Hi there,I suffer from lupus sle.I applied for pip a year ago and was awarded in may 2015.I receive higher living allowance but wasn't awarded anything for mobility.

Recently I had an mri scan which showed I have saitica.although my lupus is in remission I still get server pain in my body with raised temperature In the evening.

my mobility was worsen and I will be getting support from adult social services to help me at home.

I contacted the pip and informed them with change of circumstances.pip sent Me out another assessment form to-be filed up and I'll be going for assessment.

Now my worry is,do you think because I'm in remission with lupus they might not award for anything at all?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Ramada

    My advice to you re your Pip reassessment is to stick to giving them info about how painful sciatica is and how it limits your mobility and impacts on daily life. After all that's why your applying for the mobility component. I have it myself and it's greatly changed my life. Also, a copy of your prescriptions will impress them I'm sure with the painkillers your having to take as well as your Lupus treatment!. If your still unsure, the Citizens Advice Bureau would help you do it also DIAL if you have one in your area. Good luck and I hope I've helped. X

  • Thanks for your advice..it can b abir overwhelming trying to fight for your right..

  • Hi Ramada, I've recently been awarded pip & had to fight for it at a tribunal. I didn't get mobility either & intend to fight for it after I've rested my body. The appeal put me into a flare.

    Even if your Lupus has gone into remission I wld stick to your original info you gave them that won you your daily living allowance. You can go into a flare at anytime & this extra stress of reapplying won't help you.

    I'd do what misty say's & give them as much info on your mobility issue's as possible. Good luck & stay positive

  • Thanks Smudge,it is alot of stress to take on..I feel scared if I appeal I might even lose what I already have..

    Sometimes I feel I should just leave it but there r some days when I'm struggling to mobilise with driving a automatic car.it isn't easy with having young children.I'll keep you updated.. Xx

  • It's really not fair how we have to fight for these payment's. I totally understand how your feeling. Concentrate on getting as much evidence as possible about your lack of mobility. Even letters from anyone who helps you get around. Try to stay positive & stick to your gun's, you know how important this is to you.

  • Hi Ramada

    A couple of things to think about that might help. A referral to a Pain Clinic. I get help with my sciatica from them. I've also had my automatic car adapted so I can drive without using my legs. Taken me a long time to get used to it but I have and driving again is so important. For you more so as you have young children. Good luck with the PIP reassessment. X

  • Hi misty14,thanks for for advice.

    how do I get referred to pain clinic? I get tried and always in pain driving becomes hard.I'm still thinking if I should even appeal?

  • Hi ramada

    Your GP can refer you to a Pain Clinic. It is a good idea to fill in this reassessment form, the CAB will help you do it, as sciatica is a new problem for you affecting daily life . As your going to get help from Adult Social Services , any letters you have from them will also help your claim so include them as evidence.

    Good luck with it. X

  • Misty14,thank you so much for your supportive advice.. I need to stay firm and never give up..thanks once again.. Xx

  • Hi there is agree with above, even though you are in remission at the moment Lupus doesn't go away you may be in remission at the moment but next week it may not be use the information you sent last time with the added information about your new illness. other wise you may find yourself without your original award which was hard enough to get xxx

  • Thanks for the reassurance.I agree with you there's more chance I may lose what I have already if enough information is not given.. I will probably go into a citizen advice centre for their advice

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