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18 Days post circumcision

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Hi all. I am now 18 days post op due to phimosis and before the anti-circumcision guys start commenting I tried for months on end to stretch but didn’t work and my foreskin was so thick and tight that I doubt it would of worked anyway and that was the first thing my doc recommended. The recovery process hasn’t so far gone without a hitch had to go to A+E with enflamed glans and oozing blood from the wound site and they gave me antibiotics and it’s cleared up very well.

What I’m worried about is I’m 3 days from the 3 week mark and I’ve only had 3-4 stitches come out, I know some will say don’t panic they will come out eventually. But I don’t want them staying in there too long that the skin starts to heal over the stitches so how long normally would be too long for stitches to be in??

Thank you any help appreciated

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Btw you must of been doing them stretchs so wrongly but that doesn’t matter, But it can take months for the stitches to dissolve but usually only 2 - 3 weeks, it Varys greatly their isn’t anything to worry about, you can always ask your surgeon or the health professional treating you about the type of stitches you've been given and how long it will take for them to dissolve.

If your wound has healed and your stitches are bothering you, you might want to consider making an appointment at your GP surgery to have them removed, instead of waiting for them to dissolve completely.

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Thank you advice much appreciated

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I got my stitches taken out after two weeks and I’d advise you do the same. After two weeks they have done their job and there is no need for them to be in any longer

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Thank you

You are to be commended for trying conservative treatment first, before surgery.

Two weeks should be long enough for the stitches to stay in.

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Thank you it’s what my doctor tried to start with with the ointment beginning with B and tried for months on end got at least 2 peecriptions of the stuff but end result was the same. So then doc referred me to urologist and he said I had a very tight ring in the middle when pulling back. And when the op was done I saw a scar on glans belly side so I’m assuming it was still attached there and I’m 35 now.

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It needs to be stressed, for anyone that may read this, that the ointment is an aid to the stretching. The ointment does not work by itself. It is the stretching that is more important. The stretching actually causes the skin to grow.

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OK Bucky, that may be the case with some guys but you must face it that it doesn't work for everyone. I was in the same boat and it didn't work for me either.

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I think that is essentially what I said. I am glad we are in agreement.

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Same here. Tried stretching for almost a year. Not big difference. So, in these cases, circumcision IS the solution.

Hey . Hope recovery picks up. I’m on Day 17 (did it 24 May) myself and my stitches have only started coming out now too, (think over the next day or two they’ll be gone ). How’s your lifestyle re the sensitivity of glans?

How are you finding walking and is the area of your stitching swollen (I can see mine is deflating every day in size but I’m not exactly sure what it’s meant to look like by the end )

I’ve read that walking around and allowing the glans to rub off clothing with Vaseline will help the keratinaztion but it seems like the progress is very slow (but happening) .

Just eager as anything to getting back to a more normal lifestyle

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Hi similar to me then right down to the date of operation lol. I just checked for stitches after morning wood just now and can’t see many there at all now. I saw 2 come out when I bathe with warm salt water so maybe the rest just dissolved away. Can count how many stitches on one hand now.

Well walking hasn’t been a problem for me as I’ve been using Tesco men’s active incontinance pads in with underwear with a liberal amount of Vaseline on it and tip of penis. I found that really took edge off the sensitivity plus comfort and I could see if was getting better by amount of blood etc went on it and protected against accidental knocks as the pad was quite thick. Think I will stop using them at week 3 and just use some Vaseline on the head. Seemed weird wearing them as not incontinant. Lol

Like you I have seen swelling gone down over last few days still got the ring round the stitch site.

I am eager too to get back to normal now we will find out how much longer maybe we can give each other updates lol

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Yea sounds good . This op is such a bizzarre experience .

Wish I’d known about the incontinance pads. Might just keep going with baring the discomfort as it might speed up the keratinaztion ? I heard constant contact will speed it up (how much so I don’t know)

More stitches dissolved this morning . Noticed there’s a scab on my frenulum (pretty small) I guess that’s the next part of recovery . Is yours still quite swollen?

Why don't you take them out yourself, it's dead easy just give them a snip and they will slip out,that's what I did no problem

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Yeah I will do if they don’t dissolve or come out by day 21. Just giving them an extra few days as I had to take a course of antibiotics so they may have been delayed somewhat

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Hi all day 20 I have just had a look and and I am a bit confused swelling was going down quite well. But this evening when I looked it’s puffed back up again. There’s zero blood now and only a few stitches to go. It don’t hurt at all and hasn’t all day. Just concerned that it’s puffed up again. Any help or ideas appreciated. Thank you

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