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Pip award


Has any one with lupus been awarded lpip I have lupus fibromyalgia arthritis in feet vit d defiency calcium defiency, b12 defiency plus a few more illnesses was refused took it to tribunal was refused made to feel like a liar have gone to upper tribunal as there's a lot of things in the tribunal statement of reasons which they got totally wrong n lied again not happy

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Hello Jill41

It can be a bruising business. Several people have posted here about going through PIP assessment, and to appeal, in the last year or so. There are also many, many threads on it in the Fibromyalgia Action UK part of Health Unlocked. It is a bit tedious searching through these threads for useful information, but it is there if you have the time.

I got the enhanced rates for PIP recently and the thread I posted about it is healthunlocked.com/lupusuk/...

Good luck x

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