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Dla is so bad !!

Just putting this out there but why o why is it so hard 2 get proper dla when we r really suffering !!! Cracks me up and pulls me down every letter that comes thru the door that bloody brown envelope !! Then what gets me is the ones out there that doesn't need it I no u can't tell if someone needs it by the look of them , but it's such a horrible process 2 go thru when some of us r so unwell !!

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Hi Ruth

When claiming any benefits like DLA you need to read the fact sheets that Lupus Uk do and enlist the help of the Citizens Advice Bureau and other welfare organisations who will help you fill in the forms. They have to be done a certain way to maximise chances of success. X

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I know exactly what you mean. Their is a web site called Benifits and Work

It does cost about £20 pound to join for a year. I used them on my last application, you follow the instructions in their guides, makes filling in the forms much easer. They also advise you on what documents to include.

My application was renewed without a medical, took them about 10 weeks

Hope this helps

Good look


you do not need to pay for help… plenty of free help out there..


I appreciate what you are saying, the paperwork is rigid and does not allow to have a condition that fluctuates to be ticked, however… there are disability officers than can help you filling in the forms properly. Go to your council, and ask for help. If you can't get anyone to help you, look up the local Cllrs for your postcode and send them an email. Express your difficulty and they will help you either via CAB or the disability officer for your area.

If you need further assistance, drop me an email and I'll send a letter on your behalf to your local Cllr.

I just help where I can I do not charge fees or costs. I am disabled myself , I know how hard the process is but I do work for my own local council. I know the routes.



Hi I know exactly what you mean it was a white envelope on Friday for me to attend esa50 medical in March I tried to get help from my local social work because I am not an active case any more no help only one welfare officer available so what to expect I just don't know


Dear Ruth,

Autoimmune diseases are difficult to pin point because there is such a mirage of them. Doctors ae just humans with a medical background - they are not magicians. Most of their diagnosis and advice is based on whatever they've read, or from seminars they attend, and if they hit it right - to us, they are wonderful. Last night, I had an episode that I think was another clot trying to make its way thru the vein that's now scarred from having DVTs two years ago. My INR dropped below 2, and I suddenly developed an excrutiating pain in my left calf, and my husband tried to help, as I felt as if I were passing out. He brought me the wrong pill - he couldn't find my glass of water that I keep on my night table, and it's a wonder I am writing this now! My calf swelled up instantly and started to discolor. It was horrible, and I'm not a doctor, but the symptoms seem to replicate the passing of a clot. I am on Coumadin for life and take it every day - but again, nothing is 100%. I will see my Primary on Thursday. The leg is back to normal now, and I am feeling worn out - and I'm sure whatever he will say will be a "guess."


Contrary to what the papers may be telling you, disability benefit fraud is less than 1% - gov'ts own figures state .7% It is a useful narrative to keep people pointing fingers at the nebulous 'not really disabled' rather than hold gov't itself to account, but there you are...

With this said I feel your pain. I filled out my new forms for DLA in Oct, and had to admit to myself I've become worse. Physically it looks like there's nothing wrong with me, but my blood tests and joints tell another story. I didn't get a decision till Feb; which is a fairly long time.

I wasn't really sure what the issue is with your post; is there a delay? Are they chasing up information from other specialists? Have you applied for DLA before (or are you in a PIP zone?) Have you managed to chase up where your application is by calling DLA directly? Unfortunately things at the DWP are a total shambles at the moment, and delays are long. Sometimes you just have to be a real thorn in their side in order to get anywhere. I now keep copies of every single claim I make, and I inform them in the 'anything further to add' that I WILL take things to tribunal if I don't get a fair hearing (I've had to do it before so they know I'm not joking!).

DLA is supposed to be hard for a reason, and it's just become worse - that's why the 'people who don't need it' ratio is as small as it is. It is very gutwrenching; I've managed to develop social anxiety now due to worrying about people thinking I don't look ill and whispering behind my back...such is what the current poisonous narrative has done. In the end, we all suffer.

Anyway, see if you can chase things up if you've been waiting a while. My rheumy almost always needs a nudge to actually LOOK at my notes to see if the DWP wrote to him for information. Hey ho.


I have had the same problem I have COPD and lower back problems which shows quite clearly on a x-ray.

This new system was brought in by Mr Brown the old system worked very well and people did not die or be put under so much stress claims were dealt with quickly and people claiming were not made to feel like scroungers.

This new system has cost the tax payer a fortune in tribunals consultants and Doctors treatments, advice and diagnoses are being ignored by decision makers who have no medical knowledge and couldn't find a pulse let alone take one.

Mr Carmon is no better he has been in power long enough to change this system he has not its a fact we will continue to be treated like scroungers and have to jump through hoops to get these benefits


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