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Hello everybody, I claimed PIP in April 2013 and eventually received my forms in August 2013 after two more phone calls. I returned the forms and ATOS have had them since Oct 18th 2013, I was told on the phone when I had to ring yet again to see what the delay was, that I require a medical. They have told me there is a 26 week delay in my area ((Manchester) for medicals. It is now well beyond the 26 weeks and I have written to my local councillor, the DWP Ian Duncan Smith and the PM at 10 Downing Street such is my fighting spirit and they have all responded with trivialising letters omitting an apology and basically passing the buck. Has anyone else had any such issues as I am at the end of my tether with this issue and considering involving the press. Thank you for reading. Jayne.

Ps: I was awarded ESA without a medical which was also a long laborious process fraught with negligence issues and serious complaints which resulted in a huge back payment when I was awarded the benefit.

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  • Hi Jayne, you have my utmost sympathy!! The delays with the PIP Process have brought stress and upset to many people. I read on a another website that the ONE SHOW ran a piece about the delays but I'm not sure as I didn't see it? It's really shocking and I applaud you for taking it to the top even if it means all you get is the usual generic apology letter!! Things are changing a bit they are now starting to send texts when the forms are received and informing you of how long the process may take. I knew myself it wouldn't be a quick process but no way did I think it would take this long...myself and others I know have been waiting many months also...no other benefit has this waiting time, so it seems disabled people are being put at a disadvantage especially as we have to justify why we need the help. I could bang on for hours about this subject as I can not believe how long they are making people wait.

  • Thank you Kiki. It is so unfair the system. I have a friend who works for the benefits agency and they are actually instructed as staff to tell non British EU members everything they are entitled too and British people just the minimum benefits they are entitled to. To get the response I have had from government departments is even more annoying but I suppose not surprising. I like other people will take them all the way if I have too. There does not seem to be any continuity rules or equality of payments made to people with LUPUS and I wonder whether that is the case for people in other disease groups ie heart diseases and cancers. At the end of the day there is no cure for LUPUS and the likelihood of an early and often sudden death arising from our illness is a fear I personally carry around with me every day and to have the government blatantly treat us like this is absolutely appalling and we should at least be given special measures lowest payments based upon initial medical evidence until such times as they can further investigate our individual cases. Perhaps we should lobby parliament and set up an E petition with the help of LUPUS UK and specialist professionals.

  • Hi Jayne, I do not suffer with Lupus, I have a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and whilst it is not life threatening ( as far as I know!) it is still a very painful, invisible and misunderstood condition. I don't know how I've ended up on the Lupus HU site but I'm testing the new BETA layout?!!! Regardless of this I am 100% with you that more needs to be done to make our government more aware of the challenges we face every single day of our lives, especially as with our conditions that they can not be "cured". Have you actually managed to have an assessment yet?

  • No not yet Kiki it is now about 29 weeks since ATOS received my completed PIP form and all my medical evidence. I have been medically retired from my job as a probation officer and am on ESA. The legislative process for medical retirement is very thorough with several medicals and they have that evidence too stating quite clearly I have retirement for life at the age of 51 as I was at the time. All this process has taken over two years now and this PIP process well over twelve months. Unbelievable.

  • Hi folks I have sle plus other things told by reumi and gp no work no way been turned down for esa had health check done by a character from a foreign land who couldn't understand me or me him at mandatory reconsideration stage just now also applied for pip so we will see how that goes g

  • Please appeal for ESA. How can they argue with medical professionals opinions. UK LUPUs patients are treated so much worse than our American lupus patients. They are so well informed compared to us with treatment options and information on all aspects of Lupus. Check out the Lupus Encyclopedia by DR D Thomas. Brilliant book and ALS Molly's fund fighting Lupus which is the American equivalent to LUPUS UK. Really good website.

