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A Little Scared " Update "

Hi there everyone, Well the results of my test showed I have a decreased lung capacity due to inflammation of the surrounding area of the lungs and the chest wall, ill effects of Lupus and that combined with rheumatoid arthritis ( which is also in my upper spine and ribs now) is why I cannot get enough oxygen and breath shallow and fast causing the dizziness. No real cure, just more medication and an inhaler. I did what you suggested though guys and told my GP about the chest pains and also the tearing sensation I have in the palm of my right hand, he feels that I have slight angina and has given me a spray for under my tongue as for my hand he believes it's carpal tunnel. He is refering me to a cardiologist and back to my rhuemy about my hand.

I told him I was worried about being thought of as a hypochondriac, and he assured me that I should never feel like that ,as he knows only too well what my illness can do and how many different symptoms there can be to Lupus, and that we are at greater risk from heart, lung etc problems because of Lupus, so he needs to keep a close eye on me, he said that is why he asked me to always make a double appointment when seeing him so we have more time to chat about anything that may be bothering me . Wow and here was me worrying about having a new doctor when my other one retired, this guy is so helpful and reassuring, I felt so much more at ease telling him how awful I was feeling lately. As for the results they were better than I was thinking, I can live with the extra medication, especially now I have a doctor I am not afraid to talk to. Thanks all for your help and reassurance . Kindest regards Trish

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You're really lucky having such an understanding GP Jane and I'm glad he set your mind at rest - GPs like him are few and far between. Sorry to hear about the test results but hope the extra meds make things more bearable :) x


good for you a good gp that supports you is very important, you will not be able to see your rheumy as much as you may want your gp will be much needed


I to have a similiar condition to you, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath due to inflamation of the lining of the lungs. I don't know if you have heard of pursed lip breathing which may help you e.g. when climbing stairs etc,it helps to make each breath more effective, once you master the technique it becomes second nature. I have found it very useful and hope you may do too. Type in for instructions . Take care


Hi I suffer with my lungs too but in a slightly different way. I have pulmonary haemorrhaging which causes shortness of breath and decreased oxygen saturation. A couple of years ago I was hospitalised with pneumonia and after attended a pulmonary rehab course for six weeks, which taught me some really helpful breathing techniques. It may be worth asking your gp if there is anything like that available in your area.

Take care

Wendy x


You lucky thing having found an understanding GP. He should be worth his weight in gold!

Angela xx


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