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Medical marijuana and CBD products for AI


I was not sure if I am able to post this question in this community forum so if it's against the rules or offensive to anyone please let me know and I will remove it right away

Thank you.

Hello everyone, I have lupus, Sjogren's, fibromyalgia and vasculitis. I am in chronic pain all the time from one thing or another, and quite frankly I've given up trying to figure out which one of my symptoms comes from what syndrome. I am on the standard medications prednisone, Plaquenil , azathioprine, benlysta, ms cotin and few other pills. About 4 months ago I started using CBD rub on my joints and muscles for pain relief, and it worked fabulously. I then thought maybe there is something to medical marijuana and decided to try it out and see what happens. A friend of mine has breast cancer and she has edible marijuana that looks like those round jelly rings. You would never in a million years think that it was pot. Well I have to tell you I started to cry because for the first time in YEARS I was almost completely pain-free. I actually forgot what it felt like to not be in constant pain. So my question is has anybody else tried medical marijuana or CBD products to help control there's symptoms, and if you have what relief if any did you experience?

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Hi I have and do use cbd oil under the tongue and it helps me get a better nights sleep it’s so expensive though I can only get it now and then but I see the difference in that as opposed to my pain meds !

It is unfortunately expensive but I believe in time the price will be lowered, that really doesn't help right now though does it😥. I also see a big difference regarding pain medication. The CBD products, for me, do not have any side effects where is in pain medication there is a whole boatload of side effects that can occur.

Very helpful thank you for sharing your experience. a friend of mine reports similar help with her migraine and autoimmune conditions using CBD oil. I’d love to know which products you get..some of course are easily available from Eg Holland and Barrett ...only medical marijuana is currently illegal. The legality depending on receptors it works at. CBD oil is legal I think but strength varies?

Would you mind saying where you bought it thank yo once again

eekt in reply to Milliecox

I found CBD oil very helpful for sleep - bought from the local pharmacist - but sadly it's out of my price range long-term. It's legal if branded as a food supplement not medicine, and it has to be THC-free (that's the psychoactive ingredient) - if you buy it online, you can't guarantee it's without THC even if it says it is xxx

Kismetsoul in reply to eekt

I agree that buying products online it's always a Gamble. I have gotten so frustrated with pain medication that did not work and all it actually did which cause stomach upset and no pain relief. I tried the CBD topicals and oils from CBD for Life UK then had a very positive experience regarding pain control with no side effects. It definitely is not for everybody, that is why I posted this question to see if anybody else had the same positive results as I did...😁

Kismetsoul in reply to Milliecox

Of course, I purchased my CBD products from

They have many products to offer, and I have used several of them with very positive results.

Milliecox in reply to Kismetsoul

Thank you

Hi Kismet, same as Loopyloo, I put a drop of CBD oil (5% Jacob Hooy brand) under my tongue just before bed. I feel it helps me drift off and anchor me into sleep, whilst helping alleviate aches and pains that generally keep me awake. I have managed to cut down on the very regular use of paracetamol and ibuprofen as I think the CBD oil has definitely helped (along with changes to diet/lifestyle and increase of wellbeing stuff like Pilates/mindfulness etc). I hope you find some respite from the pain and maybe give CBD oil a try xx

I do use CBD oils and topicals I just did not express it very well in my original post. I have never tried it right before bed, I don't know why, but after you said that it sounds like a logical idea. CBD or marijuana is not a miracle cure but I prefer a natural plant than chemicals from a lab that most of the time do not work, but up until recently we have had no other choice for pain relief. There is a balance between Pharmaceuticals and products from marijuana plant hopefully soon we will be able to find that happy medium.

So pleased for you ! I have been using CBD oil for sleep and after reading your post I am going to try the cream for my wrist pain. Thanks for posting an alternative for this cruel condition. Turmeric daily helps with the whole thing too.

Kismetsoul in reply to Cas70

I was curious about Turmeric I actually have a bottle of Turmeric+ forskolin sitting right next to me. If you don't mind how do you take turmeric how much and how often? Thanks

Cas70 in reply to Kismetsoul

What is forskolin? I use pure Turmeric and make it into a paste, then add it to my cereal or other food just a half teaspoon to start with. My friend adds it to milk. You can add it to Manuka honey if you have a cold, it is so useful. If your bottle is liquid just take the minimum they suggest on the bottle, then you can build up to a higher dose if it suits you. Look up Turmeric golden paste on line, it will help also give you an idea of how healing the stuff is. It is a natural anti inflammatory which is good for us. It will take a week or two before you notice a difference (hopefully). Good luck.

Kismetsoul in reply to Cas70

Forskolin benefits include its ability to help treat heart problems, digestive disorders, skin damage (such as burns or cuts), skin conditions (like eczema and psoriasis), urinary tract infections (UTI), asthma and various other conditions it is part of the mint family. I copy that from Dr Axe food is medicine website

By Rebekah Edwards

March 13, 2019

My best buddy Liz gave me a bottle of turmeric supplements but it also has forskolin in it. Some belive that Forskolin will help with weight loss, my only interest in Forskolin is for the gastrointestinal properties and UTIs help. If the Tumeric is going to help with inflammation it looks like win win😁. I am at a point in my life where I have lived with this for over 15 years and will try anything once to see if helps improve my quality of life. I look at it this way it's not going to make me worse if I have adverse side effects they'll go away . The upside is what makes it worth it for me because maybe just maybe it will make me feel better so I'm willing to take the Gamble because really what other choice do we have

Thank you so much for that information. Honestly you never stop learning - thank goodness. I am going to look for forskolin this very day. I too will try anything to alleviate the many discomforts of this illness.

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