  • hi, when I applied for DLA, as it was before PIP, I was told that just because I was retired through ill health and had a letter stating I would not work again did not entitle me to DLA as some people who work are eligible to it. It is a completely different criteria. I got high rate mobility and low rate care on appeal but not looking forward to having to reapply next year due to the change to PIP. I was given DLA indefinitely. Good luck with your application

  • Thank you for your reply Jayfer. I have rung again this morning and been given an appointment for Thursday this week.

  • hope it goes well x

  • I am truly shocked at this, I use another website also for help and advice with PIP and yours is one of the longest waiting times I've heard of, I had an assessment at 24 weeks but this was only because I pestered for a cancellation. After the assessment I was told by the HP that I should get a decision within 2-3 weeks but here I am 3 months later with no decision and no idea when I will get one!!! Something really needs to be done about this appalling treatment of sick and disabled people. I really hope you get your assessment soon, 29 weeks is far too long to be waiting, DWP say themselves on their recorded messages that if you have been waiting longer than 26 weeks to inform them!! Good luck :) x

  • Finally got an appointment. This Thursday. Thank you for your responses.

  • Just so you know there is a delay in decisions after your medical assessment. I just received a letter apologising for the delay!

  • Hi Jlb2205

    So sorry to read of your horrendous wait to be assessed for PIP. It is a scandal but I'm afraid they are delaying decisions purposely as they have been told to by the Govt! Also ATOS won't be doing them much longer as they have quit the contract early, it will be other firms so more delays likely!. I hope you get your assessment soon, anything your not happy with ask your local Citizen's Advice Bureau for help. They will also help with an Appeal once you get your answer. It's bad enough being ill without the added stress of this hanging over you! Good Luck.X

  • I applied for pip in August 2013 too had my assessment in November and was awarded high rate for both in April got £4500 back pay then we filled in the carers allowance for my daughter as she is my main carer she received just over £1000 in back pay ,my assessment was with capita x

  • I have just been given an appointment over the phone for this Thursday after ringing for he fourth time.

  • I appled 10oct 2013 revived mine in April i was awarded enhanced for daily living but only low for mobility i had my assessment with Atos they take ages to sort things

  • I don't understand why my application has now taken 14 months. I have been given an appointment for this Thursday. Glad yours was sorted quicker than mine.

  • My 16 year old Son has SLE . We applied for PIP in Jan, had the ATOS assessment in March and after ringing weekly and asking for direct contact with the case manager ( who was extremely helpful ) I have just rung again for an update ....as he had been waiting for a Reply from ATOS over a discrepancy ,today to be told award has been made ... letter went out on Friday and it is favourable ... :-) ... I really feel for everyone going through this process as it is a national shambles. . Good luck and fingers crossed for all you x

  • I sent in the forms for DLA it took them a year and then they turned me down, I was also turned down for ESA I put in a fresh claim for ESA June last year I'm still waiting for a assessment I emailed my local MP David Wright labour it was them who set up Atos and gave them a long contract and gave them a free rain to treat us like they do. I emailed the minister for disabled he just sent my email to the DWP I email David Cameron all of them about as much use as ashtray on a motor bike.

    When labour set up this mess ONLY 1% of people claiming benefits were fraud claims and this mess has cost the tax payer a fortune.

    I have COPD level 4 I have the lung capacity of a 87 year old I have budging discs in my spine and many symptoms of Lupus bruising, joint pain no energy I could go on.

    If anyone is thinking of setting up a e petition I will sign it and if you are going to campaign against this government count me in.

  • try to take someone with you if your appointment is on an upper floor make sure you use the lift let them know exactly how you are on bad days as they try to trip you up take any hospital letters or anything from the ot .its worth having a diary of how you are daily as it's not based on the condition it's self but on how you manage daily try to go on the yourable forum and look at flymos thread on pip really helpfull if you got any other ? just ask xxxx

  • Could you please tell me a little more about yourable forum and flymos thread as I can't seem to find them on google. Thank you very much for your help.

  • hope this helps he's ace what he doesn't not know isn't worth knowing xxxx

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