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Pip running out

Hi, my pup claim comes to a end august/2017. 🙁I was awarded with great difficulty applying twice then finally I appealed and was awarded for three years. I'm sure a lot of us have gone through the same, and how hard it is to be awarded. The whole process gives me anxiety. Anyway I just was wondering do I re-apply again once they write to me? When will they write to me?. I have had lips for 6 years there's hardly been any change on same meds😩Aza- thyroxine- occasional steroids if required. Any advice.

Thanks in advance

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I've just checked my PIP letter. I went from DLA to PIP last year. Mine runs until Feb 2019. The letter says nothing about reapplying, but I'd expect to be told when I need to reapply, as I was when they decided to transfer me from DLA. I think we can be rather sure they won't overlook the reapplication or renewal. I can completely understand the stress you're experiencing at the very thought of going through the application and possible assessment again.

My letter telling me I had been awarded PIP gives a breakdown of the "points" I scored. Unless they change the system, and your abilities have also changed it might be more straightforward than last time? Hope so, anyway x


Thanks for your advice

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Hi jeevons

They will send you the pip form about a month before for you to re-apply if you need to!. I'd ring Citizens Advice or DIAL if you have one in your area to make an appointment to help you fill it in!.Takes a lot of the stress away as it's horrible having to go thru it!. Specially as it was tough for you getting it!. Hope that's helpful. x


Atleast I know what to expect.


Good luck jeevan for when you do it. Let us know how you get on.


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