Christmas Shopping

Ok, I did the school run this morning & pumped full of pain meds, I decided 2 tackle town 2 try & grab some little pressies. OH.....MY......GOD! It was bloody murder in there! I had people trying 2 queue jump, was smacked with God knows how many shopping bags, been 'walked thru' (obviously I am so pale I must in actually fact b transparent), had doors slammed on me more times than I can count! Stressful? Oh yes!

I managed 2 hours & am absolutely exhausted & aching all over. My feet r so sore & my toes keep clicking when I walk now, my fingers r numb, my wrists & shoulders r burning but I managed 2 get 5 pressies & didn't lose my temper once, yay, go me! So chuffed with my little old self :0)

Next time however, I will b taking a baseball bat with me & wearing the biggest scowl on my face possible in the hope that nobody comes within 10 feet of me :0)

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  • well all i can say is, CHER, RESPECT!

    That you even contemplated such an adventure says a lot, well done love.

    Maybe internet shopping IS a bit less stressful though you don't get the satisfaction;)

  • I didn't give myself time 2 think about it ursi, I was on the way back from the school run (or rather crawl in my case!) & just got on the bus lol! Once I was on there, I couldn't really get back off as the bus was so packed & I didn't really wanna attempt 2 try & squeeze past every1 so I didn't really leave myself much of an option ;0)

  • What is it with people around this time of year, do they forget manners all of a sudden? I tried the same on Saturday but I didn't make any progress other than buy myself a nice Xmas present but have given up after that. Well done my girl!

  • That's a feat in itself! Whenever I shop, even if I've purposely gone in 4 something 4 myself, I always come away with bits 4 the kids & other half but sod all 4 myself. Ok, I admit I am pretty particular when it comes 2 buying clothes 4 myself cos I'm so picky but that's not the point really is it? ;0)

  • Thank u my fellow Lupoids. I am amazingly chuffed with myself, so much so that Daddy & I r taking the kidlets 2 c Father Christmas when he comes home from work! Gotta take advantage while I'm still on a roll lol! Hopefully, the copious amount of mulled wine will help somewhat 2 ease any pains & pacify me a little ;0) x

  • We;;done you !!!! I avoid the town especially at christmas , cant bare all the crowds and feel crap when i get home !

    But , there are times , like this weekend when my OH wants to take me up town to treat me ! so i will ofcourse be going !!!! Lay in , comfy shoes and medicated to the brim !!!!

  • Sounds like a bloody good plan, we all need 2 b treated like the Princess' we r from time 2 time, even if we do it ourselves. U'll have a wonderful time honey, just don't anticipate anything & enjoy x

  • There are benefits to living 50 miles from the nearest town to do anykind of shopping Sher, leave it to the couriers to bring it home to you. Congratulations on trying, you are more courageous than me, I chickened out and online buying was the order of the day, last pressie delivered today so. me (very smuggly) am done, but I am totally in awe of your efforts, go for the mulled wine girl and chill out!!


  • Thanks my lovely. B4 my 2 year flare I was NEVER in, as soon as everything around the house was done, off I'd go, whether it was meeting up with people 4 a gossip, or off 2 get school shoes 4 the kids or just going 4 walks so it was a big crush when I started getting bad. I've never 'liked' shopping, but never 'disliked' it either. Now I tend 2 avoid it at all costs. My other half finds it hilarious as he turns away 4 a sec & I've zipped off. He thinks I'm just rushing 2 pack more in2 the time I have but I just want 2 get things done & get home as quickly as possible lol! First time I've gone out shopping on my own 4 about 9 months so well pleased :0) x

  • Yay......sounds like a successful day all round. Hope the kiddies enjoyed seeing Santa too, that's the magic of it all really. Happy for you:) x

  • Thank u my lovely :0) x

  • Thanks for the warning Sher !!!

    I was going in tomorrow pm but may put it off . I only need a few bits cos did lots online. Hope you are okay tomorrow after all burst of energy!!

    Take care, hugs

    Jane x

  • You're very welcome & thanks. Hopefully with it being Wednesday every1 will have calmed down a little ;0) Good luck my lovely x

  • Not going in this rain!! It's bad enough in plymouth in decent weather!! Got a throat infection anyway so don't want to get soaked!! Perhaps Friday as supposed to be dry allegedly!!

    Enjoy your son's nativity tonight and the meal on Friday.

    Take care

    Jane x

  • Don't blame u Jane, I'm looking out the window now absolutely dreading the school run lol! I heard that Friday's gonna be ok too, but then again, they said yesterday was gonna b bad but it was ok, bloody weather readers ;0) Fingers crossed 4 Friday! Try Buttercup Syrup 4 the throat, I find it eases it brilliantly when mine's bad, worth a try ;0) x

  • Way to go sher hunni proud of you chick. I am off today to finish up, god help me am I insane?! But there is method in my madness as I am seeing the doc 2moro so thought more pain more gain hahahwhwh ..... I shall let u know if I survive the shopping trip. Xxx

