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Cute Caption Competition

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Hello everyone

I thought i would try something different with this week's cutie pic. Its a funny one of an Irish Wolfhound on his first day at work at Wellington Barracks. London.

Maybe you will enjoy coming up with a clever cutie caption?.

Hope your all feeling better in this cooler weather.Keep safe.


P.s. i managed to get my painful,swollen foot into my trainers this week which is a triumph since my op. I'm also having much needed leg injections on Monday so that will help too.

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‘’ I BET YOU CAN’T STAND ON ONE LEG’’I know, its a bit rubbish, but its the first thing I thought of !!!

I love Irish ☘️ wolfhounds ☘️, they are wonderful dogs , but eat alot !!

Glad to hear you are progressing well after your op and you are finally getting your leg injections, so pleased for you. I hope all goes well , I will be thinking about you on Monday . Xxxx 💕😘

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Thanks very much weathervane for starting the captions off. I think that's really good as i couldn't think of anything!. Lovely you liked the Irish Wolfhound. They are unique dogs.

I hope your recovering well from your op too and are you having further treatment?.

My foot is still very painful to walk and im awaiting my podiatry appt soon. Im relieved im finally getting my injections as its been a long, painful wait. My pain consultant is having to self-isolate so it will be with her colleague instead!. A good way to have a 2nd opinion!. Thank you for your good wishes. Have a good, safe week. Xx😀❤😀

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weathervane in reply to misty14

Not good you are still in alot of pain misty I hope the pain consultant will have something up his sleeve to help as you have had a long wait and been in pain for such a long time . Im hopefully starting treatment next week 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 , having a wee bit of trouble with one of the scars as fluid has gathered, i saw the surgeon Thursday and he wants to see me again Wednesday, he might have to drain the fluid , i seem to beat the hospital every week at the moment 😳.

Take care and good luck again for Monday 🤗🤗😘

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Im sorry weathervane your having problems with your scar but its good your surgeon is keeping a close eye.i hope you wont need radiotherapy for too long as all these things take it out of us so much. Keeping 🤞 for you.

Im not sure if ill have chance to talk about my foot tomorrow as pain clinic deals with my leg although it is a nerve problem i think in my foot. He doesnt know me so it may not come up!. They tend to stick to specialism's so much. I need my podiatry appt and will chase it this week if i don't hear.

Its just a constant round of appt's isnt it and i sometimes wonder what it all achieves. You must feel the same specially this year!.

Take care , keep safe and thanks for your good wishes. Xx🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤

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weathervane in reply to misty14

I know how you feel Misty about sticking to specialities. Oncology was meant to liaise with rheumatology, I don’t think it has happened. I have called the rheumy nurse twice and still not got any answers about rituximab. Im phoning again on Monday, it’s frustrating as I don’t like to pester as they are so busy. I just want to know if im on the list again. Good luck tomorrow I hope you get a chance to mention your foot 🤗🤗

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Thats dreadful weathervane because you need to know what they're doing about your retuximab for peace of mind!. You also shouldnt be having to chase so much either. Good luck for phoning tomorrow. 🤞 for us both.Xx

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weathervane in reply to misty14


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misty14 in reply to weathervane


Animals used for the mounted guards had gone downhill since Brexit!

Good to hear you managed to wear your trainers. Great too that you will get the much needed injections on Monday. Xx 🐶 💂‍♀️

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Thanks ge for your lovely caption and good wishes for tomorrow. Hopefully i will get good relief from them.

Hope your still good after your 2nd jab and everyone still well with you.

Have a good week. Xx❤😀❤😀❤😀

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GloomyEeyore in reply to misty14

I was fine after my 2nd jab. Painful arm for 24-36 hours but that was all.

Everyone here is well. Cases are dropping so fingers crossed it stays that way. Schools her in Scotland go back in two weeks so I suppose that will be the big test. Hope you are well too. Xx 💐

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Thats great ge about your jab and soon you will have full protection. Gives a bit more security. Im pleased your all well and glad your cases are coming down at last!. We're all ok too and have a lot of visitors as we live in a holiday area. That puts our anxiety up as our cases fluctuate a lot. I agree your big test is when schools go back and we'll be facing the same in a months time.

I don't think we ever imagined this going on into a 2nd year, did you?.

Take care this week ge and keep safe. Xx❤😀❤

I have told you I am not wearing one of those hats!!!💂🏼‍♀️Rubbish I know but my boys get that look when I try to put Santa hats on them for their Christmas photos. I am so pleased that you are having an injection to ease your pain Misty. I really hope it gives you relief xxx

Its really good your caption cecily. Its making me 😀 anyway!. No i bet your dogs dont want to put hats on for photos. You can't tell them it will keep their ears warm. Ha!. 😀

Thanks so much for your good wishes for tomorrow. Its for my leg and foot problem is on other leg. It will help me once i get over the backache in a weeks time. Its been specially tough with both pains. Hope to get podiatry appt this week.

