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Been turned down for DLA and ESA now!!!!


Whilst I appreciate that the government doesn't have an open money pot to hand out benefits it really had annoyed me that I have to appeal, to keep having to fight to prove that I'm ill WHY do I when others seem to get these benefits without any problems. Im being sacked basically this month cos im unable to work, im too tired to work, in too much pain to work and can't even do housework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOAN, MOAN, MOAN - BUT IM SICK OF IT!!!

Get soooo fed up with trying to firstly get diagnoses and now to claim any benefits. My local job centre has made an appointment for me at the end of this month to discuss going back to work what a joke - some days I cant even get out of bed! STUPID SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry but had to let off a bit of steam..................... thanks for that xxxxxxxxxx

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Aww Beckbooboo bless you, I am in a simular situation to you. I dare not even apply for them . Ive been off work far too long now and soon wont be getting anything. Its so unfair. Did you have a medical ?? Have you been to the CAB ive heard that they can really help with appealing. Dont give up, you should get what you are entiltled to xxxxx big hug xxxxx

Hi, I totally understand. I've been rejected for dla (when doctor came ic could barely move) and can't claim esa because of my husband's wage. I find it so unfair, regardless of what he earns I'd be going out earning more now the children are getting bigger so surely we should be entitled to something? Very annoying x

Hiya all, I'm in the same boat ... appealing yet again for DLA !!! So unfair, people in our position should not have to go through this. None of us asked for Lupus and none of us certainly want to be in the benefit system ... we have no choice! I'd give anything to be able to go back to work - I put myself through uni & got a management degree so I could always support myself (now we have 3 kids under 6 as well) ... so infuriating!

Keep on fighting, some days we may feel weak but we are the strong ones X

Bal121 in reply to EllieB4

Hi i get dla and they have renewed it until for this year and said that i will be contacted sometime before 2015 when i will be assess again i dont think i will not get it what with the new changes i will just have to work longer now, i dont know how it will work out, i will lose the car as well as that helped me to go to work.

Unfortunately due 2 the shake up of the benefit system, it seems they're targeting those who r sick or have a disability, rather than those who CAN work but choose NOT 2, or just simply can't b arsed. Very sad times indeed :(

Its totally unfair, my sis who has MS got turned down for dla too. I couldnt believe it, i get dla but for renewal next year i definately think i will lose it now.

im in same situation,im not allowed esa coz my hubby works and we are ment to survive on his wages (could if we ate nothing,used no power,didnt wash.....) and not allowed any help with rent and council forcing myself to work even though pain is horrendous and i literally wiped out after 4 hrs and got family and work friends saying "o you could work more im sure!" "youre lazy" and all this is putting pressure on my marriage. i mean who wants to be saddled with a "knackered work horse"?

im sending you big hugs huny xx

Maybe we should all get up a partition and send it to house commons as lupus is not recognised as a illness in there eyes, god forbid there child or wife should suffer this condition, I'm off sick from work and using my annual leave as I'm already on a stage 2 and could loss my job, makes me sick when a druggie or a alkkie gets benefits yet someone with a illness like ours is not recognised f joke about time they started listening, and maybe we should fight harder not sure how we do this, but lets try get our heads togther

Sher78 in reply to lennox

unfortunately, it's not that simple. Totally agree with what u say but they don't deem lupus as 'Life-Threatening' or 'Debilitating' because it can vary so much in it's severity which quite frankly is a load of tosh as we all very well know. Sure, it can vary an awful lot, but how many of us have had 2 spend long periods of time in hospital, off sick from work or even give up our jobs because of the difficulty in just trying 2 do everyday things like a 'normal' person?

I do feel for you all I am on lowest rate DLA and because I am 62 they wont be reviewing me till 2015 however I do know what it must be like for you all who are struggling to get what you deserve, I was paid incapacity benifit for 3 years after my back injury, then I ahd a letter to say I wasn`t entitled to it as I ahd missed 2 stamps in the 2 years previous to this that happened becuase I changed jobs had they written to me I would have paid the 2 stamps, I appealed against it but lost, my Husband came out of hosptial floowing a heart attack on the Monday on the Friday I got a letter saying I ahd to pay it all back, finished paying it back a couple of years ago, hope you all get the benifits youa re entitled to

How awful and frustrating. I always wonder how we can be, on the one hand, the 6th richest nation in the world and on the other, there's no money for the likes of us. Is there any way you could work from home to avoid the stress of dealing with that, essentially abusive, system?

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