ESA medical and DLA appeal

hello all,

I have Lupus and was diagnosed in September 2010.

I have been off work with my Lupus symptoms since September 2011, there is not a part of my body that Lupus does not affect, I have joint and muscle pain on a daily basis. The medication I am taking as stopped working and am now waiting to see my consultant who as also been off sick since September, next appointment July!

I've gone from being a very independent single parent with 2 children working 7 days a week, to being a very weak and useless individual who can barely manage to get out of bed most days.

I am going this week for my ESA medical and after hearing all the horror stories am beginning to worry about it. (looking fine on the outside/not feeling fine on the inside) My memory is awful and I'm afraid I will go into the medical and just forget everything.

I have seen on some posts about a supporting letter for Lupus sufferers, can anybody point me in the right direction to get some info on this?

I would be most grateful for this.

May you all be having a pain free day.

Thank you : )

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It may be helpful to get the general supporting letter - but even more important is specific evidence on how you are affected, rather than just the fact that you have Lupus (after all, we all suffer differently with it). If your GP or even a member of your family or a friend will write you a letter explaining how you are affected, it can make a difference. Have a look at the DWP information about how they assess ESA - it is a point-scoring benefit, and you need to reach a score of 15 to pass. Check out pages 17 onwards on

You need to try and focus on explaining to the person assessing you how you meet any of the descriptors in the list.


Try and take someone with you. I am going today to the job centre plus, it is where they interview you I am on the back to work programme they never let me even see a doctor. Someone is coming with me to give support I can not go back to work, life is hard enough with out worrying about letting people down all the time. Wish you luck.



If you email and outline your situation. Include your name and address. She will send out a general support letter for you.


Hi Moggy, the ESA medical is not a very nice experience, it is very clinical. They do not want to know anything about you, your illness or your life they just want to know if you can carry out particular tasks i.e. can you load a dishwasher, if you can use a computer...and somehow if you can do these things they may make the assumption that you are fit for work. Everything they ask you will be typed into a computer...yes your round illness will be pushed into a square box without much room for elaboration to your given responses. There are an abundance of claimants who score no points and are not awarded ESA initially but the majority of claims are won at appeal stage - this is what I can't get my head around.

Try and provide as much supporting information as you can from your consultants and GP however these tend to focus on your illness opposed to your care needs. It maybe a good idea to make an appointment with your GP and make him aware of your day to day struggles so when s/he is required to complete the ESA form s/he is aware of it.

Good Luck and stay strong.



Hi Moggy,,

Hey let me first say,, i hope you have some support at home!Must be so hard with being a single parent with 2 children!I know alot of lupies are in the same position and i think you are stronger than you think.

The esa medical i had on the 16April,,i was dreading this after all the stories i had heard.I have to honstly say my experience was good!!I think it must have been my lucky day,,,,i was seen by a lovely lady who took all my details,,asked me lots and lots of questions and gave m plenty time to answer,,i think,,well i know when i asked her out right,,"Do you know about Lupus and Fibromyalgia! ?? and she answered yes i do ,,that my appointment would go okay for me.She even took some of the Lupus awareness stickers from me that i got from Lupus uk for awareness to spread to others.At the end of her questions,,about half hours worth,,she said,,,I am supposed to now ask you to do a series of exercises ,,but i am not asking you to do these as i have no intention of adding to your pain!!!

I was gobb smacked as i had heard horror stories of people having to try to get up on to high medical type beds and do other sorts of tasks,,if you like.

i also took my sons girlfriend with me..although she gets no funding,,she does do alot for me at home,,eg my hair when i can't lift my arms to do it,,lots of jobs i can't always do for myself!!

Take all the meds you are taking,,they will ask you about all of these,,any ltters you have from doctors etc. I would say just go with an open mind and try to stay as calm and relaxed as you can. I have to add,,i am still waiting at this time to hear about the outcome of my meeting,,so fingers crossed.Good luck..hope all goes well.x


Moggy,,just hopping back in to let you know my medical as i said went very well and i had a letter yesterday to say i will be able to carry on receiving this benefit till april next year,,i am in the work related group,,but hey,,any help with looking for work i could manage to do,,i be grateful for,,,hope you are going on ok.x


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