failed dla appeal :(

Just returned home after my appeal for DlA and I feel like I've spent the afternoon being interrogated by the Gestapo. It was horrible and they made me feel like I was begging for hand-outs when I really didn't deserve it. Three times they asked me how many times I had been on holiday in the last two years. Three times I told them I haven't. At least four occasions they asked me how I managed my shopping and I gave the same truthful answer every time, that I go shopping when I can but I can't go alone and I cant carry because I Have a bad arm and back and use a stick. I am crying at the moment because I've had a gutful of not being believed how this awful illness affects me and for feeling like a second class citizen in having to ask for help, and then being refused. Its heart-breaking. Where's the support and understanding because the only place I've found any is on this forum. I've had enough honestly. I desperately need new glasses but can't afford them, I have to use taxis because I can't drive and I can't afford them either so am virtually housebound. My husband sounded off on the way out of the court and said "next time you see her, she'll probably be in a wheelchair, not that you care". He's a really placid man and it takes a lot to get his hackles up but that's what they did to us this afternoon. I don't know how they sleep at night. xxxx


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11 Replies

  • Same here i just recieved a letter from the dla court system you no

    They failed me and said i didnt qualify im sick of

    the process so i give up on it

  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear that Metoyou. I hope your panel wasn't as horrible as mine were because I'm really distressed after it all. I am going to try again though and have also asked for a statement of reasons from the court. Don't give up because that's what they'd like you to do. Surely there must be someone out there who can help people like us to deal with these matters. I've used the CAB but, I'm sorry to say, all they did was request my medical records, which they didn't do until the last minute as they only requested them 2 weeks before my appeal. I'm thoroughly fed up and demoralised but I'm also angry and maybe that's whats spurring me on at the moment. Love and hugs to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I do hope ypu will get a letter to say you have been accepted.

    Love & Sunshine


  • Oh girls, I am so sorry for you and your terrible ordeal. I had the CAB came with me, I got All my notes copied at the hospital. I phoned up the records dept. at the hospital and asked to view my notes. They could have not been nicer and anything I wanted to copy they did for me. My own doctor also wrote a letter for me (cost me £15.00) but all the information I needed was there. All this was done as soon as I knew it was going to appeal and I copied all the info I had and send the panel a copy of all - RECORDED delivery. and I kept the origionals to take with me. They challenged me on loads of things and I made THEM wait while I checked what the doctors/Consultants had written.

    I must have been lucky as one of the panel was in a wheelchair himself so understood our problems and one of the panel KNEW about Lupus.

    DON'T let this put you off re-appealing, keep a daily record of what you do, what pain you have and time. Who has to help you (like my hubby has to help me out of bed in the night to go to the loo 2/3 times a night) I told then that to help myself I went swimming 6 days a week and then they could see I was not just prepared to sit and wait for the money.

    Oh I do hope you are Both successfull next time, They are turning everyone down to try and catch those who are just Scroungers and that I agree with - but We are getting caught in the fight and are less able to fight because we ARE ill. I wish you both luck at getting what you are entitled to. and send you all my spare spoons. xxx

  • Thanks for the comments everyone. Unfortunately, am still feeling really distressed about it all this morning. There were five people in the room not including myself and hubby, and they just bombarded me with questions left right and centre. I honestly came out feeling upset and emotional and that was before they gave us their decision. Our appointment was 10.20 a.m but we weren't actually seen until 1.30 p.m because they hadn't had time to read all my notes because they said they were only received that morning, so I was tired by then anyway. I honestly cannot work out why we were turned down but there we are. That's what they did. I've always worked up until two years ago but yesterday I felt like a top rate scrounger, which is great for my depression..

  • Unfortunately this is how the system works now - we need to keep strong and prove that we are eligible, you have worked and paid into the system and it is your right to receive what you are entitled to. It makes it even harder for us , as so many of the courts don't know the first thing about Lupus, so we need to use this as a stand to spread even more awareness. Keep fighting and that way when you succeed you not only get the help for yourself you are making moves forward for fellow Lupies, we all need to stand together and be heard and support one another. The CAB are a great help, but unfortunately the government have cut back on their funding to prevent them helping the very people they are there to help ! How can they ignore us when our medical records prove beyond doubt we have a debilitating illness. Please, please do not give up . Take care :)

  • I am so very sorry to read about how badly you were treated - disgraceful! Though I'm not surprised, as have 'heard it all before' sadly. It is upsetting that so many lupies are treated in this way. All I can say is that I would follow Hazel H's advice - lots of good points in her reply. Having support from CAB sounds a very good idea. Also - it is your right to have the session recorded! No excuses such as ' not possible..' - demand it! There are several blogs on here, so read all you can find about it - don't give up! Or, if you are not well enough, ask someone to collect the information for you. Don't let 'them' win! Good luck! xxx :)

  • Well Nightjar its funny you should mention about the recording because I have just emailed the tribunal to ask if they have a copy because I was told that all tribunal hearings were now recorded (I don't know if this is true or not). I'm not going to give up and the more I think about the way we were treated, the more upset I get. I thought a tribunal were supposed to be independent of the DWP but it was pretty obvious in the hearing that they were out to 'prove' me to be fit, if that makes sense. I don't think they should get away with making us feel the way they have and am looking into it further but I don't know if I'm doing the right

  • P.s I did ask if the CAB could come with me to the tribunal but they said no, that they aren't allowed to do it.

  • o lillyanne I feel for you they treat people like something they've stepped in. please continue to fight them and get what you deserve huny. I know that's easir said than done but ive been in a similar situation (nt dla but incapacity benefit- when it exsisted) and I fought and fought but ran out of spoons to fight them,worked all my life and am a law abiding person only to be told NO.

    im now selling my belongings and "treasures" to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads.

    so please please don't end up like me im sending you a hug and a spare spoon x

  • Hi, I was turned down for DLA but went to DIAL ( Disability Information & Advice Line I think) and they wrote an appeal for me and won. I am now on it indefinitely. As they only work with people with disabilities they are very 'up' on forms etc. Don't give up - I am fighting for pension after being finished work through ill health and after 4 yrs of fighting have gone to Pensions Advisory Service as I have no fight left in me to go it alone. Good luck x

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