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Special cutie pic

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Hello everyone

This week's cutie pic is a special edition for Spottyewe, Stormy and anyone else recovering or feeling ill after an operation or hospital stay like i am. Spotty i specially want to thank you for all your lovely support, jokes and pics helping keep my smiles going. You've been so kind.🙂

Special wishes to Stormy whose having such a tough time, hoping you get those heart test results soon and make better progress.

Its a newborn Emu called Taz whose been handreared at a Wiltshire Countryside Centre. He was rejected by his parents!. He's living ' beak by jowl ' alongside the goat kids so im sure you'll agree its two cuties for one pic again this week.!. Ha!.

Hope your all as well as can be and looking forward to seeing your friends next week with more places opening. Keep safe everyone.


37 Replies
GloomyEeyore profile image

What a lovely pic and story. I hope you, spotty and stormy are all feeling better.

I am to go for my vaccine tomorrow afternoon. Been told I should have the Pfizer because of the unexplained bruising I get. Vaccine centre can’t tell me which one they will have until I get there! If it’s the AstraZeneca then I have to rearrange for another day. Fingers crossed it is the Pfizer. 🤞 Xx

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Hi ge, thanks for your good wishes. Good luck tomorrow as ive just had my 2nd pfizer jab . Was told it was the last day of them so i had to go to be fully protected.

Luckily, not as symptomatic as the first one was but we're all different. You may well be fine!. Do hope you get yours as its so important to be immunised but the Astrazeneca one is such a worry.

Keeping 🤞for you ge. Let me know what happens. Xx🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤

Spotty-ewe profile image

Aww, what a gorgeous picture Misty. 😍 I love emus and kids too for that matter, so a double cutie as you say. 👍🏻 I bet it will bring a smile to Stormy’s face and to others who are suffering. It is SO kind of you when you are struggling yourself and I do hope you are beginning to feel better.🙏🏻 And how are you feeling after that Pfizer jab on Thursday? I hope you are coping well with it. I’m only too pleased to help Misty and you are always so appreciative which makes it such a pleasure.

I hope you continue to improve each day and that by the time your 2nd vaccine gives you full immunity, in just under 3 weeks time, you’ll be able to get out and about a little yourelf. Take care dear Misty. Love and hugs 💕🤗😘xxx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Thank you spotty for your lovely message and good wishes. Do give my good wishes to stormy. I hope she's improving too.

I'm really pleased you liked the emu chick and kid goat pic. Thought you might.

Ive felt really grotty today and then tonight feel much better in myself. Your advice that you felt the worst of the jab for the first week is really helpful kate. Im relieved that my symptoms are milder 2nd time around.

With this Indian variant i will definitely feel less worried and be much more protected in 3 weeks time and it will be a good feeling. You will feel similar being able to be out and about more. It does make me feel some anxiety though. Does it you?.

I shall be a new person walking round normally on my new foot too then asxwell. The pain is lessening and its itching nicely so good siigns of healing. Interesting seeing it on monday for first time.

Hope your weekend is going well. Love and hugsXx🥰❤🥰🌞❤🌞❤🥰❤🌞

Spotty-ewe profile image
Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

I have already passed on your best to Stormy. She’ll be so touched I know. Sorry you felt grotty during the day yesterday but that’s good news you felt much better by the evening, so hopefully the worst is over. 🙏🏻 Hopefully we’ll now be covered against the Indian variant too, but yes I am still a bit anxious about it. Good to hear your foot is on the mend too. 👍🏻 You’ll soon be feeling like a new woman! Take care Misty and you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow afternoon when the stitches come out. 🙏🏻💕🤗😘xx

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Thank you so much spotty for all your support and good wishes for tomorrow. 🤞it all goes really well when i see my new foot!. Im really looking foreard to being a new person!.

Im really relieved about the 2nd jab being milder effects. It certainly does ramp up the fatigue as if we needed it.?. 🙂

I will be in touch soon. I hope you have a good week yourself. Take care and lots of love. Xx❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14


weathervane profile image

Another cute pic to put a smile on our faces 😀😀. Hope things are improving with yourself and that you’re having a lovely restful weekend xxx🤗🤗

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to weathervane

Glad you liked it weathervane. I hope you've recovered from your big shopping expedition and you managed to get some choc!. 🙂 glad you liked sound of an egg shaped chair!.

