Has anyone managed to successfully be awarded pip with lupus and connective tissue disease,I work full time,struggling to keep it going,on formal monitoring and have displinary meetings for attendance,I have worked in school for special needs for ten years,my attendance was never like this,my line manager doesn't understand,my reumy writing a letter to her,to explain I'm not at it,and how my illness affects me,would love to drop a day to sleep,had my pip assessment,waiting to see if I'm awarded something.

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  • hi

    I have been awarded pip with lupus and this helps me with private treatments and helps my income. Some times its a case of persevering with the form filling in and telling them what makes life so bad with lupus. good luck !!

  • Thankyou,did you get awarded pip 1st time,I'm just worried as am not sustaining full time hours,struggling with health and keep getting grief from line manager.

  • I have suffered with lupus since 2007 my PIP automatically changed when PIP came into play I also suffer with rheumatoid arthritis But it was Lupus that completely knocked me off my feet, I used to work 3 jobs, engineer by day Bar staff by night. So trust me when I say that now housebound & can only shuffle on my feet about 2pm in latta part of day for my medication to take affect I hate being in the house alday wish I could get some help to wash & dress me afew times a week so I can scoot to my local community centre a mere few 100 yards away,

  • Oh am sorry you so bad with it,iv had four sinus ops in last few years,keep taken infections,there's connective tissue disease that's causing this,I really struggle to work full time but I have mortgage,it is a worry what's ahead.

  • I have a blue badge, PIP and ill health early retirement all due to Lupus. Never take no for an answer and always have someone with you at any assessments. :)

  • Thankyou,went on my own for assessment,told her how I was,really have 4 bad days out every week,but got asked if I could peel a potatoe,and showered,of course I can,but days am so ill,hardly eat or have a bowl cereal,got a feeling I may not get awarded it,reumatology sending a report and my doc,my it doesn't go on diagnosis,it's how it affecting my life,am re struggling at work,I need to try go,have a mortgage,but lost lot of time off.

  • Hi jeffscott

    So sorry to read of your problems. Lupus is a tough illness. It is possible to successfully get PIP as I did with the help of the Citizen's Advice Bureau. Can I also suggest you might like to have their help with your work problems. They have employment specialists who can advise. They will also help you on the benefits side, if you need to Appeal your claim or if you drop your hours and have a shortfall. They run benefit checks to see what help you may be entitled to.Good Luckx

  • Thankyou,my line manager,stressing me out.

  • Hi Jeff.

    Sounds very stressful in your workplace, I am in a similar position - I work full-time as a teacher. Are you a member of a union? They should be able to help. Your workplace can't put you through disciplinary etc as that is disability discrimination. Have you had an occupational health assessment? You Can get this done and then your employer should take reasonable steps to accommodate you. That might help you to cope. I am stuck in the middle of trying to sort all of this out myself and it's very stressful and I'm not sure that I am getting anywhere either. Hope you get your PIP. X

  • Yes Iam in a union,work in school too with special needs kids,occup health said Iam covered under dissability act 2010,also do extra hours in mental health at hosp but this is only when Iam off on school hols as a wee extra job,lot of nurses hasn't even heard of lupus and connective tissue disease,it is my main job at school that is the problem,every time iv been off had been for sinus ops,few times turned up to work,had to go home,infAct got meeting with HR next week as I had to go home one day,last time I saw HR was off,doc signed me off,I was getting op following day,my line manager said I had to go in to meeting day before op,I literally dragged myself out of bed,looked awful,was so embarrassing at a meeting looking so ill and I wasn't on the ball,couldn't wait to get back to bed.feel it like a form of bullying with her.

  • I am in the same position, I go back, do a few weeks and then get too ill to work and am off again. I have increasd my dose of hydroxy so hopefully that will work. What did your Union rep say? They should be able to attend the meetings with you? As far as I understand it, any absence to do with your disabilty is not counted as 'sick' leave but it's worth checking that with the union. Hope you get it sorted. X

  • Thankyou,my union rep works at school too,she comes to meetings,I need to get her to find out about this,I'm on disciplinary monitoring,was told I have to give them at least 2wks notice for hosp apppointments,often I have had short notice appointments and been grateful for them,wish I could tell my line manager to just back off,leave me alone,can't afford to pack in,or reduce hours,but as you know it very difficult working feeling so ill at times.

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