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'Cutie pic', Caption Competition No 3.

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Hello everyone

I just had to share this amazing photo of a horse with a paintbrush in its mouth. He's ten year old Ted and been taught to paint by a student at Oxford Brookes University . He's pictured showing his latest work at Blenheim Palace!!.

Rules of the competition are one caption per person and entries close by tuesday mid day. You can change your entry up to this point. As always my parents are judging and we all look forward to your entries and thoughts on this unusual pic.

Hope your all doing well despite this dreary weather.


P.s, thank you all for your wonderful foot support. Im thrilled to tell you im painfree thanks to my steroid injection on fri. So relieved its worked. My rheumy appt was also good, he's tweaking my treatment and wants me to have the cortisol blood test as ive been on steroids a long time. X

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🎶’ and he painted matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs 🎵 Maybe too old a song for all to remember?

I remember it Stills!. Great caption as always . Glad you liked it. Hope your improving healthwise. Xx

Status Quo! Xx

I’m not horsing around, this is my mane hobby!

Great pic. Amazing what animals can be taught to do. So glad that you are pain free. Take it easy though. Sometimes when we are pain free and having a good day we overdo it and end up suffering for a few days, if not longer.

I logged onto my vaccine status page earlier and I apparently have an upcoming appointment on 26th November. I haven’t had a letter yet so don’t know if this is for a 3rd vaccine or a booster. I have had my flu vaccine, from the practice nurse at my GP surgery, so will have to say I don’t need that. Hopefully letter will arrive soon.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Xx 🐴 🎨 🖌

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Thats a GREAT caption ge. Thanks for taking part again and so glad you liked the pic. Wonderful news ge that you've got a vaccination appt for end nov, much better than Jan. Letters can go astray!. It will give you a bit more security specially as you've had the flu one.

I had to postpone my covid one because if you have an injection you must leave a fortnight between them for safety.

Have mine on 20th and flu after that as not had that yet. Do feel vulnerable.

Thanks for your good advice re pacing. I was advised to rest this weekend and i will go very carefully as i want this relief to last. I think thats where i went wrong last time!.

Have a safe, happy week and take care. Xx🐴🎨🐴❤🐴🎨🐴❤🐴🎨🐴❤

‘Seriously I can paint like Vincent Van Gogh if only someone would cut my fringe off!🙄’

I’m hopeless at captions Helen😂🙈

It’s a clever horse though, aren’t they gorgeous animals and so intelligent. 😍

I hope you’re still getting good relief today, I have everything crossed for you.🤞

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s strictly lovely

Big hugs 🤗 🥰😍 🐴 💕💐💃🕺🏻Xxx

Haha dianne, i love your caption. Its really good so don't put yourself down lovely. Horses are beautiful and clever so id love to think the pic is real and not staged as it could be!. Its giving us lots of 😀 and thats the main thing!.

Foot is still painfree, can't quite believe it dianne. Hope it lasts a long time as its just wonderful not feeling the nerve jumping.

Thank you also for your lovely messagrs. I was thrilled you had a big catch up with your special friend all wrapped up outside. Very brave and it must have been lovely seeing the South Downs sunset!.

I will message you this week and who knows anyway you could be our winner!!.

Hope you have a safe and happy week. Covid test soon?.

Take care lovely .Xx💃❤💃🤞❤💃❤💃.p.s we're seeing Strictly this aft, sounds like another great one. Xx

I should’ve ended that with ‘…not my ear’ 🤣

I’m so so please your injection has taken well, you must feel like all you’re Xmas’s have come at once🥳… did the dr say when you’re able to have your next one, do they have to space them out, I think I can have my hip done 3 times a year?

Yes we’re very lucky here, we have some lovely sunrises over the sea and sunsets over the Downs. Sophie took this one on the seafront the other day, middle of the night for me😬😂!

Covid test is on the 17th then 3 days of isolating before the op. Pre assessment tomorrow on the phone then I have to go in at 6pm for bloods etc.

Hope you’ve enjoyed strictly, we’re just about to watch the results… hope it’s not Rose 🤞.

Big hugs, take care 🤗 😘💕🕺🏻🥰💃💐xxx

6.30 sunrise

Ive adjusted your entry dianne as its good for the competition.

Good luck for your pre-op assessment and bloods. Will be thinking of you. These are all good milestones getting you nearer to the op. You'll be so pleased to be out the other side recovering!. Its a horrid long lead up i found when you just want it done!.

Im thrilled at my foot and did do a small walk in our back garden as the sun was out. 🌞 but will go carefully as so want it to last!!. Im sure ill be restricted to 3x a year like yours. Thats the rule for steroids. 😀

Beautiful pic of your early sunrise. Sophie is an earlybird with the kids i bet!.

