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Has any body applied for a reconsideration. I had Assessment after being on DLA for 10 years was a Awarded top mobility and middle rate care .

PIP decided I am only 8 points for care just scraped in on lowest standard rate , nothing for mobility only scored 4 points .Made me I'll I am waiting call off advisor ,after putting in for reconsideration .Bloody rediculase im fuming .Any feed. Back would be good

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  • You have to go through PIP first , put in as much evidence as you can , ie GPs , Physios, Consultants everything. plus a letter section by section where you think they have got it wrong . they most frequently come back to you with the same outcome but then they give you permission to appeal. they will send you all of the papers back to you so that you can present them to the person who looks at your appeal, this person is not part of DWP and totally independant from them. the good news is that they usually reverse the DWP decision .

  • I sent enough evidence from 4 consultant form was filled in ok .Just because I was on my own and looked ok I been told ,I answered ok blah blah .She put down on report I could cook a meal with aids .Funny I carnt ever cook and prepare a meal from scratch .I put that on the form .She put it all down wrong .Twisted what I said .Made me I'll all weekend .Waiting on call from advisor as requested reconsideration .Thanx again

  • Thank you

  • if you are going to a tribunal always try to take some one with you who knows how it impacts on your life, little things that you do that other people just do " the normal way " for example my partner has to use a tip up kettle for fear of dropping it and an electric can opener, these are things a " normal " person wouldnt need. she has difficulty using knives and cuts herself, so that means preparing a meal a no-no, hope that helps

  • It is always worth pursuing - but make sure you have someone who knows the ropes to help you. CAB will help a lot although they can't accompany you to appeals - look on their site for info - it really is fairly easy to follow their advice but do contact them too.

  • Thank you going to do my best carnt cope with all this

  • Yes I did go to tribunal a year ago .Pip downgraded me from the medium rate of care and high rate of mobility to just the low rate of mobility.I took my husband and my advocate from mind and they did ask my husband about the impact my health had on me.It lasted about an hour and I forgot to tell them about my falling !.They have 4weeks to respond and I got the high rate of mobility and enhanced rate of care.I felt sick for days beforehand but although it was challenging,I will do it again if I have to.Pauline

  • Well glad you got what you was entitled to .Im going to get it turned around

  • I'm going through the appeals process at the moment and would strongly advise getting some outside help even with the mandatory reconsideration - looking at it now I think I actually gave them too much information when I did mine, as strange as it sounds, whereas having the CAB help me with that stage I think may have made things a little bit more concise and less emotionally charged and would have had a better chance of stopping the process at that point. From what I've seen it seems to be quite rare for the mandatory reconsideration to have any impact though and I went into it knowing that it was unlikely that I would get anywhere at that stage but you do have to go through that process to appeal to tribunal. As the reconsideration will be looked at in any appeal I wish I'd got help at that earlier stage to make sure it was professionally prepared ahead of appeal but am now getting help for the appeal preparation and keeping my fingers crossed that it is successful.

    Also the information that Lupus UK sent me about how to prepare the mandatory reconsideration, how to appeal and how to shoot down the medical report really helped so that's worth getting hold of as well.

    Good luck

  • Thank you so much

  • Get help from your councils welfare rights team , far better than citizens advice, easier to contact and they do go to appeal tribunal with you . I am going through this nightmare with esa at the moment I have the pip nightmare still to come and dreading it .

  • Thank you for advice will check it out .Hope you get what you deserve it's so unfair isn't it ?

  • Yes it's ridiculous I was put in the support group for esa 3 years ago and then in Aug this year given zero points at assessment and told I am fit for work despite still having the same conditions. I am 56 with SLE , osteoporosis and other problems who do they think will employ me . I am at risk from infection because of immunosuppressant drugs , I got meningitis last time I worked and almost died and so that is a big risk when working, ended up on chemotherapy another time when flu was going round at work and I ended up in hospital with it . It's a complete joke x

  • Sorry to hear that they must be really hard hearted people out to hurt the sick .Did you get a result in the end x

  • I see we live close to each other according to site.

    I knowpost is few days old but what have you done so far?

  • My reconsideration has gone today fingers crossed

  • Just asked for them to look at my request again .Just wait and see

  • Yeah fingers crossed.

    Did you get support from CAB or another welfare charity?

    If You don't get the result you want please get in touch may be able to offer support

  • Ok thank you will do

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