Silicone and Lupus

BTW, 2 years ago I had a double mastectomy and removed every fragment of silicone infected tissue from my breast implants. My Lupus improved 70% immediately after. fast forward 2 years, the remainder of my lupus problems which included anemia, kidney disease, reoccurring plursey, definite arthritis (and the list probably goes on) have just been addressed with prednisone, blood transfusion and first time on plaquenil (one month so far) I want to put the warning out there that silicone implants were devastating to my lupus (which was in remission at the time I got the implants, being told by the plastic surgeon that the silicone would not bother me) He was wrong! 6 years later I was definitely on deaths doorstep, and no doctor could help me. by luck and chance I found a doctor that got me into surgery immediately for a double mastectomy that didn't cost me a penny and left me with two little boobs that I actually like more. its was luck, and I want to share that information with all you women out there who have lupus and any silicone in their body. saline filled implants are no better because they are enclosed in silicone bags. I had a good hematologist during this time that did some very sophisticated tests while I was sick and he just kept shaking his head, he could not believe the crap he was finding while I had the silicone in. after the surgery he saw so many changes in my system, he himself could not fathom why they are selling these poisonous toxic things to anyone. Then at the end of my recovery from the surgery, he looked at me and said, "Marie, go fix your lupus now, there is no more I can do for you". So I did that.

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  • My goodness Marie you certainly have come through a lot. I admire your courage strength and determination to follow your instincts, which has worked out for the best.

    I hope you are in good health at the moment !

    Take care,

    Midge :)

  • Thank you Midge, I seriously have never felt this way since pre-lupus, and my younger days. I will keep on tight with my doctors, keep researching in my spare time, praying, and praying for everyone else also.

  • I can quite understand this because our bodies seem so reactive to anything.

    My body is rejecting crowns - I think it is the metal pins in them. It has been rejecting them one by one and each time I have to have the roots cut out.

    If I'd known I would never have had them in the first place.

    It's very scary because I reacted badly to one local anaesthetic on the second injection - going unconscious and can only take one anaesthetic now.

    It is a slow painful job and I have to keep positive, but each time I wonder if I am going to survive and whether I can tolerate a denture eventually or will have to go toothless, but surviving is my main concern!

  • youre totally right. everytime I get metal removed out of my mouth it seems to have a positive impact on my health. ive still got crowns in my mouth and looking forward to getting them out. im going to go for a false plate. Im sure it will relieve some of that Lupus pressure on the immunes system. BTW, I hardly have any teeth left lol. and the ones that are left are not too healthy looking since all the mouth sores I had. Im in rough shape, but still love life. I also jump out of planes for a hobby lol. life is short, but somehow, lupus makes it feel so much 'longer' lol that's a little joke for all you guys. I know you all relate to it.

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