Strictly was really great and its really close now. Shame Adam went rather than dan walker and rose had a very lucky escape . She's keeping those white boots she loves them so much!!. I think she and giovanni are getting closer and closer.

I will think of you tomorrow diane, all the very best and email soon. Keep safe and well. Xx🐴❤🐴🤞🐴❤🐴🤞🐴❤🐴🤞

I’ve just had the first part of my assessment, the nurse was lovely, I hope she’ll be looking after me on the day 🙏 I do hate going through my history, it takes sooo long 😩 anyway that’s the first bit done ✅ next bit at 6pm for bloods ecg etc.

Yes it was a real shame Adam went, I don’t think Craig was very happy that both Adam and Tilly were in the dance off 🤷‍♀️ The white boots were fab weren’t they, I love Rose and Giovanni, that was nerve racking for them waiting til last!

I think Sophie was up early to go to the Gym, she’s trying to get fit after having baby and to strengthen her core, she’s had a bad time with sciatica too😞.

Lovely that you were able to have a potter in the garden in the sunshine and with no foot pain, I’m so happy for you . Let’s hope the weather stays dry so you can do that again.🤞

Take care lovely 💕🥰🕺🏻💃💖 🌞 xxx

“I didn’t know what to paint, then I sneezed and look what happened!” Hi Misty, I hope my caption isn’t too icky but that’s what it looks like to me.🤣🤣 I’m so pleased you are now pain free. 👏🏻👏🏻 Fabulous news. 👍🏻👍🏻 Love the picture and thanks again for the fun you provide.😍 Enjoy Strictly. We watched it last night and look forward to the results tonight. VERY high standard of dancing. Keep safe and pain free. 🙏🏻🤗😘xx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

I love your caption spotty, its clever, quirky which helps make the competition interesting. I do think the judges will have a difficult task again to select the winner.

I was amazed seeing this picture spotty, arent horses clever and beautiful. I hope Horsewhisper sees it as id love to know what she thinks about it!!.

Talking of horses, you remember Lexie the Clydesdale on Countryfile on Adam's farm?. Shes pregnant again but carrying a mare not a colt which they're slighty disappointed about because of trying to keep the breed going. Mum and baby are doing well you'll be pleased to know.

Its wonderful spotty your busy msking sheep for forum commissions!. They are lovely so its great your raising even more money for lupus uk!.

My foot is still painfree and im being so careful as i want it to last. I can't believe how good it is but am so relieved it is.

I do hope the sun has his hat on for you today like he has for us. I do hope you both get good news this week and ill email you soon. Thank you for your lovely mesdages. 🌞🤞

Take care Xx🐴❤🐴🤞🐴❤🐴🤞🐴❤

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

Yes, I hope Horsewhisper sees the pic as I’m sure she’ll be tickled by it and no doubt come up with a brilliant caption too. That is good news about Lexie the Clydesdale. Hopefully she, or the filly when she matures, will produce a colt in the future. 🤞So all is not lost.The lady who commissioned a sheep from me I’ve just realised lives in US so it won’t be possible to send it and the 2 grey ones that were left to her after all.☹️ I’m not a business so I don’t know how she could pay me and the postage would be crippling.😭

Hubby had a major setback this morning. He discovered he’d forgotten to take his Apixaban last night so the procedure he’s been waiting SO long for will not be able to go ahead on 15th after all. 😫 The Apixaban has to be taken for a minimum of 3 weeks without a break and he’d been on it for 20 weeks without a break and then went and forgot it last night!

🤦‍♂️ Poor soul is so angry and upset with himself but I told him not to beat himself up about it - these things happen and often for a reason. So that’s been our disappointments for today.

Looking forward to Strictly results tonight to cheer us up again. Enjoy your Strictly Sunday Misty. 🤗😘xx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Oh spotty, im so sorry about your OH not taking his apixaban tablet on such a crucial day!. He must feel awful as hes waited so long for it . What type of med is it because surely he's taken it for 20 weeks without missing how are the doctor's to know. ?. It would be dreadful to miss the slot on 15 th specially as he's waited so long!. How about getting his gp's advice on this tomorrow?.Its worth fighting for spotty.

