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Ok, GP's 2day 2 make sure I had enough pain relief & warfarin etc 2 last over the festive period. Mentioned that my muscles & tendons etc seem 2 b getting worse & that I'm dropping things all the time. He say's I need 2 discuss it with my rheumy but seeing as Rheumy has decided 2 basically take a 'jolly' 4 the next few months, that aint gonna b till Feb. Anyway, told him my antipsychs r low & could he also redo a prescription 4 those please but change them if poss 2 something that aint gonna make me want 2 devour everything in sight. He looked at me blankly (despite having all my info up on the screen) & asked why the Hell I was on antipsychs as he could c no history of mental instability in my notes up until 2 years ago, so had 2 go thru all the malarkey about lupus & APS causing cns probs & psychosis in some cases. "Oooh, I've heard of that" he says. He THEN asked why I had Oramorph on repeat, as well as Cocodamol, Dihydrocodeine, Diclofenic, & Tramadol. WHY do I have 2 explain everything every time I go there?!!!!!! He then preceded 2 look at me as I was absolutely barmy as I started rattling off what was wrong with me, what I took each med 4 etc etc & why I was prescribed antipsychs in the first place (didn't we just have that conversation?). "Ah, if u're neuro put u on them that's fine" I bloody KNOW it's fine, I've been taking them over 12 months u fool! "U r in a bit of a pickle with all theses problems aren't u miss?" he declared. Yeah, no sh*t Sherlock, tell me about it! So I left his office far more confused than I was when I went in there & I only wanted a new script 4 my meds! And I thought I had problems?! I've come away with all my meds that I wanted though & with a bloody great smile on my face thinking maybe I aint that barmy after all :0) Think I need a lie down lol!

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  • You're funny, you made me laugh! You could probably give your gp a lecture in what you've got by now! You've just reminded me about repeat prescription, good thinking! I will need to sort mine out too shortly. Have a lovely day.

  • My humour & sarcasm still work & long may they continue 2 ;0) Hope u're feeling more like u'reself 2day :0)

  • Well done for surviving that -and still with a smile! At my GP surgery I can do repeat prescriptions online which saves some of the hassel of having to see someone and repeat myself. Sorry to hear that your muscles and tendons are getting worse, that's so annoying when they don't work properly! I hope they settle down again soon.


  • Thanks honey. It's good in a way as it takes my mind of some of the other crap cos I'm focusing on the muscles etc instead ;0) I think our surgery is in the middle of trying 2 introduce a service like that so at least I can avoid nutty GP's occasionally then x

  • Oh Sher78. Youv'e made my day. As i was reading your blog i could imagine what the scene was like. Your so like me, dont mince my words and assertive. I have been in similar positions and once told a Dr to switch his bloody computer on as everything about me would be on it. Why do they insist you go through the whole rigmarole of your medical history, i get so narked by it. But reading your blog I cracked up, so descriptive. You should write a book soooo funny.

    Thanx Caz59 x

  • lol thanks Caz59, I'm so thankful I can still c the funny side of things no matter how frustrating, God knows what I'd b like if I lost my humour, think it's the only thing keeping me medically sane!!!! x

  • Sher, that has made me lol. Glad you got all the meds you needed though:) xx

  • I'm sorted 4 the minute. Quite comical as I'm sure he's upped my dose of Oramorph too. I shall b having 2 put lead weights in my boots 2 stop me floating skywards! Maybe he did it on purpose in the hope I'd go away 4 a while ;0) x

  • Too funny:)

  • Well done Sher for coming out tops with that moron. Which Uni did he go to for his nerd degree?

    I must agree with Caz, with your ability to describe situations you should write a book. Would get to be a bestseller I am sure. Perhaps call it "The essential Loopy guide for Docs and Wallies" and give a free copy to all docs like yours!

    Anyway, thanks for cheering us all up, pity it had to be at your expense.

    Keep your brill humor and take care xx

  • Lmao, love it! I really do think that I live in some sort of alternate universe, fools & aphids always seem 2 gravitate my way....I seem 2 have some sort of radar 4 idiots & plebs! It always seems 2 b people who r supposedly 'intelligent' too but like they say, u can b Einstein & still have the common sense of a gnat. If I think about it, lupus has, in some ironic way, allowed me 2 c people more clearly & provided me with much humour (did I REALLY say that?!) as the amount of times I've had 2 explain about it, what it does, how it affects me & the problems it can cause, (even 2 people I have been friends with 4 over 20 years & family members who have been at appointments with me) people look at me in utter disbelief, as if I'm making it all up & if it was true then surely I would not b standing in front of them breathing, I would b some sort of emaciated lump that just gurgled & dribbled. I also get the 1's that go really dramatic & emotional on me, declaring that life is so unfair (I think I may have hit upon that theory myself already in my 34 years on this earth) emotional, pledging 2 do everything in their power 2 support me in my time of need (then they go out socialising, drinking etc & don't even bother 2 ask me, EVER, as I have lupus. I mean what the Hell is THAT all about?!) Would've been nice 2 have been asked though! It's a funny old world ;0)

    I may go c this Doc again b4 Christmas, just 2 freak him out ;0) x

  • Dear Sher

    Brilliant descriptive prose, but one thing you forget, we are all litterate, but are all the doctors?? Makes you wonder sometimes if they can read their screens doesn't it! Good to hear you came out tops, but I don't think it's you that's confused, more him!!

