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Sympathectomy update


Hi, I’ve just got back from seeing my surgeon, he has explained what he needs to do, he will make 2 small incisions on either side of my wrist and an incision in my palm and do what he needs to do.

He has explained there is a small risk of failure, this could lead to making the blood flow worse and could lead to losing fingers or maybe the hand, but as he said this is a very small risk and he has had many other patients have this done with good results.

I have agreed to the surgery as I am aware that in years to come I could lose more anyway so at least by having this procedure I could possibly prolong the inevitable and live a relatively normal life for many more years, I just need to manage my pain until then.

He also looked at my middle finger which has gone gangrene and died at the tip but he has said he’s not wanting to amputate before the surgery as it looks like worst case scenario I’ll lose my nail and the dead part will self amputate instead of removing the full top end of it.

So all in all today was a very positive meeting with my surgeon and also my rheumy dr attended and everything that has been put in place is very positive and I am feeling very upbeat about the future.

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Great news that it's left you feeling positive Gemma! Seems you've made a well-thought decision on this, and so happy for you that your team is working together! BIG HUGS xxx

Wishing you a most successful thoughts will be with you for the very best possible outcome. With kindest regards, Lily

Many thanks for this update gemma! I love your attitude. You & your consultant have looked at the decision with great consideration...he clearly has great respect for you and is giving you the sort of attention we only tend to get from truly expert medics who genuinely care. You have your situation in perspective and have reasoned this out with great common sense.

Also thank you for every detail you’re giving us as you navigate all this: you’ve definitely helped me with my stuff, and i know you’re helping everyone who reads your posts.

When do you expect the surgery to be?

Wishing you every best wish 🍀❤️🍀❤️ Coco

PS just read your discussion about this on HU SRUK forum: am so glad 1Stella has replied giving you news of how much this op has helped her! XOXO

Hope it works for you lots of love x


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