I felt really grotty all day until tonight when i suddenly feel better so im hoping thats the last of the 2nd jab effects. Its definitely been milder than the first one. Looking forward to full immunity and more security!.

My foot is also less painful and itching a lot which is a good sign of healing. Im ready for the big reveal on mon and the stitches coming out.

Good luck for your gp appt and results. It was good you could make it quickly.

Catch up again begining of week.

Keeping 🤞 for you. Have a lovely sundayXx🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞

weathervane profile image
weathervane in reply to misty14

Well misty , i looked online for egg chairs , think most of them would set off my vertigo if i went swinging round 🤪. I did see a nice one that was a chair from tesco, so might be worth a look !!I hope you’ve recovered from your jab now , definitely worth it if it provides any protection against new variations.

🤞🏻🤞🏻your foot is continuing to improve, good luck with stitches coming out .

I wish it would get a bit warmer, we just sat out for a cuppa and you definitely wouldn’t sit too long 🥶. Maybe if i was wrapped in a blanket in a cosy egg chair Id be grand xxx🤗🤗🤗🥰

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to weathervane

Thank you weathervane for your lovely message.

Hope you get the Tesco chair, and as you say would be lovely to sit out in warmer weather!. We're not sitting out at all, your very brave. No sign of the weather changing this week either.

I had the stitches out which was a bit painful, was glad id taken more pain relief before. Its healing well and im thrilled the space left isnt very noticable either. Its a bit open in that middle space and thats where it hurts so the nurse bound it all up and wants to see it again on thursday. Being very careful which is BRILL.

Good luck for your gp appt tomorrow. Hope its helpful. Let me know. Xx❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤

honeybug profile image


Thanks Misty.

Get well wishes love and prayers to you Stormy and Spottyewe Happy Tulip.

Take care stay safe God bless

EJ 😊🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to honeybug

Thank you so much honeybug for all ypur good wishes. Keep safe and as well as possible yourself. Xx🌈❤🌈❤🌻❤🌼

stiff19 profile image

😍👍 lovely misty, hope you and stormy are recovering 🙏 and you will be gliding around on your new foot soon 👍🙏🤗x

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to stiff19

Thank you so much stiff for your good wishes. Stitches come out tomorrow so will be interesting seeing what its like. Pain is definitely better thankfully so will look forward to gliding around. 🙂

I hope you are feeling stronger and maybe have a new strategy for getting help?. We need time to process these things.

I hope your having a lovely Sunday despite this wet weather. Good for growing!.

Keep safe and as well as possible. Xx

stiff19 profile image
stiff19 in reply to misty14

That’s great news misty and so is less pain yay 👍.

Thankyou I have no plan for now, seems crazy but if I chase I get nowhere if you don’t you can’t keep being let down. I may try gp sometime when in right frame of mind just to try and get referred elsewhere to rheumy, not the old one who left me like this but they don’t like referring.

As for neurology I see a different doc signed the letter off as my neuro left, but just to say myasthenia negative no follow up nothing so I’m not going to chase , I’ll wait till I can’t cope anymore, it don’t seem too far away in bad days.

Yes it’s a nice Sunday Thankyou despite heavy downpours, I’m just experimenting trying to make a chicken from raffia, I thought if I can do with wool I can use raffia but it’s proving tricky 🤣🤣

Yes it’s lovely to see the garden enjoying the rain even if I’m not 🤣🤣

Take care misty, look forward to hearing of you walking around on that foot 👍 and look forward to more lovely pics.


misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to stiff19

Hi stiff, thank you for your lovely message. I really do understand how you feel and totally agree thru experience that its a good idea for you to have a break from the medics. Too much rejection can be very emotionally damaging and energy sapping!. Your rright to be careful about ypur mental health.

What you could do is use this time to keep a diary of symptoms as doctors like patterns and also does diet make a difference to symptoms, time of day also?. What's better and worse, can all help for when you talk to your gp!. Sorry if your already doing this.

I did see one of your earlier posts about having facial pain and as neuro has been ruled out now( got to be good you dont have myasthenia gravis), just wondered if you've seen a maxiofacial specialist?. They can be very helpful with these tough symptoms!. Good possibility to find a dofferent Rheumy but you must feel strong before you try again!.

