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Hi all

I did promise a update on my pip decision ,

Well hear goes i was surprised i have been awarded it until 2025 !! At least i have a few years before getting stressed again, I know its not for life like my DLA was but it could have been worse as i know some people are getting it from 9 months to 3 years. Or in some cases declined , The way they score i really think its unfair i just scrapped through with 12 points thats with the use of oxygen all through the night and through the day along with nebulisers and a cocktail of 26 other medications,

Anyway good luck everyone and keep up the fight if you have to.

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  • Aww that's great to hear. Why do we have to be put through all the trauma . It's not fair when we're suffering so much. I've yet to have my change over from DLA. I am so dreading it. Take care x

  • I understand how you feel make sure you just keep all your appointments and evidence as this does help , it was the first time i had to go for a face to face appointment and the guy i saw was shocked when i presented all the evidence and took all my medication he even said that because i have COPD i should not have been called for a face to face i did come home and checked it out on internet and it was on there , its on the pip page quite a long way down in the small print !

    Anyway wish you luck as it is so unfair x

  • Does everybody have a face to face appointment or do some people get away with just filling forms in ? When theychanged my other benefit I filled in the forms & it was granted straight away . I have never worked & had my problems since a teenager. I kept the copy of my other benefit forms I filled in. I see so many consultants & gave all their names & phone numbers . They must have done their research on me. My gp said it would not be a problem with me having so much going on . All the best to u x

  • As far as i am aware everyone is being called for face to face,

  • Well done I have just sent my form off today I have COPD and psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis could you send me a link where it says that about COPD thanks

  • will have to search for it for you once i find it i will try and send the link.

  • Have you got any tips on filling the dreaded form in, I'm just about to do mine, it's quite daunting. Thanks

  • Hi Bella you could try the benefits and work web site or try asking the CAB to help fill in your form

  • Just make sure you put all about your worse days and how it effects your daily life, and send as much evidence as possible.

  • I got the CAB to fill in my form and I did the PIP test on the Benefit and Work web site with the answerers they put on the form and it said I would get it they said not everyone is called for a assessment depending on your answerers and evidence

  • Hi, I am so pleased to hear you got such a positive outcome. You must feel such relief. I sent my PIP form back 5 weeks ago and haven't as yet heard anything. I am waiting each day for an assessment date, which I assume I will be asked to go for. As long as they keep paying my DLA until then I will be happy. I sent lots of evidence and used the Benefit and Work web site. I also asked citizens advice to help with the form. Not being unkind the lady was totally useless. She hadn't filled in one of the PIP forms before and just copied out what I had written on a photocopy of the form. She told me it needed to be filled out on a medium day - I didn't go along with that and filled it out on my worst days as those are the days I need more help. I want to let everyone changing over know that it is important to do as much research yourself first in case the same happens to you.

  • Hi loopyloo I am sorry the person that helped you at the CAB was not very helpful the one i saw was very helpful he new all the right words to use hope you get it take care

  • Thank you Amanda2. The CAB helped me when I applied for DLA and they lady that helped me then couldn't have been more helpful and I was awarded indefinite DLA. I just thought it would have been the same. It certainly added to the stress.

  • Yes it would have take care xx

  • Hi thats what i done i was shocked that i had to go for a face to face assessment but was told 99% are having to , mine went to tribunal over 20 years ago for DLA and i won my case , It was so different this time and i sent all evidence form consultants, and GP and my care plan and still had to attend ,

    Just glad its sorted now, anyway wish you luck let me know how you get on x

  • Hi, Thank you. I will let you know what happens. I am happy you got such a positive outcome. It is ridiculous having to go through it all again when you have indefinite DLA x

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