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Day 26 after circumcision


Hey guys. All of the stitches have came off except for one which is not a big deal. The frenulum is healing great which I don’t feel pain at all when I touch it or rub against it. My glands is still sensitive when rubbed against my underwear. I started wearing my underwear without the bandages and the only thing bothering me is the lips of the tip and the left side of where the foreskin was cut. The lips just feel swollen when I touch it and the swollen part on the left was releasing out some yellow liquidish out everytime I get an erection. Erections doesn’t hurt anymore and I started masturbating without any pain. It felt more pleasurable and erect much farther. I wish I could take the pic with full erection to show what it looks like. But yea, I’m healing fine and when does the lip usually heal?

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Post a pic of the underside, to better appreciate your healing process bro

Your pee-hole lips will de-swell within the next two weeks hopefully. STOP MADTURBATING. Don't give yourself no shocking activities until 4 weeks from now on. Your soft tissues and penile muscles are still tender from the surgery. Your wounds make externally look healed, but internally they are still hurting and recouping.

Yeah, take a picture of your frenulum area and re-post👍

Ok I’ll try not to. I had Gym today which we had to run and the coach asked me if I was good to go and I said yes. I was amazed I didn’t feel no pain rubbing while I was running. I can get back to my regular things now but the glands and the lip are slightly sensitive still.

Ok the only thing I’m worried about for now is the swelling from where the stitches had came off cause it would usually ooze out some liquids. I have been running and hitting the gym since school started and I’m wondering that’s prob why it’s swelling due to the friction against it. But other than that I’m good.

I have done mine on may and mine took 1 month a half to heal.dont worrie it looks all normal.its strange about how ghis skin looks like a reptile tale when you cut it and grows again.this skin will atach everyere

SteveWall56 in reply to Geni1234

Yea. I’m glad I had it done. Just hope I’ll be back to normal soon!

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You will be normal soon dont worrie

Geni1234 in reply to SteveWall56

The only thing you will notice after is that sex is not the has not the same pleausure even when coming.thats everybody issue

I’m just wearing regular tight boxers, the stretchy ones. My penis is already use to the rubbing a little but when I run I can feel it rub but we have to run and I’m taking weight lifting. Idk if I should stick to the salt and bath because it helped take my stitches off but it kinda made it sting to the parts that are sensitive and I think that’s what made the yellow ooze come out of the stitch holes. Idk it’s a weird stinging feeling. But it sure does make it look clean. I wash it with regular warm water after. I’ll post a pic of my frenulum later which healed the fastest for me.

After how many days the sensation has gone

As mine is same day is also same

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