  • I'm sure half the time they just turn it their computers on, occasionally tapping some keys so that they look intelligent & like they actually know what they're doing ;0)

  • Eeee this has made made me chuckle :D you have such a way with words that make me laugh!! Glad you got your script tho, thats the main thing. I only have 15 tramadol left and can't get an appointment til tuesday and there not on repeat :-( xxxx

  • Aargh! Best pray they'll last, otherwise, give them a ring & tell them u need some more honey, they do an emergency script for a few days worth at ours if u're likely 2 run out. Worth a try x

  • Yeh I think I will ring up and see if they can ask the doc to write me one out! Have to say you have cheered me right up with your humour, think people are right saying you should write a book! haha :-D xx

  • Thanks for making my very painfull day into a day of humour, I still keep chuckling the way you write on this site. Its great please dont stop. and for rerminding us all to check our repeats. Hope your muscles feel better soon x

  • Thanks lucy-may, glad I could bring a little smile 2 u're day :0) x

  • funny or what.made my day

  • 4 some reason, loons seems 2 gravitate my way :0/ My life is a very odd 1 indeed ;0)

  • hahah @ Sher78 .. made me chuckle chick ....... docs are morons ...... although my doc is ok and gladly hands my tablets out ... i just put a repeat in and it went to a different doc they gave me enough tablets to last me a week!!!!!!! DUH !!! the note i got back was I should be cutting down on the steroids as I had been on them for over a month blah blah blah ....... I give up explaining it and just put the repeat straight back in .. I pay monthly so I do not care how many prescriptions they do me its their time they are wasting ...... luckily I haven't had to explain the lupus to any other GP as my notes state I am to see a specific doc and I have priority to see him .. its amazing what happens when you have to have ambulance rung for you from the surgery ... hahahahahaha ........ I know what u mean about the nights out ... I have 2 mums nights out this week .. 1 tonight with one set of mums from school and 1 2moro night ... 2 nites one they never even thought I would not be able to go and just included me in the plans ... but tbh they don't know about the lupus .. but 2 moro nights ... my god ... it is a friend that knows i have lupus and never mentioned the night out .. another mum did and when i asked my friend .. she said oh I just thought u would be too tired !!!!! even if I am it would still be nice to be asked lol ... and I am going .. i do not care if I fall alseep in my dinner .. I am going and I shall jolly well be the life and soul .. ok I may die on friday ... 2 nights out in a row ! unthinkable and unheard of !! but I am going 2 both regardless ...... although i do think an afternoon nap might be required lol ......... happy doctor bashing :)

  • Go u! Enjoy u're nites out, we need 2 TRY & be 'normalish' even if we will suffer that little bit extra 4 it ;0) If I did everything the docs told me 2 do I'd spend my life in bubble wrap! I went thru a bit of a 'mid-life crisis' at the beginning of this year. Taking advantage of the fact that they gave me a break from warfarin & put me on Clexane 4 a bit, I went & had my first Tattoo! Needless 2 say I got a lecture off my Rheumy when I gleefully told him but then again, I could never c the reasoning why they told u not 2 have tattoos or piercings other than the bruising & bleeding factor but if I wasn't a little bit defiant, I'd probably b in a worse state than I am now ;0) x

  • Unfortunately I have no fun anecdotes 2 share with u all 2day, it seems the fools of the world have gone in2 hiding (maybe they have heard about me!). Oh, but I DID, get taken over by what can only b described as an old person in a continental quilt whilst on the school run 2day (this seems 2 b coming quite a regular occurrence as of late) Big hugs :0) x

  • My gp thinks I'm as nutty as a fruitcake with a vivid imagination, c ing and feeling things that aint there but at least I get all the meds I need on repeat. I just have to show him the stuff from the consultant and he adds it on no quibble. Apart from thinking I'm imagining stuff he's as good as gold. Still you can't have everything unless your a tory mp. At least I've gotmy fags. My only pleasure in life an they nag me about that, not good for my health u know. Ciao 4 now.

  • lol! There seems 2 b many of us who have very heightened senses but I don't think we're ALL mental, I think some of us r very susceptible 2 some things. I was always very creative & imaginative so now the lupus & APS has affected my CNS, I'v totally lost the plot! I DO still have intelligent moments though, just not very many ;0) As 4 the smoking, we all do things we know we shouldn't do but hey, if we did exactly what we were supposed 2, we'd all b going round in bubblewrap & just 'existing' ;0)

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