DLA awarded

I originally had low rate care, no mobility, which everyone agreed was inaccurate. I had to file for a renewal claim, and due to the rather awful year I've just had, and the confirmation from my Rheumy and GP I've been awarded High Rate Mobility, Middle Rate Care. On the one hand I could weep from relief. On the other, it's a validation of just how badly I've been affected by illness. Still, this is going to help a lot more than the piddly £18 per week was doing. I'm hoping I can get a scooter into my car to save the agony of walking.

So relieved. I'll have to apply again in 2017 but for now I have breathing space, and may be able to hire someone to clean my house regularly as I no longer have the energy. Onward and upward.

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  • That's such good news for you

  • Thank you, it really is. I've just gone a bit nuts with backpay, getting clothes and things for round the house but shirts I don't have to struggle to button anymore? YES THANK YOU lol

  • Hi Silvergilt

    Your PIP award does give mixed emotions which i can so understand but the money will help your day to day life as you've said and hopefully your health will improve with the relief and help!. Well done with the result, thanks for sharing and all the best to you. X

  • Thank you so much. This is what a friend of mine and I called the 'yay and boo' effect. Yay for getting the award, boo for needing it! I'm working on the blue badge application today and next week I'm going to see if I can get a scooter. There is a garden nearby which I absolutely love but trying to walk in it is murderous - however it is paved and I hope to visit more regularly as a result

  • Hi Silvergilt

    I love your comment the Yay and boo effect!. I shall think of it when I renew my PIP. Good luck with doing your blue badge application and getting a scooter. They will both enhance your life, I may buy a scooter for outings to get more out of them!. We have to swallow our pride don't we?.X

  • If you get the higher rate of mobility you are automatically entitled to the Blue Badge, took me 5 minutes on the phone to the council office, then dropped off the photo and £10 at the local office, badge took about ten days

  • Glad you got good news and DLA - it can be a battle to get it (I know from my late husband who had arthritis and diabetes) how difficult the procedures are for getting it.

  • Thank you, I was prepared for the battle - I had to fight for my son's award for years. I was very blunt in the for, and said I would appeal any decision less than the one I was arguing for because I have nothing to lose. Gutsy I know, but I meant it!

  • Brilliant

  • Thanks. I'm still a bit boggles and working through the mixed emotions but onwards

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