From DLA awarded indefinitely to 8 points in total on new PIP assement

I didn't appear in pain or fatigued. How do you look tired ? I looked well ain't that the case with LUPUS.

Apparently I communicated adequately.... but the next line says she struggled to engage and appeared anxious.

Walked normally .... I always limp due to pain in feet from hyper mobility and osteoporosis....

There arw so many more conflicts on the consultation form PA4 but I won't bore you.

What a joke!! Do I appeal or let it go.... !


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10 Replies

  • Appeal . I appealed mine . I got awarded 13 points after only receiving 8. I went to citizen advice and they helped fill out the form . I would suggest go to citizen advice to fill out appeal form they are amazing .

    My pip has run out now . I reapplied but haven't heard anything bad yet . If I don't hear anything by end of May going to ring up

  • Thank you for your reply. Could I ask was the appeal process awful and did you have to go through another assement. My hubbie says forget it all but it's the in justice of it all that upsets me.

    My hubbie has taken his pension early so we can manage to oay the help I need, but some people don't have this luxury.

    So wrong

  • It weren't as bad I thought I was only 16 so very nervous and anxious . You don't have another assesssment . You just answer questions from the panel . There's 3 of them . Ones a medical person I had a doctor another is a judge and another is from some disability thing

  • If it were me I would appeal as LouLamb says. Pointing out the inconsistencies - they do seem to try it on the first time and maybe get it right the second...

  • Appeal, as others have advised. Don't give up, please: a number here have been awarded PIP after appeal

  • Thank you encouraging to know others have won their appeals.

  • You have to request the mandatory reconsideration first - get help with that as they will be able to quote specific regulations that haven't been applied properly and help you word it without being so emotionally involved. I would also get letters from your gp and consultant and any physio etc at this stage counteracting what has been said as it may stop it going as far as an appeal if they see there is enough evidence supporting you. I wish I'd done this but instead didn't get letters until the appeal.

    I had a bad experience in mine but nothing nasty - it was mainly because they couldn't understand the rare photosensitivity I have and in my case I'm advised I could set a precedent if I take my appeal higher. They rushed it into 45 minutes when the complexities just couldn't be covered in that time and asked me things like can I walk better in the dark! (No seriously) They also asked how I manage when I go to Guys if I can't walk 20 metres as that's further - be prepared for questions that clearly have no understanding of how life really works and you will be fine. In my case because they rushed it it meant they got lots wrong and I've just had the appeal decision thrown out and been awarded a new hearing. Hopefully this one will go better.

    Don't let my experience put you off though - lots of others have had much better responses and you've got nothing to lose. But definitely try and get it shut down at mandatory reconsideration as it's so much easier if you can. Good luck x

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I will try summon the energy to contest my case.

  • If you get completely stuck, despite certificates from your Doctor, ask for help from your local MP. The daughter of our friends can only walk using two 'elbow sticks' borrowed from the hospital and can't even use a knife and fork because of her affliction. She is severely disabled, and had a PIP authorisation (for life) but was asked to fill in a new one, which she did and it was rejected. They said "just pop over and we'll speak face-to-face (this an office 40 miles away). If her parents drove her there, she couldn't even walk to the office from the car park! My wife knew the MP's Surgery Tel number so they called him and he resolved the problem within the same week! If you think this course of action might help you (or anyone else) then track down your local MP and ask for help. After seeing bogus claimants on BBC1 I can see why they are trying to weed out scams, but this sort of treatment is a bit severe and not very helpful . . . . .

    To telephone your MP's office at the House of Commons, call 020 7219 3000 and ask to be put through to their office giving your MP's name. Then his/her secretary will put you on the right course of action!!

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.

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