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Hi can anybody help with a question about pip please.

Somebody I know got awarded standard rate for mobility last year for one year.They received new forms in November,had assessment in January.

They have received a decision today,now awarded standard rate for both mobility and daily living for six years.

The letter they received said the new amount will start on their next payment.As there was no mention of back payment from when forms were received,they phoned up to ask.

They were told they won't be getting a back payment,is this correct? I thought they would of,also the same thing happened to somebody else they know,and they said they got a back payment.

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  • Hi mum two

    Could I suggest you phone Citizens Advice who will be able to answer your pip questions. X

  • Chase it up as they should pay you from the date the claim was made and yes mention your friends case to add weight..the problem is they will be deluged by all the claims therefore they want as easier a ride as possible.

  • Hi,

    I am sure you're right, claims start from the day the application is received. So in this case the date form was returned assuming the Mobility payments were not stopped the care component should have been back dated to that point. If they still say know as for the reason in writing

    Be careful about pushing for the claim to be looked at again as they may change their minds and you could end up at a tribunal.

  • I was advised to re apply well before my PIP runs out in order to avoid gaps like this

  • Hi i was on DLA for life but as it changed to PIP was sent forms re applied and was awarded it for 10 years but they paid me up to change over so there was no gap but was told they do not back date PIP my DLA ended 2nd of FEB and now my first PIP payment was 3rd MARCH .

  • Hi mum-two, 

    The best thing for your friend to do is to go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau to ask whether or not she might be entitled to any back payments. 

    There's some relevant information about claiming PIP on the CAB website:


  • Thank you for all the replies,I will pass the information on to my friend.

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