and all off a sudden healing seems to have sped up dramatically. Sensitivity has calmed right down and pain has practically disappeared... BUT I’m still having to pee sitting down as it’s goes everywhere, not as bad as earlier in recovery, but still can’t risk standing up at a urinal, will this ever go back to normal???

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Everything will be normal

That is part of healing you will soon be up and running, and the sex is zing!

Im 10 days in and peeing is such a hassle!

Give it time, you should be able to use urinals normally before too long

It will depend upon possible damage done in the area of the meatus. Sometimes removal of the frenulum affects that area, especially in cases in which the attachment was high. You might try separating the little lips with your fingers before starting the stream.

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