Thinking of you both. Xx🤞❤🤞

P.s lexie had a colt the first time so shes doing well. Xx

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

Thank you so much for your concern Misty. Apixaban is a blood thinner and the reason they are so pedantic is that if there is a chance of the tiniest of blood clots being in the system there is the risk of major problems during the heart procedure. But my OH is going to phone the consultant’s secretary tomorrow to see what they say. I’ll let you know how it goes. Good for Lexie producing one of each. She’s doing so well. 🥰

Thanks again for your concern and support Misty. 👍🏻🤗😘xx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Thats a brilliant idea Spotty. 🤞 he can save that appt. I do understand the seriousness of it and why the instructions are so strict. 🙏 for good news. Xx🐴❤🐴🤞🐴❤🐴🤞🐴❤

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

Thank you Misty. I’ll let you know. 🤗😘xxxx

“ I wonder how much this would get at auction “

I’m hopeless at things like this 😂 that’s amazing though - I wonder if I could teach Bea&Mira 😂

I’m overjoyed to learn that your pain free and the injection has worked, you’ve waited so long - have a lovely rest of the weekend Misty 🤗❤️

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Thats perfect svfarmer as he does look like he's pondering!. I couldnt believe my eyes really when i saw this pic.

Its perfect for captions as your all giving me such good ones.

Maybe a winter project for Bea and Mira to learn to paint?. Ha ha!. Its great isnt it as it gives us something else to think about?.

Thanx so much for your support. Im thrilled to still be painfree and feel really hopeful of it lasting. Im resting a lot this weekend to facilitate this. 🤞Also very tired as need to catch up on sleep!.

Hope your doing well and have a safe , happy week. Xx🐴❤🐴🤞🐴❤🐴🤞

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svfarmer in reply to misty14


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misty14 in reply to svfarmer


I am so so pleased about your foot pain . Long may the relief continue Misty xxx

Thanks so much cecily for all your support. I really appreciate it. I am going carefully as i want the relief to last. Its wonderful not feeling the nerve jangling. I did do a little walk in the garden as the sun was out. 🌞. Lovely it was.

Hope your coping with your horrid knee. Not long till your big hairdresser trip!. Hope you manage to go as it will give you such a boost.

Strictly was lovely wasnt it although i thought it a shame adam peaty went and not dan walker. ?. Thought he was awful!. The others were so good, its getting harder to choose. Have a safe, happy week. Xx🤞❤🤞👋🤞❤🤞🌞👋❤

Oh you are welcome Misty. Well another fall and now a stinking cold. I have lost my voice so Neil is getting some peace and the awful unspeakable ulcers have joined the party. Just as I thought things were miserable enough we had a leak through the ceiling. Two different plumbers have looked and said the job is too big for them. They could not find the leak source so say we have to have the tiled bathroom floor pulled up and the shower cubicle ripped out. It is not the weather to have no running water or heating. At present we are putting the water on for an hour while we shower, flush the loos, fill buckets and have the heating on. Then poor Neil has to clear up the falling plaster and water. We have another plumber coming tomorrow so I am praying he will be able to help us. I loved Strictly and I actually got quite tearful when Adam was voted out ( I blame my cold). I agree wholeheartedly that Dan was the worst Dancer, although he was not to blame for the appalling choreography. AJ was outstanding. Craig not giving her a ten was sheer spite. I thought Rose was under marked and Sarah overmarked again . Xxx

Oh cecily, it 'never rains but pours' literally!. I'm so very sorry at your awful problems and hope the plumber coming today can sort you out better. It's no fun in winter having no water or heating and with you being disabled it's even harder. 👌🏻he can help better.

I'm really sorry at your cold and fall. Your spirits must be at an 'all time low'. TAKE CARE and I hope you get better news today and you feel better soon. Xx💐💕💐💝👌🏻😊🙏👌🏻💝💕😍

P.s. Interesting Shirley would have voted for Adam in the dance off against the other judges!. I thought Rose was under marked too and it nearly cost her very dear!. Looking forward to Sat. X

Bless you thank you for caring and listening to my moans. Look after yourself xxx

And you cecily, lots of tlc. Xx💐❤💐

Misty, I was hoping we would hear good news from you soon. So very glad your foot is pain free. I am just mad that you had to wait so long for relief. Also happy about your good rheumy appointment. I love all the wonderful captions already and really do not think I could even compete at this point, but I absolutely love the picture by Picasso Pony. Thank you for your good news and such a cute pic!

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misty14 in reply to Pumpkin2009

Thank you pumpkin for your lovely reply and im really pleased you liked the picture. Actually pumpkin by calling it 'picasso pony' you've supplied a really good one so im entering it for you. 😀.

You've been such a lovely support to me with this foot that you've deserved good news for being so loyal. Ive been sorry its taken so long and im being careful with it now as i want/need the relief to last.