  • lol! That's the way jem ;0) Good luck my lovely x

  • I survived my luvly .. whoop whoop ... I sodding ache now and my hands are in agony and the crick in my neck is worse ....... oh and my middle son's school called so I have had to go and pick him up ....... but I survived ........ I forgot birthday wrapping paper for my niece and first class stamps oh and shaving foam for the husband ... but I can get those in the village ..... and everyone was so nice .. we all held doors open for each other .. wished each other happy christmas ... and the best bit ... the brand new jumper i bought that I worn once and the was ruined was returned to Dorothy Perkins, who did not quibble over the fact it had washed badly, I didn't tell them it was washed at 90 degrees because my toad of a 2 year old turned the temp up. ........... hope your feeling less achy this avo ...... have some mulled wine and a mince pie :) ... merry christmas chick if I don't reply to another quirky post before then xxxxxx

  • That's an amazing day, by any1's standards, if u're ill or not! Well done u! Time 2 chill now though, think u deserve it! Just had a nice bit of 'Christmas' fudge that I bought the other day, nice sugar hit, which will give me a nice energy hit so I can clean the guineas :0) I shall b taking advantage of the mulled wine & mince pies 2nite as my son's school is laying them on too! I'm gonna turn in2 a mince pie at this rate lol! Wonder if mince pies get lupus......? Lot's of lovely Christmas wishes 2 u 2 my lovely, but I'm sure our conversation will cross b4 then ;0) x

  • Hi Sher, good for you the shops are totally manic at the moment and people do not care if they ram into you because I use a rrollator it is slightly easier for me, we are doing the food shop on Sat then apart from going to Church on Sunday I am staying in away from the crowds

  • I don't blame u jennyhe. My other half is going 2 pick up the last few bits on various nites on his way home from work, it's really only the fresh veg etc I need now so it's not too bad. He has a day off Friday so he's taken me out 4 a meal while the kidlets r at school but apart from that, most of our family will pop 2 c us over the Christmas period & as they know it's not been a good couple of years health-wise 4 me, they don't expect food or anything, just copious amounts of tea & coffee which is a bonus ;0)

  • Sher... have you not heard of online shopping?


  • Cheeky lol! I do a lot on line but there r some things u can't get & other things that r a lot more expensive on the net & with me no longer working cos of this crappy bloody illness, every penny counts :0/ Plus sometimes u need 2 browse 4 inspiration ;0)

  • Ok, absolutely shattered this morning which was not unexpected, loads of niggly pains but no worse than they have been but I'm breathing which is always a bonus ;0) Gonna take it easy 2day as have my lad's school Nativity play 2nite & gotta c my baby in that :0)

  • Send some of your strength this way sher , i went for a walk yesterday then a few scans at hospital and the usual after school driving here there and everywhere,well last evening not only did the usual feeling of ligements are going to snap ,but along came the dizziness ,nausea ,headache ,extremly sore lymph glands ,and the dreaded flu like feeling ,spent most of the night awake with awfull sweats ,only to awake feeling exactly the same as the night before ,it feels like just as a flare was easing ,its come back with full force ,can a walk really do this to my body ?its pathetic ,im so angry ,xmas is here for god sake ,i cant be like this over xmas ,my dad is arriving sunday ,the house needs cleaning ,xmas food shop to do ,why has this flare happened now????its just not fair ;(i hope your son play is fab ?hold on to your energy x

  • Brave hope it eases up for you soon, they always come when we least expect it. I guess lupus doesn't know it's a holiday.....very inconsiderate;) xx

  • Hope you enjoy the nativity as they always cheer you up as kids always do something they are not meant to. Last week my five year old grandson who was an angel in the school nativity wriggled about, put his hands up his white t shirt like he was a contortionist and then out the other side, yawned once in a while between songs and for the grand finale decided to have a little pick of his nose.......yuk....but only at 5 can you do all of that;) ! Enjoy yours tonight xx

  • I'm holding on with both hands & encasing it in wire mesh so it can't bloodywell escape!!!!!! Sorry 2 hear u're feeling so s**** love :0( Try not 2 panic or stress, it'll only make things 10 times harder, u'll get everything sorted & Christmas will b as it should. Tidying up? If u need 2 do u're polishing, sit in front of each thing u need 2 polish while u're relaxing if u can or cheat & just wipe over everything with a babywipe, I've done this quite a few times myself lol! The fact that u're angry about the whole situation is a positive thing as it shows u have the determination, whether it feels like it or not, 2 fight this. Personally, I find that as long as I don't have the heads, I can just about manage with everything else, but then again I DO have a wonderful concoction of pain killers 2 dull the rest. Just wish there was something I could do or say 2 make things easier 4 u honey :0( I wish I COULD fling some of my energy in u're direction x

  • thankyou ,merry xmas

  • Hi Sher I know how you feel, I went through the same thing on Monday. It was bad enough trying to get through it with out being battered as well. I was so shattered I went bed early and still slept most of Tuesday, today was no better. Just hope I see some of Christmas day. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks to you all for your good wishes. God bless

  • Obviously u're poor little body needed it :0( Thank u my lovely, I'm actually feeling more on an 'even keel' lately, I don't tend 2 worry about tiredness, muscle, ligament, tendon, joint pain like that now as I'm so used 2 it so if that's all I have 2 contend with I feel pretty pleased :0) Gotta love pain relief ;0)

  • God bless online shopping all presents brought from the comfort of my bedroom!

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