Hi everyone, I've just received the dreaded PIP letter and they want me to call them before the end of March if I wish to claim.

I get DLA at the minute. It's something I've been dreading and don't really know what happens next.

I have lupus, auto immune hepatitis, Sjogrens, fibromyalgia , kidney problems etc. Even with this list and other things going on I'm still worried.

Do I have to go for an assessment, get doctors letter etc?

Anyone had a smooth transaction from DLA to PIP?

Thanks for any help x

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  • Hi to be honest I'm dreading getting the letter too I get the lower dla care rate. I too have sle and kidney problems my husband does a lot for me especially thru a flare up. Hopefully someone will reply who has had a successful application only thru getting dla was I able to reduce my hours at work if I don't get pip I don't know what I will do cause I'm not fit enough to work more hours my consultant wants me to refuse them more.

  • Hi Steph, I'm really sorry to hear of your circumstances. It's really scary isn't it? I feel they are just making the changes to get more people off DLA etc. The stress it causes for people who are really suffering.

    The trouble is the really sick people don't have the strength to fight back if they have to.

    I wish you all the best and hope you don't get the letter for a long while yet. X

  • Hi jacqueline121,

    You will have 28 days from the date on the notification letter in which to make your initial claim by telephone, or complete your paper claim form and return it to the DWP.

    The decision maker can extend the 28 day period by any length of time they think fit if, for example, you have had to go into hospital.

    If you have not made a claim within 28 days and there has been no extension, your DLA will be suspended for four weeks. If you make a claim within this additional four weeks the suspension will be lifted.

    If you have still not made a claim for PIP at the end of the eight weeks, your DLA award will be terminated from the date on which it was suspended. So long as a claim for PIP has been made in the eight week period, your DLA will continue to be paid until a decision has been made on whether you are entitled to PIP.

    Whether the decision is to award you PIP or not, the decision will not take effect for four weeks after your next DLA pay day. The DWP say this is to allow people whose income is reduced time to make adjustments. However, if you are asked to provide further information – for example by completing a questionnaire - or attend an interview or medical in the course of your claim and fail to do so, your DLA award will end 14 days after the decision that you failed to do as required.

  • Hi,hope you don't mind me asking but how old are you? I'm 59 and was thinking they make the change over nearer 65 as once that age you cannot make a new application for pip. I was led to believe once 65 you had it for life under old dla, is this the same for pip? I'm still receiving dla, high rate mobility and low rate care. Hope your application goes well

  • I'm in my 40's and I as far as I know everyone is getting changed over. Maybe it's different for the over 65's though, but I'm not sure.

    Thanks x

  • I'm 69 and my allowance wont change, I wont have to apply for PIP. It depends when your b/day falls and I cant find the paperwork from DWP so cant give details but its to do with when your b/day is...

  • Hi Jacqueline

    Could I recommend as you have the dreaded PIP letter to go to the CAB who will help you fill in the claim form when you get it. You can ring them to make an appointment.They have to be done in a certain wAy to optimise chances of success. Not everyone has to go for an assessment and it does greatly help if you include letters from your specialists or other health professional like a Physio or an Occupational Health practitioner.

    Hope that's helpful and good luckX

  • Hi

    There is a lot of good advice already, if I can add just one little thing. Check out the 'Disability and Work ' website

    It does cost a little but I think it's money well spent. I used them for my last DLA application. Straight through MC and HM no medical

    Good luck please let us know how you get on, we will probably all have that letter soon. Well unless you hit 65 before hand

  • Hi

    This happened to me i was on it DLA for life but as we all know this is not the case as its been changed to PIP i had all the stress over christmas i was sent for a face to face review and was very unwell at the time but i went as there was no point delaying it everyone will have to go through it at some point in the near future as it is ending,

    all i can say is take as much evidence as possible letters from hospital, gp, and any appointments you have coming up, i took all my medication and the guy i saw was shocked i had been asked for a face to face assesment, i am on 26 medications, along with nebuliseres, and oxygon, .I had all the eveidence and i was seen mid December 2015and got my reply mid Jan 2016 .

    Also take somebody with you .

    Good luck let us know the outcome, xx

  • Thanks everyone, that's been really helpful. I will let you all know how it goes. Take care of yourselves xx

  • Hi..I got back up from my gp and rheumatologist when I first applied for help, they both supported my claim especially my gp so evidence is important and make sure you tell them how you feel on your worst days...good luck, try not to worry

  • Let,s face it, DLA is being replaced by PIP in order to change the rules. Change the title, move the goal posts. People receiving DLA for life means life which should be a leagal commitment, those people will not have been awarded it lightly by any means! Mine was awarded indefinitely. I too am waiting for letter. I have Lupus. MCTD and all the delights that come with it. Good Luck to all you warriors!

  • Yes I was awarded it indefinitely too. It is so difficult to be ill and on benefits....so stressful. I have tried everything to help my health in the past few years but will little luck. I would love to get free from all the benefit stress.

    Good luck to all who has to go through this.

  • Lets face it the goal posts have been moved.How is it possible that the same organisation can assess you and give a report stating that you are meeting the criteria fully then a new benefit is introduced and that same organisation can give you zilch because that's what they've been trained to do.Unless of course you are lucky.They gave been told to fail as many claimants as possible....that's the Croix of it.

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