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Steroid Hip Injections - Medical Update

My arthritis medication remains the same, Hydroxychloroquine 400 mg daily. However the pain in my hips has increased and I've had to take stronger pain-killers. I'm now on Tramadol 100 mg x 4, with 1000 mg Paracetamol x 4, along with the other medications I take. Wow, I can't believe how I've deteriorated so quickly. My Rheumatologist still has not come up with any more drugs to try, I've been given a yearly appointment. I had been referred to a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, who says I have the hips of a 75 year old. He went on to say I had limited choices as to what to do, I could; leave it and see how I get on, have hip replacements for both hips or try a x-ray guided steroid injection directly into both hips and see if that helps.

He also stated that I can only have 3 hip replacements in a lifetime, so I had one now, when I reach 75 and need a third one, it would be the last one I could have. So, I'm giving the steroid injects into my hips a go. Has anyone else had this done? He also said that the destruction of my hips cartilage was not only due to wear and tear, but also my inflammatory arthritis, he said I've got Rheumatoid Arthritis The past Rheumatologist just said I have inflammatory arthritis and she does not know what is driving it.

I am sad and anxious that I have not got on with most of my medications for arthritis because I wanted to protect my joints in my feet and hands before they got any worse.

At 53, I feel very vulnerable to this disease, because I can't stop it in it's tracks.

Let me know if steroid injections have worked for you?


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I guess I am in the early stages of what is going on with you. My hip pain is really bad. I also take plaquenil and tramadol. Tramadol is not working. Pain did not begin until I stopped taking Prednisone. I'm now on Azathioprine. I will be following this post for responses from others.


Cosmolupie, I found that if you take Tramadol and Paracetomal at the same time it's much more effective. Ask your Dr if you can do this, it works for me so it might for you.

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Hi inner beauty

So sorry to read of your hip problems , tough to have as your still so young!. I have had the XRay guided steroid injections into mine and it really helped. I don't have the damage you do but it sorted the pain.

I do think your Rheumy needs to make up her mind what's wrong with you as not helpful for you that she and orthopaedics don't seem to agree!. She's not so specific in her diagnosis !.You also need treatment to combat the inflammation better!. I do also think a yearly review is not enough so have you thought about finding another Rheumy?. I think you've worked out a good plan for your hips and I hope you don't wait too long for the injections. X


Thank you for your reply. I'm going to ask my Dr to write to my Rheumy and ask if there is any other medication of procedure that will help me to slow down the disease or help her make a clearler diagnosis. She seems to have given-up so quickly after trying 3 meds. The only thing that seemed to work were steriod tablets, but I was only allowed to be on them for 3 weeks and I could not take Naproxen at the same time. My hip injections are at the end of September, so not too long to wait.


That sounds like a good plan inner beauty. The steroids working proves presence of inflammation which needs to be addressed!. Can I ask which three meds have you tried?. Steroids taken at a lower dose daily can be very effective and well managed for side effects . Your consultant needs to work out a better long term plan for your treatment and your letter could prompt this nicely. Good luck for the injections, hope they help. Keep us posted. X


Sorry it took so long to reply misty14, the three meds my doctor has tried so far is:-




The medication I'm currently on is Hydroxychloroquine. I'm also due for my hip injections this Thursday, hope it works.


Hi inner beauty

Good luck for hip injections on Thursday. Do hope they work. Let us know. X


I have dreadful pain in my hips. Mainly my left one but sometimes both. Last night I was so bad that I slept on the sofa as I was in too much pain, not helped by the fact I was in too much pain to get up and take any of my medication. I tried hip injections (Not x-ray guided though) but they only worked for 3 days! I'm on Methotrexate, Amitriptyline, prednisone, hydroxychloroquine, co-codamol, (and a few more) which help but it can get really painful.


I use a pillow between my knees if I want to sleep on my side, or a pillow under my knees if I want to sleep on my back. It's not always possible to get comfortable and from time to time the pain wakes me up. I've had to go back to my GP for stronger pain killers, so I'm on Tramadol and Paracetamol , which work better when taken together, 4 x a day. I use a walking stick most days now and when it's very bad I use two walking sticks.


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