I do hope your feet problems continue to be improved too. Have a happy, safe week with gigi and take care. Xx🐴❤🐴🤞🐴

Hello Misty. Glad pain is in submission lol

Caption I’m afraid is very American but

Universal now I think…”Show Me The Money.” Thank you Tom Cruise😊

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misty14 in reply to Titters

Thank you Titters for taking part. Its great having different sayings etc, all adds to the interest of the competition.

Im going to catch up with my other emails tomorrow and your messages. Keep safe Xx🐴❤🐴

This is a difficult one this week misty!!‘’ Not sure about this one , I’ll use my tail next time 🐴’’

Im so pleased the steroid injection has worked, dont over do it though!!!

Good that rheumy app went well , hope cortisol levels remain ok .

Ive had a quiet week as my back went to spasm , doctor gave me some muscle relaxants that helped .

Stay safe and ‘’ keep on walking’’ xxx💕

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Thank you weathervane for taking part. I love your caption and its going to be hard judging them all too. What a picture heh?.

Thank you for your lovely wishes. Im sorry about your back, hope its better as those spasms can be very painful.

Did you hear from the Rheumy dept?. I hope you can have your treatment soon.

Im being a good girl and been resting as per podiatry instructions. Im thrilled its still painfree so will go carefully as want it to last. He did say he can repeat it so thats good.

Rheumy appt was very thorough as it looks like i may have something else wrong because of being on steroids so long. They want my gp to give them my cortisol result when i do it in a months time. Always something else to think sbout when i wanted to enjoy my foot!. Also finally found out whats wrong with my liver readings. Mtx and steroids can cause fatty liver so he's adjusted my doses. I do feel better back on 5mg steroids!. 😀

Strictly was really good wasnt it?. So close now its hard to split them!. Shame Adam peaty was next as i want dan to go. Thought he was awful!. Can't believe its halfway stage now!.

Take care with your back this week weathervane and keep safe. Xx🐴❤🐴

Hi misty , still no word from rheumy, I think I will just wait it out . Ive had awful reflux at night again, maybe tablets for back which ive now stopped or chocolate which im cutting out . I so enjoyed strictly, sad for Peaty but I think it was right decision. Unlike you , I do like Dan , he’s beginning to annoy my husband though 🤨. Im still on team Rose , i love the way she gets so excited over her marks !!!

You take take care and have a good week xxx🤗🤗🤗💃😘

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

You take care too weathervane and i hope your acid reflux improves.

Im still on team rose too but that was a close shave for them. She's just so natural and exuberant, loving life, interested in everythinv and thats just FAB. I think giovanni has fallen for her too. He's such a special guy!.

A happy, healthier week for you too. Xx💃❤🐴❤🐴🤞💃🙏🤞🐴❤🐴💃🤞🙏💃

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weathervane in reply to misty14


🐴"Ted's mouth to masterpiece"🐴

that was a tough one Misty!!😬

..so pleased you got the much needed relief from your steroid injection

Take care


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misty14 in reply to daisydayz

Thanx so much daisy for all your foot support and for taking part in the Competition. Great caption along with the others so its going to be tough to judge too. Such a different pic too. Ill do an easier one next time.

Have you seen anything of Harry Hedgehog?. Miss Tiggy has disappeared so hopefully they're safely tucked up hibernating.!. Its what we humans need to do!!.

Im loving my new foot and just hope it lasts. Luckily the podiatrist did say he can repeat it if needed. 😀

Have a happy, safe week and keep well daisy. Xx❤🐴❤

Oh Misty a sad report I'm afraid -a couple of days ago I discovered a large hedgehog that had obviously been hit by a car, on the road, outside our garden ..I was absolutely gutted.. made me so sad😥

.. I really really hope Miss Tiggy made it though🤞🤞

On a happier note Misty, I have been to Blenheim Palace many times so really enjoyed your competition this week- it certainly made me think haha !!🤔.

& I'm so glad the 'new foot' is every thing you hoped for. Long may it last!!🤞

Take care Misty & thank you for your kind wishes.. sending them right back



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misty14 in reply to daisydayz

Thank you daisy for your lovely message. So glad the pic brought back happy memories of a trip there. It looks huge but i bet very interesting. Ive never been.

Its always sad to see a dead hedgehog daisy and our neighbours have rescued two little ones that didnt make it. Its lovely though so many of us are watching out for them. Ive just read about a family of hedgehogs were found at a prison in Somerset area and were rescued. They were having building work and found them!!.

I hope Miss tiggy is safe and sleeping too🤞. Hopefully she'll come back in the Spring!.

I hope you don't see any others daisy. Bonfire night is so hazardous for them too.

Im loving my new foot thank you and who knows i may be in touch again as its caption judging day now. !!. Keep safe and well. Xx🐴❤🐴🤞❤🐴❤🤞❤🐴❤🤞

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