Ive had my stitches out this aft and it was painful but im pleased the area is healing and the nurse has re- bound it and wants to see it again on thursday. Good , thorough care.

Glad you like the pics stiff, keep looking as it will continue. Take care. Xx

stiff19 profile image
stiff19 in reply to misty14

Excellent misty 👍🙌🏻 So pleased the stitches are out and that all is looking good 👍 hope all goes the same on Thursday 🤞Yes I can’t get anywhere and daughter is suffering with fractured foot, they said it wasn’t fractured but went back yesterday as still bad and it is fractured they decided, the bone is damaged inside ., so a rest from docs for me but only for a short time as things still not good.

Gliding across the floor is getting closer 🙏 take care best wishes 🤗🤗x

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to stiff19

Hello stiff, just thought id let you know gliding is getting closer. I had good news at nurses today that foot is healing well and tuesday maybe last appt. Its gone so well which im so pleased and relieved about.

Im very sorry at your daughter's fractured foot. What a palaver at the hospital not picking it up properly.!. I fractured my feet and it was obvious on xray, dont understand why they couldnt see your daughter's properly. Doesnt give you confidence in the medics does it?.

I do hope she is out of the boot very soon, its horrible lumbering round in it!.

When you brave the doctor's again stiff i hope you have a better outcome. Keep fighting as so many of us on forum have had to including me and you will get there!.

Look out for a new pic over the weekend and keep safe. Xx

stiff19 profile image
stiff19 in reply to misty14

🙌🏻🙌🏻So pleased things are going well.

It’s strang but they said this type of fracture is hard to pick up. The bone is damaged inside and the tissue joining the bone . We’ve had to get the school to give her a chair in each lesson to put it up and get it iced throughout the day as school was proving too much and it was swelling like mad by the time she got home. It’s been a fine line with using it but not over using it .

A lisfranc fracture is apparently often overlooked so may be why we were told it was then wasnt and now is 🤷‍♀️

She’s coping ok despite the frustration, and we have hospital in 3 weeks again to check if improving. Yes she will be happy when she can get boot off but at moment it’s a godsend for her as without it she can’t put weight on her foot without a lot of pain. She’s going to have odd trainers after this with one worn and the other in cupboard 🤣🤣

Thankyou for your kindness , I am playing the waiting game agin now but when I do get seen I think I’m going to have to stand my ground a bit more than I have. I’ve waited in hope they will come to a diagnosis but patience isn’t helping me so I’m trying to find a way to be polite still but firmer in need .

I will look out for pic this weekend, take care and I hope the healing continues well 👍🙏🤗xx

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to stiff19

Thats tough for your daughter stiff. Glad you've got the help she needs at school. How old is she?. She must be so tired at end of day!.

It does sound a different, more unusual fracture which would explain it being harder to see on xray. 🤞she gets good news too in 3 weeks time. She will be glad to discard the boot. They're clever but cumbersome!.

Oh definitely stiff you must be polite but stronger showing the doctor's you've had enough and need answers now to your suffering!. Long Length of time we've been putting up with symptoms does help concentrate their minds and gives us the strength to be determined with them!.

I shall look forward to hearing your developments and thank you for your good wishes stiff. Keep safe and enjoy rest of weekend. Xx🤞❤🤞

svfarmer profile image

Hi Misty I’m very glad to read that you are recovering well from your operation and hope the removal of the stitches goes well tomorrow - also stormy I hope you are doing well also. Gorgeous cute pic again thanks for posting ❤️

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Thank you svfarmer for your lovely wishes for stormy and i. Im glad you liked the pic this week. Big moment tomorrow seeing what my foot is like!.

Do hope your coping with your knee and having a good weekend with Bea and Mira. Keep safe Xx❤🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤

CecilyParsley profile image

Just gorgeous Misty. So very cute. How are you feeling? I hope your toe is healing? Xxx

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to CecilyParsley

Thank you cecily for your lovely message. How is your knee recovery going?. Improving still i hope.

I had my stitches out at the gp surgery and it was a bit painful that i fainted and felt awful but they're used to it!. They were great about it. Theres still healing needed although its doing well. Its only 12 days since op. Shes re-dressed it and wants to see it on thursday!. Very thorough care.