Hope you get help for your knee and you have a better week. Keep safe. Xx

Thank you, today I am walking like I am crippled. My balance is poor, the pain is just dreadful and this damned leg is still giving way. So many times this weekend I have had to grab furniture to steady myself. I am going to write to the GP to request physio tomorrow . Xxx

You need to cecily, you can't go on like that. It needs looking at pronto!. 🤞for a quick appt for you. Thinking of you . Keep safe. Xx🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤

Thank you lovely. It is my own fault. I was so excited at getting out with Rosemary. We had to park on a hill and walk down to the restaurant, then the stairs were horrendous, steep, curved and no handrail. I struggled to get up and it was worse getting back down, then climbing back up the hill to the car. Yesterday I had a baking spree, two sourdough loaves, trifle sponges, vegan jelly , pizza dough, tomato garlic and herb sauce and then fifty peanut and banana biscuits for my boys. Then this morning I prepared all the veg for dinner, made a mushroom gravy and custard for the peach trifle. By then I wS in serious pain and now I really am struggling just to stand up unaided. Totally my own fault. But I do need some help with this damned leg xxx

You really do need help with your leg now as you should be able to do those things without paying such a terrible price. Im glad you enjoyed seeing Rosemary cecily.Good luck tomorrow. 🤞Xx🤞

“ I’m not going anywhere with you and that stupid hat- expect if we’re going to go and have sausages”

Lovely pic Misty, good luck for Tomorrow and great that you’ve managed to get your trainers back on 😘

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Thanks so much svfarmer for your lovely caption and good wishes for tomorrow. I'm hoping foot back in trainers is a good sign. I do hope your op goes well. Do you have a date yet?.

Take care and a pay for Bea and Mira. Xx😊💕😊

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svfarmer in reply to misty14

No I haven’t a date yet but have appointment to see the anaesthesist on Tuesday so hoping it won’t be long after that xxx

Good luck fir Tuesday lovely. I hope everything goes well for you and you get a date for your op xxx


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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Good luck svfarmer for tuesday. Seeing the anaethetist does mean its sooner so fingers crossed you get a date soon. Xx🤞❤🤞

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svfarmer in reply to misty14


‘I don’t know what you are looking at boy, but this hat is so heavy I don’t think I can straighten up again!’ Great pic Misty and good idea to have a caption competition. Long time since we’ve had one of those.👍🏻

Glad you’ve managed your trainers last week and I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping the injections improve matters even more.🙏🏻

Stay cool and safe Misty. 🤗😘xxx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Great caption spotty and I'm so pleased at the response I'm getting for captions so this could be an occasional series for 'cutie pics'. I'm going to do another post as I've worked out how I can do a 'prize' so watch this space. Thank you too for your lovely wishes for tomorrow. It really will help once the backache wears off, takes a week so I can update next week.

The chaffinch was the male as he was very colourful!. It's lovely seeing these different birds. Still got 👌🏻for Mrs flycatcher and for your two very important appt's. Thinking of you all. All the very best. Xx😊💕

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

Oooh! That sounds exciting about a prize!😃 I never gave a prize when I did the caption posts so I’m intrigued! Mrs Flycathcer is back and forth a lot today and was staying nearby while another flycatcher (the elusive hubby perhaps?) sat bolt upright in the nearby apple tree ready to pounce on an insect. The nest is too high to look into so I’ll get my hubby to see if he can stand on something to look in and hopefully get a pic if there are any little ones there. 🤞🤞

Thanks again for your kind wishes and for keeping me in your thoughts Misty. 🤗😘💖xx

"Stand up you are embarassing me! This isnt the place to cock your leg mate! even I know that & its only my first day here!!"

Good luck with your injection Misty I hope you get some much needed relief Xx😘

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misty14 in reply to daisydayz

Thank you so much daisy days for your wonderful caption. I love it!. Thank you too for your lovely wishes for tomorrow. Will let u know how I get on next week. Hope you've been feeling better and you have a good week. Keep safe. Xx😊💕😊

“Spoiler alert!! The Tin Soldiers can in-fact MOVE!!!”

Great caption birds of a feather. Thanks for replying. Keep safe.Xx

Honorable Humiliation or Duty Calls. Hope you get some much needed relief, Misty. Will keep you in my thoughts.

Healing hugs.

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misty14 in reply to Pumpkin2009

Thank you pumpkin for your great captions and lovely wishes for tomorrow. I'm sure I shall get good relief. Will let u know next week. Hope you have a good week yourself. Keep safe. Xx

Come on Vulfie, just lift your leg like this when you have to pee! 😉

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misty14 in reply to Finn523


‘Now I’m just going to measure your inside leg sir, if you could try not to lift your other one’.

Thanks Misty for doing this, have had a wee chuckle at the replies so far. Take care and hope it goes well on Monday🤗.

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misty14 in reply to Froggie70

Thank you froggie for your great caption. Im glad you've loved seeing the different ones like i have. Its lovely keeping our 😀going.Thank you too for your good wishes for tomorrow. Its much needed the relief. I hope you are as well as possible and you keep safe. Xx😀❤😀

These horses are getting smaller and smaller.

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misty14 in reply to happytulip

Thats really good ht, thanks for participating. 🌷❤🌷Xx

Another shaggy dog tail …😀


“Can you see my contact lens anywhere?”😆

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misty14 in reply to Horsewhisper

Love it horsewhisper. Thanks for participating. Its going to be hard to choose a winner. Have a safe and healthy week. Xx😀❤😀

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