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DLA update

As some of you will remember I last wrote a post in Febuary about my wife being investigated & DLA being suspended ! The upshot is that the investigator (whome is not a Doctor nor has any medical qulifactions) has decided after interviewing people who see my wife for half an hour to an hour a couple of times a week, that in his opinion there is nothing wrong with my wife infact he goes on to say that in his opinion there has never been anything wrong with her he came to this conclusion on his own without consulting her GP or any consultants/specialists and so because of this they now want the money back from 2009 to feb 2013 so we appealed & there answer to that is they are now prosecuting her for fraud ! We've got legal advice & have a very good case but that's not much help when on top of Lupus she's now worrying herself sick she won't get out of bed let alone leave the house & all this because we started using horses as therapy & because people can't see anything wrong. I feel we've gone back 5yrs & nothing I say or do seems to help her come to terms with things it just goes back to the same old same old people don't understand so they think your pulling a fast one even though you explain it them their ignorance is unbelivable, but what I can't fathom is how a goverment agency can do this without looking into things properly it just goes to show how little regard they have for people with disability's. While we have every confidence of winning our case it does'nt help with her health because I have to help her trust people again and get out but as I said we've gone back 5yrs with her mental health as well as everything else being magnified. I can go on & on but I'm so kin angry about this they are picking on the easy targets but when you say if I were foreign this would'nt happen you are accused of being racist, what the hell is this system coming to ... Rant done well for now anyway !

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I've just shown your post to my husband. We both feel apsolutely appalled that you are being out through this your wife doesn't need any more stress than what she already gets from Lupus. How can an investigator who like you say is not even a doctor able to give an opinion on your wifes condition, he doesn't see her day to day struggling with everyday chores and just trying to get through the day, and probably doesn't know what Lupus is or how it effects people. It is disgusting that they want to prosecute for fraud!!!! Nobody who doesn't suffer or live with or have close contact with a Lupus suffered knows how hard it is.

We wish you lots of luck with your case. Sometimes a good rant helps with the frustration that is being out upon us.

Keep us informed. x


My heart goes out to you both.


How awful for you and your wife. The stress of all this must be awful on you and your wife's health, I really hope she doesn't get anything else health wise as stress, as you know, exacerbates any condition and brings on others. These ignorant and horrible individuals who are putting your wife through this should feel ashamed of themselves. Please let us all know how you get on.


Silverback, I am a criminal defence solicitor (with lupus!) and all too often I deal with these kind of cases. It is totally wrong and puts the person back years in their recovery. I wish you all the best and hope that you are both able to keep well through this stressful time x


I'm horrified but not entirely surprised.

Go to the Press and local radio.



I'm thinking maybe lupus patients should do a walk to 10 Downing Street as a lupus sufferer I know only to well how this can make u feel, how can some jumped up person behind a desk even know how our body feels, have they felt the aches and pains the stress of everyday living and the medication we take to keep us alive, I'm so sick of hearing because u look well, ur ok, I struggle everyday and have had to cut my working hours down to 22 a week, and the doctors are telling me I'm still doing to much, the odd program and radio slots don't seem to be enough, the government don't recognise lupus as a illness yet the disability act dose ???? How can that be, maybe about time we got off our bums and out of our beds and do something about it, there so many that cheat the system and have everything, and the ones who are really ill are getting the raw deal makes me so bloody sick, maybe if one of the governments wife or children had it they would understand, not that I wish this illness on anyone, but might be the only way they would understand it, good luck to you both and take it all the way, and what I don't understand is why they not calling people's medical notes, hospitals can't lie note can X-rays medications and specialist reports,get a grip , keep us informed how you get on and I'm sure you have all of us lupus sufferers behind you xxxxx good luck


Have been reading so much about the appalling misery sick and disabled people have to endure, there is a good site on facebook called FIGHT BACK, they offer lots of practical help and support and very good articles to read, and peoples positive results with their claims and tribunals. It seems we have to fight for everything on top of fighting for our lives !!! Enough is enough we have to stand up together and educate them, it makes me so angry that they think we will just give up. I made a comment only the other day and upset somebody, which wasn't my intention at all, it all becomes so frustrating. I wish you and your wife all the strength and determination to continue fighting for your rights, DON'T GIVE UP :)


Hi silverback, I am really sorry to hear of the problems you and your wife are having and I hope you will both be able to find the strength to fight the system which is beyond belief. Although I was awarded DLA indefinately I now find myself at the beginning of the ESA battle I have been put into the work related activity group and am dreading what they may have in store for me. Lupus steals our lives and the Government is stealing our dignity by causing us financial hardship and making us beg just to be able to get by.It is time that every disabled person and every carer of a disabled/chronically ill person stood up and said NO to what are inhumane changes to our welfare system. Sorry for getting on my high horse, I hope you will win your case and that your wife will find the strength and not let them win. I would also like to know more about horses for therapy ? although whilst the benefit system is how it is I am reluctant to go out my own front door....


It is sickening that they have done this. I hope you fight it all the's good you have each other for support. Stay strong xx


My heart goes out to you and your wife, and for what you both are going through. It is a scary time for the both of you, It is that good that you have each other to lean on for support. These battles seem to be about endurance mental and physical, because they want to wear everyone down so they give up. I really hope you both Win this.

Here is the link to the Fightback Facebook group, who are helping, giving advice, reading over peoples forms, making draft letters available for appeals etc. Let them know whats happening, either on their page or you can send them a message. I am sure they can advise you from a legal stand point. Their are lots of people on their page going through similar things.

and here is their notes page, that gives a lot of advice and has template letters for appeals and for your gps support letters etc.

Good luck to both of you, Stay strong.


Just read out your posting to my husband - we are both utterly appalled, to say the least(!!) about your wife's situation. I am so, so fed up with hearing what life has become for very many disabled people - and for their families! Can't wait to vote in 2015!!

Would the/a charity working with horses/riding as therapy be prepared to write a letter of support about how important that therapy is for disabled people?

What about a demonstration outside No 10 (great suggestion Lennox!) ..with some on horseback!! ;)

Lots of good advice on here, which I will share with others - thanks.

Stay strong Silverback! Thinking of you both. xxx :)


How absolutely disgusting my heart goes out to you both.

I know things are bad with claims and benefit, but this beggars belief.

Whilst I don't wish Lupus on anyone, I wish that for a week they could change places with a sufferer.

I think the Disability Act was put in place to keep us all quiet, that everything is open to interpretation......their interpretation...

Keep fighting Silverback, good luck to you both!!


I am so so so sorry to hear this my heart goes out to you both and hope you win your case !! I am so so sick of hearing such things happening these days I think disabled people are being victimised !! The way things are going they will be bringing back the work house for poor and sick people lol !!!! It seems we are the ones being discriminated against if you ask me !!!! Xxxx love to all you luppis on here !! Xxxxxxx

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Thanks everyone for your kind words ! We will fight it all the way ! The stress of being branded a criminal is taking it's toll on my wife, she is starting to retreat back into her own world I want to do the go to the papers & shout & scream to anyone who will listen but she doesn't want everyone looking at her as she is so embarrassed her self esteem is at an all time low! We are living on the bare minimum they have to give us since feb, we keep getting told if/when we win our appeal our benifits will be reinstated but in the mean time this could take many more months even years. They don't rush when it's in your interest but when it's in theirs, well lets put it this way nothings been proven yet appeals are in court dates booked yet they've started with the letters wanting monies paid to her back & they want it now !!!


That's awful I'm so sorry for you and your wife and wish you all the best in your court case


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