We are a pair at the mo cecily. Do keep safe and well. Xx❤🤞❤🤞🌈🤞❤🌈

CecilyParsley profile image
CecilyParsley in reply to misty14

Oh no Misty I am so sorry. Hopefully now that the stitches are out things will improve for you. The knee is still painful but today was tiring. I have been having bad nosebleeds up to four daily and two or three at night waking up choking on blood. My GP firstly refused to speak with me for advice and as my BP was raised to 153/101 I rang 111. They said I needed to be seen the following day. I had to fight to get past the receptionist but eventually a GP rang me back. Well I was patronised and told my “ agitation” and “ anxiety” was making it worse?? Told to hold my nose..like I haven’t been doing that for eight days 🙄She said double you BP meds and stop the aspirin. Anyway of course it didn’t stop. Last night I awoke twice choking and spitting blood, then I had to eat breakfast with tissue stuck up my nose. I had a respiratory appointment at the local hospital and as I sat there my nose erupted. Blood running out the bottom and sides of the mask running down my pale blue jumper. Neil was trying to mop up when the respiratory nurse came out. She was fab. For the first time in weeks I was cared for. She took off my mask, washed my face then went to Minor Injuries to get advice. She came back rang the new hospital and arranged an ENT registrar in A&E to see me. It took six hours in all but my nose has now been cauterised in three places. Apparently my nasal cavity is severely dry causing the tissue to crack. He said it happens a lot in patients with Bechets? He said I need to discuss with my Rheumatologist...chance would be a fine thing eh? But at least the bleeding has stopped hoorah. I hope you and I are both in less pain soon loveky. Big Cwtches xxx

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to CecilyParsley

Oh cecily, you poor thing, you really go thru it one way and another. Zero points for your gp surgery's attitude, that was unacceptabke. How can nosebleeds as bad as that be anxiety?. Hurrah for that nurse getting you seen in ENT. Watch out for anemia as you probsbly lost a lot of blood!. Sounds like Rheumatology need chasing!. Thats more evidence of Behcet's for them to listen to!. Its all so tiring for us.

Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight cecily. Do take care and keep safe. Xx❤🤞❤🤞🌈❤🌈🤞❤🤞

CecilyParsley profile image
CecilyParsley in reply to misty14

Thank you so much Misty. I have to say my GP surgery have been remiss yet again. It is not as if I bother them too much either so when I do I need help. I really hope that the nurse from respiratory has input that I have rung them three times for advice and rung 111 and still not been seen. Still hopefully I will get over this and onwards and upwards. Take care of yourself lovely. I will look out for some more cutie pie images for you xxx

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to CecilyParsley

That's a beautiful pic of a red squirrel cecily, thank you. The trouble is we can all be tarred with the same brush very easily ie 'difficult, demanding' patients when its not justified like in your case.

Hopefully, the respiratory nurse or ENT registrar will write a letter to your gp practice saying the care you've had to have which will show how re-miss they've been!.

Do hope you have a quieter recovery time like me now. Keep safe Xx

CecilyParsley profile image
CecilyParsley in reply to misty14

Thank you Misty. I totally agree. Big Cwtches xxx

KayHimm profile image
KayHimm in reply to CecilyParsley

I thought that nosebleed was going on for too long. Glad they got ENT to evaluate you. What a nightmare! xk

CecilyParsley profile image
CecilyParsley in reply to KayHimm

Yes my GP believed it was “ anxiety” so little sympathy or effective advice. Thank God for the kind respiratory nurse xxx

Krazykat26 profile image

Lovely pic n it's great to have u back posting your cutie pics 🤗I'm glad to hear you're recovery is going well. Best of luck for tomorrow 🍀you'll be dancing again in no time!! 💃🌈😽😽Xx

misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to Krazykat26

Hi krazykat, thank you for your lovely message. Im so pleased you like 'cutie pics' as i enjoy doing it. Ive just had my stitches out which was a bit painful and whilst area is healing , there's still a way to go. Shes re-dressed it and wants to see it on thursday. Thorough care so dancing will have to wait. 😪

I hope you are managing ok. Keep safe. Xx🌈🤞🌈❤🌈🤞🌈❤🌈🤞❤🌈🤞❤🌈

misty14 profile image

Yes definitely scrumbler, hoping ht is recovering well. Keep well and safe yourself. Xx

KayHimm profile image

Ahh .. little friends. He has found a 🦆 who loves him. Adorable!


misty14 profile image
misty14 in reply to KayHimm


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